The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 13

Suddenly I feel another presence with us, it’s that witch.
“Haven’t you learnt by now witch you are not wanted here!” I say with a smug look.
“I will not let you hurt him!” she says with a slight fear in her eyes.
I cannot be bothered with this witch right now, so I hold out my hand and flick my wrist and my magic snaps her neck without even giving her a chance to defend herself, she’s dead.

“Thank fuck she’s gone; you really know how to get people that piss me off don’t you!” I say I send the others a signal in their heads that it is time for them to come out.
“Now daddy dearest, how would you like to do this? Old fashioned fight? Or just rip your head off and burn you now?” I ask seriously.

I notice him turn his head to look behind me and notice Serion and James standing there.

“Ah, there is my dear son, glad you could join us. It’s a shame you still have him on your side, he will die just like his parents.” He says to Serion

I no longer give him the choice, no one disrespects my family or the people that I care about. I chant my barrier spell which locks him into a confined area, he notices and charges towards me. He gets me off guard a little and lands a few hard hits, but I regain my stance and give both my wolf and Vampire side full control within seconds I have him pinned and unable to move. He keeps trying to move out of my hold but I channel my magic to keep him still while I open the barrier so James can come forward, I give him a nod that the time is now if he wants to finish it.

“You stole the chance for my mother and father to meet my son, you took them when I was not ready to let them leave me, for that you will lose the chance to live. Faith you have given me your word and fulfilled your promise I am satisfied with what you have done to avenge the loss of everyone, for that princess I will take the life of your father, so you bear no guilt.” James says to both my father and I.

I understand now why he was so eager to take his life; he doesn’t want to me to bear the guilt of killing my father, I appreciate that, and he can see it in my eyes. Before my father got the chance to say anything James rips his heart out of his chest and throws it on the floor, then rips his head clean off his shoulders and throws it to the side with his heart. I remove all my magic and regain my normal self-letting my wolf and vampire side have a break, I do one last thing before I leave his dead body, I turn and face what is left of him. “It was nice meeting you father; may you burn in hell.” I set his remains on fire and watch him turn to ashes.

I suddenly feel really faint and collapse on the ground Alpha James is right beside me yelling for Serion and the others to come over and help. I remember feeling pain everywhere in my body like I am being ripped apart so I scream in pain, I can sense Serion knelt beside me yelling to Maxwell to get the pack doctor ready as soon as we arrive.
“We need to get her help now!” Serion yells
“We are too far away to get anyone to her we will have to shift to make it in time, she’s burning up.” Alpha James says worried
“I can’t lose you, Faith, I need you here with me ruling by myside, helping me raise my two monsters you made sure happened. Come on Faith please stay with me.” I heard him say
Just as I was about to lose consciousness, I heard my Vampire trainer say, “If you allow me to carry her I will have her at the pack doctors in 5 minutes max, I am the fastest one here Alpha.” That was it, I felt myself slipping away to darkness, thinking this is it…

I see this bright light shining into my darkness at first, I thought I was waking up but then I heard this peaceful voice coach me towards the light.
“Welcome my child.” I can’t see anyone while I look around frantically.
“Open your mind to me faith, then you will be able to see me princess.” My vision becomes clearer and I see this beautiful goddess standing there in front of me all in white.

“Who are you? Am I dead?” I say

“I am the Moon Goddess, the one who chooses your wolves and destined mates. No, you are far from dead princess, your body is regaining your strength after you overused your powers. This was the only way I was able to reach you and congratulate you on completing your task.” She says calmly
Before I can even say anything she continues.

“Your courage and strength have saved many of my children, for that my dear princess I will grant you a chance at happiness.” I stare at her in disbelief, was she talking about a mate?

She looks at me like she understands my thought. “Yes, my child you will have a mate/Beloved all in one. Handpicked by me and the original Vampire Queen.” She smiles.

“How? When? This can’t be true? I’m not normal, I’m not like anyone else, how will they ever accept me?” I real off all these questions.

“In due time my child you will find all the answers you need. Now, it’s time to wake up princess.” She slowly starts to fade away.

“No! Wait! I have no purpose now you can’t leave me!” she’s gone and I start to heard Serion and James talking I can feel myself slowly waking, Serion notices and I feel him rush to me coaching me while James calls for the doctor.
“Faith, Your alive. Oh, thank god your back!” Serion says while squeezing the life out of me.

I figure what better time to be myself “Oh, brother you can’t get rid of me that easy.”

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