The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 14

Serion and James didn’t leave my side the whole time I was in at the pack hospital, Serion also told me how my Vampire trainer Mike, ran me back here so fast after the fight, that he had beaten his own record in speed.

I was apparently out cold for 2 whole days and they couldn’t work out why I wouldn’t wake up, so I told Serion about what the Moon Goddess said to me, he was shocked but said that it all made sense now.

It was finally time for me to leave and head home I was so excited to see Payton and how she was doing with my nephews or nieces as Serion wouldn’t tell me much other than she was fine and hadn’t even realised yet, as she was stressing about me waking up and coming home.

“Payton?! Your favourite sister in-law is alive! And home!” I yell at the entrance of the front doors.

“Oh my god! Faith you’re okay!? You look healthy and have healed up nicely! Oh, I was so worried about you!” Payton rambles on about while also squeezing the life out of me.

“Yeah I’m fine, my body put me in a shutdown state to regain myself as I over used my powers during the fight, the moon goddess told me, oh and she told me that because I completed my mission and saved many of her children, the Queen of the Vampires and her have made sure that I will have a Mate/ or beloved in return!” I say cheerfully. Payton always knew how much I wanted what everyone else had.

“Oh, Faith that is perfect! I’m so happy for you we have a lot of work to do now then! We must throw you a victory party!” She says excitedly

“First I need you to start taking these you need to make sure my nephews or nieces and well feed and happy, then we can talk about a victory party.” I smile at her

“what do you mean Faith? How do you know that I’m pregnant? It’s way too early to tell. Also, what do you mean nephews or nieces?” she stares at me shocked

“Serion tell your wife what I told you?” I say to my brother

He smiles and goes up to Payton and says. “Well my love Faith has known since we started planning our attack, her Vampire and wolf hearing excels and could hear both of their heart beats straight up. We’re having Twins Payton! We are going to be parents to two babies!”

Payton freezes and looks at me with so much love and appreciation. “Is it true? Am I really going to be a mother? Did you really make this possible for us Faith?” tears threatening to fall out of her eye.

“Yes, Payton it is true, my potion and spell that I made specifically for you worked a little too well and now you’re stuck with two babies which should arrive in about 4-5 months.” I smile cheekily at both of them.

“4-5 months?” Serion says confused

“Well if you haven’t forgotten brother that 1- you are an Alpha King so these babies will also be. 2- There is two babies not one. And 3- Payton has my blood in her system which will speed this along quicker.” I smirk.

“Oh my god we have so little time to get everything ready! We will have to do some baby shopping asap, work out which rooms will be for them, we have to announce it to everyone and all.” Payton says worried she won’t do everything in time.

“Payton Chill! You can announce it at my victory party, I have already ordered all the basics which should arrive in a month or so, Serion has started preparing the rooms and you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. There all sorted!” I respond trying to reassure her.

“You both have done all that for me in, minimal time?” Gratitude is all over her face.

“of course, we have, we both want those babies stress and worry free, so their Aunty Faith has a new mission and that will be making sure you don’t need to worry about anything but having those babies.”

She hugs me so tight I don’t think I can breathe.

“Okay, now that I’m home I need real shower and clothes, then some food! I will meet you guys for lunch in like 40 minutes yeah?”

“We will make sure your favourite is made, I will see if Alpha John, Lisa and her son can join us.” Serion says.

I nod and make my way up to my room, go it feels good to be in my own space again…

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