The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 12

Over the last two days everyone has been following my plan and getting everyone on board with acting like a war is happening. Michael took great interest in the news and has been doing his part as planned, however Serion can’t even look at him without sending a threatening vibe so, Payton has been by his side most of the time to keep him in character.

I organised with my special trainers some extra one on one time to get me prepared for anything that will be thrown at me, Maxwell asked 10 of his strongest men to partake in an attack on me all at once to apply pressure which I agreed as long as there was 10 of the strongest Vampires with them as that seemed more practical for me. I took each one of them down with ease, but I refused to let that get to me as my father could have more than 20 followers fighting for him.

I didn’t tell the others but when I planted that witch’s memories of the events, I also added a tracker connection to her so I could tell where she was and what was going on without her even knowing. I was overjoyed that he was acting the way I expected him to with planning his attack. I didn’t think he would be smart enough to realise that both packs won’t be unguarded so he could decoy his men there as a distraction to anyone, he wasn’t very pleased about that thought failing but still believed he was strong enough to take over with his surprise attack waiting for Serion and James.

Both Serion and James agreed that only their Beta and Gramma would be coming with them, I also agreed to Maxwell and my Vampire trainer to attend only at a distance so they can see what their training skills have done as they were both eager to see my fight happen, but as I told them they both have young family’s to attend to so under no circumstance can they attempt to intervene; both weren’t happy but agreed.

Today is the day I get to complete my mission that I have been training for, so I figure why not do it in style. I put on my black skinny leg jeans with my knee-high black leather boots, I chose a blood red long sleeve crop top with my black Leather zip up vest over the top. I put my long wavy hair into a high ponytail and apply some mascara and eyeliner to bring out my eyes. Now I’m ready I say to myself and head down to find everyone else is saying their goodbyes.

“Okay is everyone ready? It is about a 2hour hike to Forrest lake; they are already on the move and setting up.” I say

Everyone gives me a suspicion look but I brush it off. “How do you know that Princess?” Alpha James askes

“Fine I will tell you! You all know not to underestimate me right.” They all nod.
“Well I not only changed her memories I planted a tracking connection which has allowed me all the information I know and needed without any of them finding out. Okay good lets go we don’t have much time left.” I finish and head for the door.

“Damn Princess going for the badass look, today are we?” Maxwell says as I exit the castle

“Well I can’t go looking like a scrub, now can I? I must make an appearance this is my only chance after all.” I say with a smile he just laughs and waits for everyone else to meet us out here.

Were almost near the edge of Forest Lake, so I stop everyone. “For now this is as far as you can go, you have a clear view when you use your wolf vision, when I take down everyone else I will send you a signal in your head to come out if you wish it.” I turn to Alpha James. “When I have him down and contained that is when I will give you the chance to take his last breath.” He nods his understanding.

I know they are about 10 minutes away now so I figure I might as well take a seat on the nice green grass and apologise to mother nature for when it will no longer be green but red.
I can sense them approaching so I take my stand, I watch them line up alongside my father with confused faces looking at me.

“What are you doing here girl, leave or I will kill you.” My father yells
“That’s no way to speak to your only daughter now is it?” I respond with a smirk.
“You must be mistaken girl I have no daughter!” he says outraged of my words.
“Oh, daddy dearest there is no mistake, you see 18 years ago you had a one night stand with a very powerful black magic witch, that happened to me my mother. We kind of have some resemblances if you look closely you might remember her.” I calmly say.
“That’s impossible, I couldn’t father anymore children after I was turned.” He says remembering who I am talking about.

“That is where you were both wrong, she tried to kill me a lot at first but failed every time, so she turned to torturing me at the ages of 4. I used to think you maybe you would come and save me, that if you knew about me you would have kept me safe. Then I learn who you were and what you had done, when I escaped my mother and found my Brother, you remember Serion right?” I question him with a smirk.

“I would have known had you been with that boy, I have someone inside his castle that tells me everything.”

“Oh, you mean Michael. Funny thing is he was never around when I was nor was, he there when I was welcomed by everyone in the pack.” I see his face shift to disbelief. “Oh, also your witch that came to my 18th birthday party, well she underestimated me a little too much and well I planted everything she relayed back to you dear father, I was just so excited to meet the one of the people I was designed to kill.” I can’t help but giggle but that seemed to annoy him.

“So, you think you can defeat me! By yourself! You are nothing compared to me.” He yells
“Bring it Daddy!” I let my wolf and Vampire merge to take control and ready myself for his next move.

“Very well, this will be an easy war boy, I want her dead. Attack!” he bellows

Just like lightening I have all 60 Vampires at me, I rip every single one of the to shreds, heads, arms, legs hearts all go flying what vampires that don’t turn to ashes, I set on fire with my magic. Next, I have about 80 rouge wolves ready to pounce on me and rip me apart, but I just rip out their hearts one by one. Not giving a single care to the world, I burn every single one, I look down at my body and notice that there is blood all over my outfit, along with a few small tears on my sleeves.
I look him straight in the eyes, I see him show a little fear that I could take down all his men by myself with minimal scratches on myself.
“You ruined my outfit Daddy!” I say pissed off that my hard efforts of style are now ruined.

“What are you!” is all he can manage to say.
“oh, don’t be scared daddy, I won’t hurt you that much.” I smirk
“You won’t hurt me at all you fool, do you know how powerful I am!” he yells trying to regain himself.
“Oh, I know how powerful you are, but do you know how powerful I am?” I give him the chance to answer but he doesn’t say anything.
“I am the strongest witch, werewolf and vampire all in one daddy! You created a Tribrid, the only one known.” I see fear written all over his face, which brings me so much joy…

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