The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 17

I Make my way around the place I run into Drake and Elliot and have a chat with them about my plans for Alpha James, they both really like my idea. I eventually find my brother but in the most disturbing way possible, I did just walk in on them having sex and I think I am scared for life!

“GOD! I am sorry I just wanted to see how it went at the appointment, but never mind!” I said running out trying to forget the image I just saw.

Losing my mind, I manage to run into both Luca and Marcus, who stare at me with a questioning look.
“I just seen my brother having sex, so you can stop looking at me like that!” I yell at them
“Woah! Way to much information!” Luca says embarrassed as I was.
“Oh, come on Faith no need to be like this, it’s only natural. Not like we all haven’t done it.” Marcus says and I just stare at him with an awkward look until he realises that I still haven’t nor will I until I meet my mate or beloved.
“I’m sorry Faith I didn’t know?” he says now being the one embarrassed
“Ehh, I will see you guys later I am going and getting dinner now so I don’t need to see them until tomorrow, at least then I have enough time to erase this image.

With that I am off and out to the kitchen to smash some food then go to bed, as tomorrow is another big day of celebrations and socialising that I really don’t want to do.

With another early wakeup call this morning I mentally groan! To my surprise though it was Luca banging on my door.

“Morning princess, I have to ask you something, it’s important.”
“God Luca, doesn’t anyone in your kingdom know how to fucking sleep!” I yell
“Um... I don’t know if you realise this, but we are vampires we don’t really need a lot of sleep.” He says stating the obvious.
“Oh, right I forgot about that. You can come in.” I yell not wanting to leave my bed.
Luca slowly opens my door and comes and sits next to my bed. ” Are you really leaving?” I see concern in his eyes.
“Awh, Luca don’t stress it’s only for a month, I’m just going to help out Alpha James with his warriors and son. They need some extra training.” I say with a wink
“So, you will be coming back?” He says

“Yes, I will be coming back after I make his warriors and son regret slacking off.” I smirk at him and he smiles.
“Would you allow me to join in on their training, if Alpha James allows me to come? I would really like to get stronger and with your training and skills I think you will be the best person to help me.” He asked
“Sure, if it’s okay with Alpha James I can set you up with your own training plan like I did the others. Why do you want to be stronger?” I ask curiously.
“Well, to be honest princess.” I cut him off “Faith. Just call me Faith please.” He nods with a smile. “I really want to impress my older brother, he is a lot stronger then both Marcus and I and out of the three of us I am the weakest.” he scratches the back of his neck “I just want to make him proud of me.”
I feel for him, “Luca it will be a pleasure to make you stronger and work with you! Now go and sort it with Alpha James and I guess I will see you at the victory celebration.” He smiles at me with gratitude in his eyes and heads out the door.

Luna Ella had organised everything to take place at lunch time as she didn’t want Kate to get too tired. So, I figured I would skip breakfast and just pamper myself until I was needed, so I run a super-hot bath and jump in and relax for an hour. I step out and dry myself off and go into my wardrobe to find my outfit, I managed to get both Kate and Ella to agree on me wearing close to what I wore on the day I finished this.

I find a cute red long sleeved off the shoulder top, I find my black leather skinny jeans along with a new leather vest Maxwell brought for me. I grab some Black Knee-high boots to finish off my outfit. I leave my hair out in my natural waves and just apply my mascara and eyeliner to make my eyes pop! There I’m ready! I say to myself and head out to meet everyone else.

Marcus is the first person I run into and he has this lustful look in his eyes as he looks me up and down. “Damn princess! You are to die for!” He says trying to recompose himself.
I smile also taking in his appearance “You don’t look bad yourself Marcus.” I say winking at him.
“I didn’t expect you to be wearing this to your victory celebration.”
“Well, Kate and Ella both agreed to let me wear something similar to what I wore to earn this Victory Celebration. It isn’t exactly what I wore Maxwell had to buy me a new vest as my original one didn’t end well along with my top but same colours and look.” I smirk at him.

He laughs and leads me into where everyone is starting to gather, there are so many people here, even more vampires then last time which is great just didn’t expect this in such a short time frame. Maxwell approaches me with a wide grin “Damn girl who ever picked that vest out is definitely a fashion genius.” We both burst out laughing
“Well I mean they could have picked one with a little more badass look, but it will do I guess.” I wink at him.
“Come Princess, Serion is waiting to announce you and you victory to everyone.” We walk over and everyone stops there talking and turns and give full attention to Serion.
“Today we are gathered to announce the victory our Tribrid, my sister has concurred for us! Our Father has been destroy along with all of his followers, Faith your princess took them all down single handily, and burnt them all to ashes after. Today we celebrate a new beginning for all of us!” everyone cheers and goes back to their conversations; I head over to see Luca looking all lonely and get greeted and thanked by everyone along the way.

“why the long face Luca?”
“Something feels wrong, like something bad is going to happen.”
“what do you mean?”
“part of my powers as a vampire is I can sense when something big is going to happen, this one feels bad.” He looks at me worried
“I will put up a barrier around the castle and will have a search and see if anything is off. Okay?” I say trying to reassure him.
“It isn’t anyone else’s safety I am worried for Faith, it’s yours.”
“what do you mean mine? I will be fine; I haven’t died yet?” I say with a smile
“let me come with you I can tell you if it is around.” He states
“Okay, let’s go.” We walk off looking all natural and make our way out to the front of the castle to contain everything as we walk out Luca stops me…
“It’s coming from her…” he says looking at this woman standing in the middle of the driveway.

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