The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 11

The party ended smoothly after that intense event, Serion welcomed Alpha James and his family to stay in the guest bedrooms so that James could hear what I had to say first thing in the morning. While everyone was getting some much-needed rest, I was putting my plan in order, so it was easier to explain to them in the morning.
I think I got about 3 hours sleep last night as I was woken up by Maxwell knocking on my door.
“Princess time to wake up we have some eager Alphas out here waiting for you.”
“Just give me 5 more minutes Maxwell please.” I groan
“If you’re not down here getting breakfast in 5 minutes you know they will interrupt you’re eating time with questions. We all know how much you love your food; do you really want to have that happen?” he really knows how to make a girl get up.
“Okay I’m up!” I get dressed and look at myself in the mirror. ‘god I look like death’ I think to myself.
I make my way down to the kitchen and get myself a coffee and get some breakfast that Payton so happily made for everyone. As soon as I sit down, I can feel everyone’s eyes on me while I am eating. I hear Maxwell giggle from noticing my annoyance which makes Payton start up a conversation with everyone to ease the tension a little.
Just as I’m finished eating, I look at Payton and Serion and figure why not embarrass them a little in front of Alpha John, Luna Ella and their son and his Beta.
“So, I take it you both enjoyed yourself last night?” I wink at Payton as she knows exactly what I am taking about. Serion goes all red thinking that I heard them or something, but I didn’t I just know Payton wouldn’t want to chance the first sexual encounter not working.
Payton smiles at me while the others have a giggle to themselves figuring out what I am saying.
“Faith I believe we have a serious matter to talk about, how about we make our way to my office.” Serion says trying to change the subject.
“Oh, ease up brother we all do it, well I haven’t but I’m sure everyone else here has.” Maxwell loses it and must leave before Serion loses his mind “I’ll meet you all in the office.” He says.
Everyone apart from Serion have a giggle so I use that as my que to head off and wait with Maxwell.

Everyone has taken a seat, Maxwell, Elliot and Drake are all sitting close to me; Serion is in his Alpha seat and James and his son and Beta are opposite me. I get straight to business and fold out my paper with my plan and put it on the table for everyone to see.
“I guess this is why you was so grumpy to get out of bed this morning.” Maxwell says while looking at my work.
“Well someone had to work everything out, so it was easier to explain to you all.” I say with a smug look on my face. Serion lets out a little growl meaning no time for messing around.

“Right, last night that witch was sent here by our father to find out what good news Serion had to announce with this party, as his spy had been useless at finding out.” Serion jumps in with “Who is it?”
“Patience brother, I will get to that soon because they will play a very important part in this. He has a few useless witches, Vampires and wolfs working with him at his place to over-thrown everyone, so he thinks.”
James askes “How do you know this princess?”
“You know how I transferred my memories to you? Well I can extract them as well; I just choose not to.” I respond casually like it was no big deal.

“I planted a different turn of events into the witches mind so she will be relaying exactly what I want her to. Which is where our plan gets interesting for you Alphas that is. According to the witch, your big announcement was that you and Alpha James being the Strongest packs combined and have waged a war to commence 3 days from now.” They are all staring at me intensely now. “Obviously the war is to destroy him, which he will then start to plan ahead to take you all out thinking he can win this because he doesn’t know of me. I told her that you plan to be at the edge of Forrest lake which has the most clearing for less casualties, which just so happens to be close to where he is based.”
“He has been this close to us all this time?” Serion says full of anger.
“Apparently yes, now; Alpha James you and whoever you wish need to act the part of this plan like it is going ahead, Serion Our men will look the part too, this is where our little spy comes in.” I say with a smirk.
“Michael your I don’t even know what he is has been working with our father since he left, luckily for us he was never here when I was first announced or has, he been around when I was. You will pacifically need to include him in on this mission so he can also relay what we want back to him.” I look at Serion with begging eyes “Please brother you can do to him what you wish after this, I promise.” He nods his understanding.

“lastly the actual plan that will take place in 3 days. I will be the only one standing on the edge of Forrest Lake. Once he thinks he can destroy me with his men I will destroy them all myself, once I know they are all dead I will signal anyone who wishes to be there to come out from your places around the area. Then and only then will you be able to intervene and have your say. Once he is contained in my trap, I will restrain him myself make him defenceless almost lifeless that is when you Alpha James will have the chance at obtaining your revenge as agreed last night. Serion, as much as I know you would love to do more, you have done so much already I need you to stay clear of any harm.” He gives me a confused look.
“I don’t really understand Faith, why can’t I help you out more? I don’t want to see you getting hurt I can’t!” he argues
“Brother, what you will see is me seeking revenge for all our people who were affected by our mysterious father, I will take the pain you feel for your mother and your people. You have a very special person you need to stay strong for.” He has no idea what I meant by that I can see it.
“What are you talking about Faith?”
“I have given you and Payton the most precious gift I could think of as appreciation for everything you have ever done for me.”
“What are you saying? Payton is pregnant? How? We have tried everything for years?” he says in disbelief.
“The day you both welcomed me in I made Payton a promise that once I became the most powerful witch I would find her a cure, whatever it took, yesterday I finished my cure that I had been working on for 7 years. She completed the potion and sell before the party and I guessing from your response before also last night. So, in 3 days she will have a confirmed pregnancy and you my dear brother will have yourself a Son or daughter probably both in a few months.” I finish my little spill with a massive smile.
Serion is speechless, he has so many emotions running through his eyes right now it’s quite moving.
“Okay is everyone clear on what it is to be done?” I say letting Serion regain himself.
“Yes princess, let the game commence.” Alpha James said with pride in his eyes.

Everyone left the office to go about their day like usual and get everything into motion, Serion and I stayed back as I could see he had something to say.

“Faith, if this cure you made works, how am I ever going to repay you?” I could see tears on the edge of his eyes.
“This is me repaying you and Payton for all you time that you put into my brother; it was the least I could do.” I say with gratitude for him
“You really think this will work?” I can see him doubting it as he doesn’t want to get his hopes crushed like every other time.
“I will let you in on a little secret brother, it already has.” I say with a smirk
I see him get confused as to how I know. “I can hear their little heart beats brother. That’s a bonus of being a Wolf and Vampire in one.”
“Their? As in Payton and the baby?” I shake my head I guess braking it down slowly wasn’t the easiest way for him. “No Serion your having twins, two babies. Now come on we have a mission to put in place. Now don’t tell Payton let her find out the right way!”

After that we made our way out to everyone, Serion couldn’t take his eyes off Payton’s stomach and kept smiling Alpha James and the other took their leave, and we got to work.

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