The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 16

I wake up from my deep slumber by Maxwell banging on my door like a mad man.

“Come on princess, enough sleeping I need someone worthy of my training!” He says and I can’t help but giggle to his comment.
I get up and open the door, with a smile, “Oh, Maxwell don’t tell me you have missed me.”
“I always will princess, Serion told me you might be heading off with Alpha James to help him train his warriors and son, so I need as much time with you as I can. After all you are my greatest training apprentice.” He smiles
“Alright give me 5 and we will get breakfast and train!”
“Perfect! Oh, we will have someone watching today, he was awfully keen on seeing you fight.” He says
“Oh and who might that be?”
“I believe you met him already, Luca.”
“Oh, cool might have to get him to join in see how strong he is for a Vampire royal Prince.” I will to Maxwell.
“You read my mind princess.”

He heads off to let me get dressed into my training gear, and I head down to see everyone waiting in the dining room for me like always.

“Morning everyone.” I say with a smile on my face.

“Good morning” they all respond while eating.

I notice Luca is sitting near Serion and I smile at him and sit next to him.

“Faith this is Luca he is...” I cut him off. “I know brother I met him in the library yesterday I say with a cheeky grin.

“Even better I don’t need to introduce you. He will be staying here for a few days and one of his brothers will be coming in today to also meet you.” Serion says
“Okay sweet! So, Luca, Maxwell said your training with me today.” I wink at him

His face drops and a worried expression appears. “Oh, don’t stress Luca I will go easy on you I promise! I don’t break promises.” I say reassuring him. Maxwell can’t help but laugh at Lucas worry.

“I will hold you to that princess! I wasn’t actually planning on joining, but if you insist.” He says
“Great well eat up we have a long few hour ahead.” And I smile

Luca has lightened up a bit while we are warming up wh8ch is great, he is catching on pretty quickly too. Maxwell and his warriors each take in turns at attacking me which as always, they fail. I signal for Luca to come at me with all he has, and he greatly obliged knowing I promised to go easy. I tap into both my Vampire and wolf strength just in case though.
I must admit he is really good with his skills, but with my strength he really is no match for me. Suddenly I sense Serion enter along with someone else, my guess is that it must be Lucas brother. Luca turns and spots his brother and smiles; I take that as I sign to stop which he seems please about.
“Luca I sent you here to meet our princess not fight her!” He seems mad, so I just in his defence.
“I actually made him fight with me. So, if you going to be mad at him be mad at me.” I say standing in front of Luca.
” Sorry princess, I meant no offence, I just know my brother here likes to cause trouble at times.” He says in defence.
I smile “well that makes two of us then.” And wink at Luca. Maxwell laughs whereas my brother just gives me a look to behave myself.
“Sorry I don’t mean to be rude.” I say to make my brother happy.
“No need to be sorry princess, I like the fire you have to defend.” He says
I go up to shake his hand “The name is Faith.”
“Pleasure to meet you Faith, my name is Marcus. Luca’s second eldest brother.” He smiles at me
“nice to meet you to, I’m entirely sorry for the pain my father coursed your family, but I assure you he is no longer an issue, I dealt with him and his followers myself.” I say honestly
“I’m sure my brother already told you that sorry is not needed, you have nothing to be sorry for! We should just be thanking you with all our lives.” He responds
“No thanks needed… I did what anyone would have done given the powers I was.” I thought.
“I see you were showing my brother some of that.” He states
“Actually no I promised I would go easy on him, so I didn’t use any powers with him… Are you keen?” I ask curiously
“you wish to fight me princess?”
“No, I wish to see what the both of you can do full power no holding back.” I give him a cheeky grin.
Serion shakes his head at me. “or not…”
he smiles at me wickedly “What do you think Luca? Keen on a little mercy battle?”
“Why not, maybe you will get your ass handed to you in the process.” He smirks
“So, I take it that’s 2 against one then?” I smile
“I guess it is princess, time to show us what you got. Full power only no holding back for you either.” He says
“Okay. Serion maybe get the pack doctor ready for these two.” I say while winking at Marcus.

In minutes we are all ready, Luca and Marcus try a team attack, but both fail immensely as they both end up hitting the ground pretty hard. It goes on like this for at least 30 minutes until Serion calls it a day as Payton and him had to go to their appointment.
“Well boys it was fun while it lasted but boss man has spoken.” I say.
“Wow, you’re not even breaking a sweat!” Luca says amazed
“Meh, I am just too skilled.” I wink “However, you do both have some amazing techniques especially while working as a team! Do you both practice together?”
they look at each other and nod “Yeah we normally spar our brother as a team, I reckon you will give him a run for his money when the time comes.” Marcus said
I smirk at them “Looking forward to take all three of you on at once.”
“We look forward to that too.” They both say.
“Great now I best go talk to Luna Ella while she is still here, she’s been bugging me about ideas for this celebration they are planning tomorrow night.” I say rolling my eyes they both giggle and follow me inside, they head to their rooms while I head to mine for a nice hot shower!

Eventually I find Luna Ella and talk to her about all her plans for tomorrow once she is satisfied with all the details, she sends me on my way. I then venture to find Alpha James as I wanted to know when they were leaving as I wish to go with them for a month to work out my next plans.

“Alpha James, are you busy?” I stick my head into Serion’s Office.
“Never too busy for you Faith.” He smiles
“When do you plan or returning home?”
“We will be leaving first thing the day after tomorrow. Why is that?”
“Well I was thinking, if it was okay with you and your family, I would like to come with you for at least a month, I have already put in complete training plans for your warriors which they should take on within the month and maintain as long as they stick to the stricked training plan every morning. I have also sorted a one on one training plan for Jayson to get him up to where he should be.” I say
“We would all be honoured to have you with us for as long as you wish, I am greatly impressed you have already sorted out you training plans, you are really a true inspiration Faith.” He says proudly
I smile at him “So, it’s a plan then? I will train your men for a month and then I will see where my life takes me after.”
“It’s a plan then princess.” He smiles.
“perfect I’m going to go find Serion and Payton I want to see what my Nephews or Nieces are up too!” I say running out the door.

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