The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 15

Once I’ve gotten myself fixed up, head down to get some food, Alpha James and Luna Ella arrived just as I walked down along with their son.

“How you feeling princess?” Alpha James asked

“Much better now I am home!” I say excitedly

“That’s great to hear! Now let’s find that brother of yours I have a couple of questions to ask him now you completed your mission.” He said Luna Ella smacks him on the shoulder and says “God James, give the girl a break she’s been through a lot let her find herself again.” Jayson and I just laugh at how he submits to her so easily.

We’re all enjoying our meal, especially me this is so much better than the pack hospital food!

“Serion I have a very serious question to ask.” Alpha James can’t help himself.

“And that is?” Serion replies

“Now that Faith has done what she needed to, I was hoping you would allow her to come to our pack and possibly take on a training role for a while to get my warriors and my son here up to speed on what they should be like.” He eyes his son like he knows that he isn’t where he needs to be. “That is of course if Faith would like to still.”

Serion looks at me with questioning eyes “is this something you wish to do now Faith? Whatever you wish it will always be granted. I believe this decision isn’t mine to make.” He smiles at me reassuring me that it is completely mine to make.

“Honestly, I think I would really enjoy venturing out to other packs for a while and helping with training, at least until I find out what is next to happen for me.” I respond thoughtfully. “But if I’m needed here for anything with the twins, I will be here in a heartbeat!” I smile.

“Twins?” Luna Ella asked curiously

“Um, well Ella, Faith was able to give me a cure, I am very early stages in my pregnant and Faith has been able to tell that I have 2 babies not one.” Payton replies with an awkward smile on her face. I mouth ’I’m sorry to her forgetting only James and Serion know for now.

“Oh my, this is amazing news Payton I am so happy for you! Faith you really are amazing!” Ella says excited about the news.

“It really is a dream come true, I am eternally grateful to Faith that’s for sure, we are planning on announcing it at Faith’s Victory celebration with everyone.” She smiles at me, letting me know it’s okay.

“I cannot wait to see everyone’s expressions once you announce it! Your secret is safe with me! When are we organising this victory celebration, I will help so you don’t need to stress! She has made a lot of people happy and released a lot of people hurt and sadness! This is going to be so big!” Ella says

“Well, we haven’t really planned much, she’s just agreed to having it so...” she looks at me.

“Fine, you can make this however you like it! Just please don’t make me wear a massive dress!” I plead

Everyone just laughs and finishes their meals, Jayson and I have been chatting a lot and he has been filling me in on his pack, he actually seems excited for him and his warriors to be getting training off myself. He wants me to show him a few moves before I train them all as he heard about my fight and how I took on all of them myself, so basically, he wants to look better than the rest for Alpha respect and all. I am actually surprised at how fast people have been told about my fight, secretly I blame my damn trainers they both have big mouths and heads!

Once everyone heads off, I go and do some reading in the library we have since I find reading makes me happy and relaxed which I need. Suddenly I notice that I am not actually alone in here, however I haven’t sensed this person before. I do know that this person isn’t a were wolf so they must be a Vampire, but I swear I have met all of our pack vampires.

“Whoever you are, you don’t need to hide, I won’t bite much.” I say not taking my eyes off my book.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to bother you, but I wanted to see you for myself please forgive me princess.” I hear a voice say so I look up and find a very good-looking vampire standing there looking at me in Awh.

“No sorry needed! Pleased to meet you obviously I am Faith, and you are?”

“Oh, how can I be so stupid! I am Luca, my mother was the Vampire Queen.” He says casually.

I freeze for a moment, “I am sorry for what my father did to your mother and your pack... I killed him and his followers, so you no longer need to worry about him.” I say sadly for him surprisingly he is a lot older than me but doesn’t look a day over 20.

“You don’t need to me sorry princess, you took it upon yourself to seek revenge for everyone, including me and my siblings.” He smiles at me.

“How many siblings do you have? I’d love to meet them all. Are they here?” I jump up excitedly.

“I have 2 older brothers princess; you will meet them soon. Serion granted me a room here while I came to meet to person, we will all now bow down too.” I look at him confused

“What do you mean bow down too?”

“Well princess, even though we are technically royals, we have chosen to follow you, as you are both Vampire, Witch and Werewolf you are the Strongest of all! You will be our ruler once you are ready and we will follow your commands.” He says with an admirable look.

“I don’t wish to be above anyone, who made these decisions? Surely your older brothers wish to rule instead?” I say.

“Actually princess, your bother and my brothers have been close ever since these things happened and have been working together ever since, you have Vampire here because they chose to stay, and we went and re-built my mother’s kingdom. So, it was a group decision by all species.” He says with a massive smile.

“Wow, can I think about this? It is kind of a lot to take in.”

“Of course, princess, we are vampires after all you can take as long as you like.” He winks and says his goodbyes.

I head to my room and end up falling asleep totally confused about what just happened, I vaguely remember hearing Serion pop his head in about dinner, but I was so exhausted still I just slept the rest of the day and night.

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