The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 10

I’ve made my way to the garden Payton first showed me when I came here, it’s as beautiful as the day I first seen it. While I was minding my own business thinking what my life will soon become, I feel an unfamiliar presence I spin around to a defence position and face this unknown person, I can’t make out who she was but she stayed in the dark corner far away from me. Before she made a run for it, I heard her say “You will never defeat him on my watch.”

That comment made my blood run cold, I will defeat him I tell myself, without even thinking I put up a barrier spell so no one can come or go out of this area until I brake it. Tonight, I will find out who wishes to try and test me. I head back into the party and make my way over to my brother, not wanting to stress Payton out I mind-link him on my way about what just happened and what I have done. When he sees me, he has an angry look on his face I give him a nod and jump up on to the stage.

“Sorry to stop the party right now, but it has come to my attention that someone here has a death wish already.” My face is cold my voice is like venom.
I notice Alpha James makes his way up to where Serion is standing and gets the details of what I told him, he gives me a nod to proceed.

“I will destroy my father, along with anyone who wishes to confine with him, right now no one will be able to leave this area until I find the woman that dared try and stop me in completing my task. Don’t even think of trying to break my spell you moron, I am too powerful for you.” I can feel her trying but I cannot pinpoint where she is. I Turn to my brother.
“Were any witches granted access to this event.”
he shakes his head only the ones that had trained me were invited but had to decline. I let my vampire take over me who mixed with my wolf this will work better to find her.

“The person I am after is a witch, she is trespassing I need everyone to open there minds and senses to me so I can search through each of you to pinpoint where she is. As soon as I have her you can all get back to the party.” I try to act natural to not freak anyone out too much.
Everyone bows their heads and opens their minds and senses to me I take a deep breath and clear my own mind and start transferring into everyone searching for her I have her sent and its getting stronger.

I’ve got you now witch. I nod to Serion and Alpha James that I have her location, I mind-link him to get Payton to announce the party to continue once we leave. Alpha James follows with Serion to make sure everything goes steady, I pay no mind to them as my Vampire and Wolf have control as we get to the location which just so happened to be near the back entrance I spot her, I give them a signal to stay back a bit, she hasn’t noticed me yet as she is frantically searching for a way out of my barrier.

“So, witch do you have a name?” I say standing right behind her.
she spins around with an almost defeated look on her face. “I will never bow down to someone like you.” She spat.

“Ha, that’s funny considering you are in my home, trapped in my barrier.” I respond with a smirk.

“He will find you and kill you! You’re a monstrosity to all species.” Before she finishes I, am right in front of her with my hand tightly around her throat.
“You think I care what you think I am? You think I care if he finds me? Do you really think I am going to be the one that dies?” I say angerly
I don’t give her time to respond I throw her to the ground and stand over the top of her fighting my own vampire instincts to sink my teeth into her throat, I look at Serion and James and give them a mischievous look.

“You know witch, I think I might give you one chance.” Both Serion and James look lost as to what I’m about to do.
“What is your name witch?” I say calmly.
“Why would I tell you!?” she says while coughing from lack of air.
“Because dear witch I think you will come in handy for me, you see I am the strongest witch, werewolf and Vampire all in one, I guess you missed that introduction when you decided to come into my home.” She looks at me like she realises she has made a massive mistake.
“Now what is your name!” I yell getting really annoyed at her delaying. “you know what I will get the information I want myself.” I grab her face so hard my claws have started to dig in and cause her to bleed, which triggers my Vampire side even more, but I push past it and investigate her memories.

It makes sense now; she is working with him in more ways than I would like to know I see everything she and him have been doing. She tries block me out, but she fails dearly. I throw her back on to the ground and turn to Serion. “We have a slight problem brother.”
“What is it?” he asked
“He has another spy in here.” I say while wiping the witch’s memory and planting what I want her to go back and tell him. “The easy part is I know who it is. The hard part is we can’t let him know that we know just yet. He wasn’t close enough to know me but has relayed a lot about you over the years.”

I can see Serion is wracking his brain on who this person is, but I will ease his mind soon enough first I need this witch to start my plan with my father. I knock the witch out after I fix her memories and turn to my brother and James. “The plan will be set in 3 days, if you both wish to follow and witness his falling then you need to prepare. She will wake up in 2 hours forget about this encounter and head back to him and relay what I planted in her head, now this has been dealt with let’s get back to the party and see everyone off at the right times, there is nothing more to do tonight.” I say while shifting back into my normal form.
They say nothing and follow me along, but I can see them wanting more answers. We get into the party and I stop them and say, “Enjoy the rest of the night have a good sleep I will tell you both everything first thing tomorrow morning.” I smile at them, they both nod and we all get pack to finishing up this party.

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