The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 18

I look at Luca, and quickly send him back into the castle doors and apply the barrier, no one in no one out, he looks at me with a confused face and tries to exit but he can’t he looked panicked so I told him to go and find Serion, he looked hesitant on leaving but uses his speed to do it quickly.
I honestly can’t believe it is her, after all this time, I feel nothing sort of numb like.
“Well, look at you, haven’t you grown up to be a bigger pain in my arse.”
Seriously that’s the first thing she wants to say to me “Why are you here.” I say with anger.
“Oh I received some news of the death of a powerful person, and a surprise it was to find out he was actually your father. I never imagined him to be who he was but hey what can I say!” she says
“What do you want.” I here Luca come back with Marcus not Serion I look at him with questioning eyes, he mouths he couldn’t find him.
“Does my dear daughter want to get rid of her mother so soon, I haven’t seen you in years.” She said with evil in her eyes.
“You are not my mother; a mother would never do to her child what you did to me! You are nothing to me but an incubator.” I spat out like poison.
“Don’t speak to me like that you ungrateful brat! You would be nothing without me!”
“What fucking planet do you think this is? You have done nothing for me! You tortured me! Let men do awful things to me! You think I really care what you have to say!” I can feel my wolf and Vampire try and merge, I hear Marcus and Luca Growl in hate at what I just said.
“If you want to play it this way brat we will! I have you brother, if you want him alive and well, I suggest you listen carefully.” Well that’s my niceness gone

I see red at the thought of her having Serion, I let every feeling take over me and complete my merge I release Marcus and Luca from my barrier. “As soon as I have his location out of her get him back!” I growl, they both nod I can see how angry they are, along with the need to defend me.

“I will give you one chance dear mother, you tell me where Serion is now and I will make your death less painful, stall and I will make sure you feel every bit of pain I ever felt.”
“is that a threat dear? Not a wise decision to make when the strongest black magic witch his holding you dear brother’s life.” She smirks at me and that is her chance gone!

I am in her face in seconds “you just lost your choice.” I give her an evil smirk. I use my strength and magic to hold her head still while I see her memories, my nails dig into her face so much blood is dripping out, that gives my vampire side the most satisfaction while hearing her scream in pain. I have what I want, “IN THE FORREST UNDER GROUND! GO!” I yell at them, and the speed off like no tomorrow.

She looks at me worried and shock. “Oh, dear mother we are nowhere near done with pain yet!” I smile at her showing my venomous fangs “You will feel my pain, hurt and hate all in one! I will make you bleed so much you beg me to stop!” in seconds I release my hold on her and make a barrier around us so she cannot flee.

“I think it’s time for a bit of revenge mother don’t you think?” I say
“Faith please, I am your mother, you can’t do this.” She pleads
“Watch me!” is all I say before I release all my anger.

I am pounding into her like a punching bag! Throwing her like a child’s ragdoll, I can’t stop myself, the pain I have felt, the hurt I had, the torture I had suffered from at her hands she is now facing, Marcus and Luca arrive back with Serion, he doesn’t look hurt as I gaze at him my anger takes over again at the thought of her hurting my brother, the person who took me in, raised me, trained me and has been there for me no matter what, she tried to take that from me. She will die tonight.
“Faith! It’s okay calm down a bit, I am completely fine I promise don’t push yourself your still recovering.” Serion pleads with me
“I’m sorry this happened brother, I will end her for this!” I growl full of hate.

I take Serion’s advice and steady myself, as I notice now, she is trying to fight me back more, let the fun begin I think to myself. I grab her by her neck and kick her leg out from under her as she lands hard on her back, I stomp her leg and hear the crack along with her screams, “What’s the matter dear mother? Did that hurt.” She doesn’t respond so I do the other with my hands, that scream is sounding like a beautiful melody in my ears, I smile wickedly.
Serion, Marcus and Luca I standing there completely still, Luca has a sign of relief on his face, so I guess his bad feelings is over. She hasn’t started begging yet so, I go to her hand and brake every finger she has the pain she is feeling is so exciting my wolf and vampire are so enjoying this. I brake her wrists next and I can sense her nearly ready to pass out, I use a spell to prevent it. “No passing out mother, you have received you full punishment yet.” She cry’s in pain not being able to handle the continuous snapping of her bones, I hover over her body and look her dead in the eyes. “Did you enjoy watching your only daughter get beaten and touched by those men you loved bringing over? Did you enjoys beating me black and blue until I lost conciseness? Did you love seeing me bleed?” she can’t respond as she starts chocking on her own blood in her mouth as I apply pressure against her ribs making them pierce right into her lungs. “Please.” Is all I get before I feel her last breath.

“I haven’t finished yet! You can’t leave now! You don’t deserve to choose when!!” I scream at her already dead body, I start laying into her more yelling telling her everything she made me feel, everything I remember ever happening to me, I just keep going without even realising I have removed all the barriers around us and the castle as I am putting everything I have into her. My rage had over-taken me and Serion, Marcus and Luca noticed so Marcus used all his strength to remove me off her and hold me, Luca came to the front of me and also bear hugged me so I couldn’t move.
“Faith I am so sorry you have felt this way for so long! Let it all out another way please! She is gone, she can’t feel any more you need to try and calm down.” Luca says in my ear so softly like a protective brother.
I realise I have been hurting them while they are trying to hold me so I can feel myself calming down, my wolf and vampire unmerge and I am back to myself, Marcus and Luca have loosened their hold on me and I cry, I cry so much I can’t breathe properly. They both just stay there and let me neither of them car that I am ruining their suits with my tears, they felt my pain, hurt, anger, also relief. I cried so much I passed out in their arms; I slightly recall hearing Serion tell them to take me up to my room which they both happily do.

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