The Only Tribrid

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The Only Tribrid ever known. Young And Mistreated. Escaped found safety. Trained to kill her Father & Mother. Mate? will there be a happy ever after for Faith? or will she die completing her only task?

Fantasy / Drama
Chloe K
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Chapter 1

I guess my story starts back with how I became the only Tribrid known in the world.

My father was not a good man, he was feared by many, he was dangerous, a certain look in your eyes and he would kill you in an instant... No remorse… No Mercy… He had the whole world at his feet because he was unstoppable… or so he thought.

I guess you’re wondering what made my father that way well I’ll tell you, he was a hybrid half vampire half werewolf. He was invincible he was fast, had super strength he was the strongest werewolf known before he became a hybrid; he was known as the Alpha of all Wolves, every pack had its own Alpha, but they obeyed him and his rules no matter the cost.

There was a War between Vampires and Werewolves that then ended badly for all parties, The Vampire Queen as they used to say wanted peace between both supernatural worlds however my father thought differently. While the war began and many lost their lives, the unthinkable also happened… The Vampire Queen had my father trapped, she was going to kill him to end it all, however what she didn’t know was that if her pure vampire blood reached his wounds it would then transform him into the Hybrid causing him to be the most powerful creature known to man.

That is exactly what happened. Some say that because he was already the strongest werewolf alive was the only reason, he become the person he was today. With the vampire powers mixing the werewolf in him he was the strongest on both sides. He killed the Vampire Queen causing her coven to go into hiding to afraid to surface at the thought of death finally catching them.

A few years went by with him still being the Alpha of all wolves no one questioned him after that night; thinking about it, they all feared him before it was only worse now. Eventually the title Alpha of all Wolves was handed down to his first-born son Serion. Yes, technically he is my brother; However, I wasn’t born until a few years later. With that being said my brother Serion knew something was up, our father changed after that war and no longer cared for those who he was meant to love and protect for life, instead he killed his Wife and vanished leaving his son with pain, hatred and an entire species to protect.
Serion shows no fear when it comes to our father, he knew something would be created eventually to take him down and get revenge for all those who he has hurt. Serion thinking ahead put out the word to all the Vampire covens to come to a mutual agreement and work together from now on; Protect the supernatural world along with eventually taking the one person everyone feared down, no matter the cost. However, you will find out more as we go on.

Now on to my Mother, she wasn’t an ordinary human; she was far from human… She was the most powerful Witch that was known. She had beautiful long brown wavy hair, the perfect figure, the most beautiful smile and gorgeous bright blue eyes; and beautiful long lashes, she was flawless.
In all honesty no one really knows much about her let alone her age. It was like she was still 25-year-old women that never grew old. In the presents of others, she was kind-hearted and well respected, always shown her good side; helping those that needed it but for what price I ask myself.

When my parents met it was just a one-night stand, I guess you could say. My father had no idea he was about to conceive me let alone that he was having sex with a witch; the one creature he despised the most. Not because he feared them in a sense, he could meet his death but because they had the power that could inflict the only pain he would feel. He hated the fact with everyone he killed another would get their power and be stronger, so he tended to steer clear of them.

My mother also had no idea she was about to conceive me let alone it being with Hybrid. The bonus of being a hybrid was that you could play off being a human so much easier than being a Vampire or werewolf; as they both have their own particular sent, where being a hybrid had a completely different scent which could give the impression of being human.
Anyway I don’t need to go into full details of what went on that night apart from I wasn’t meant to happen however the gods had other plans to set the both straight.

Since the moment my mother found out she was pregnant she tried everything to get rid of me, however the Gods wouldn’t budge on their decision. I was eventually born 4 months after I was conceived, you may be thinking that is not enough time for a baby to fully grow and develop; well let me remind you I am a Tribrid the only one ever created, so for all we know that could be the full term of a Tribrid baby...
Friday the 31th of October at 12am I entered this world, that was when my night mare started.

The first four years of my life I would assume I was normal, on my 4th birthday which also happened to be Halloween I felt different I started to feel power with in me; to start with I could move things with my mind, slowly I could read people’s minds and the powers would just grow stronger. I had no idea what was happening to me, I was a 4-year-old girl with no one to talk to.
I barely saw my mother she was busy with her own life to bother with me I wasn’t special enough for her id think to myself. My Mother just picked some random lady off the street to look after me, her name was Evelin.

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