The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 19

I come back to the world of the living 40 minutes after passing out to Luca and Marcus talking to Serion.
“We will stay and watch her until the party is over, no need to worry Serion.” Marcus said
“Thank you both for today, I know Faith found where I was trapped, but neither of you had to do as she said and come for me, so thank you!” Serion says
“We would have done it regardless Serion, you are a dear friend to us we would never wish to lose.”
“The same goes for all three of you boys, now I will go see how Maxwell, Elliot and Drake are doing with this body and clean up, Payton has the celebration under control, only us know of the incident thank god!”
“Did you know?” Luca asked Serion
“Did I know what happened to Faith, Yes, she showed me everything the day I found her. I didn’t know how much pain, hurt and anger she had in her from it though, she never spoke about it after that day.” Serion responds sadly.
“She will be fine Luca don’t stress!” Marcus said noticing his brothers concern.
“Let me know when she wakes up, I have to thank my little sister again this time for saving my arse literally.” He giggles to himself and walk out to continue on.

“Brother is not going to like this Marcus and you know it!” Luca says
“Like what?” I say slowly waking up I feel both of them look at me in surprise.
“ Princess your awake!” Marcus says I groan “God damnit call me Faith!” he laughs along with Luca.
“Now would you both care to tell me why your dear brother won’t like what happened to me? After all you both know all my secrets.” I say curiously.

“Well, as long as you don’t think we are crazy! Our brother kind of had a near death experience, which allowed him to see our mother, he said that our mother told him that a very special person has been made for him and that same person had defeated the person that took our mothers life, Our brother believes you might be his destined beloved Faith.” Marcus says
“So, when our brother finds out what you have been through, he will get super protective and want to take down every man that ever laid a hand on you.” Luca added.

“ I don’t think you’re crazy or your brother, the same thing happened to me except the moon goddess spoke to me and said that the Vampire queen and her had given me the chance to have a beloved or Mate for completing my mission and saving everyone from him. However, I got no details of when or whom it would be.” I say, “Is that why you want me to come and rule your kingdom?” I ask Luca
“Well, regardless if he is your beloved or not, he said that you will always be the rightful Queen of all species so, the kingdom will be yours when you are ready.”

“Oh, okay well, I still want to complete my promise to Alpha James, so I will make you a deal Marcus, You can tell your brother that I will be meeting with him in one month after I have trained the warriors, then we will know for sure.” I say

“I don’t think he will like you being alone for that long in case something happens.” Marcus says

“I won’t be completely alone right Luca?” I look at him with my question “You will be coming with me for the mouth yes? Alpha James accepted right?”
“Yes, Alpha James said he had no issue with me coming to keep you company while you trained them.” He smiles at me not wanting his brother to know that I will also be training him.
“Well, that might work, Luca if you do anything to harm her, I will kill you myself before he gets the chance.” He eyes Luca

“That won’t be necessary Marcus I can handle myself quite well.”
“We know.” Luca says quietly I can’t help but giggle.
“I am so sorry about before guys…. I should have controlled myself better.” I say ashamed.

They both come and jump on my bed and hugged me. “As long as you now feel better Faith, that is all we care about!”

Luca looks at his brother and say’s “We need to find Serion and let him know she is awake and okay.” Marcus nods and heads down to do just that.

Not long later Marcus comes back with Serion who has a look of relief on his face when he sees me. He rushes over to my bed and hugs me tightly “I wish you had of told me you felt all that still, I would have tried to help you, I am so sorry I never noticed.” He says
“Don’t brother I am really good at holding emotions in, I shouldn’t have lost it like I did though. I’m sorry she came after you!” I respond
“You have no need to be sorry Faith, you helped save me from her, you showed me true loyalty and love when you fought her, I seen the look on your face once they brought me back, you was relieved at the same time as mad because she could have hurt me. Thank you, Faith, thank you for always going above and beyond for me.” She says while hugging me I feel tears start to come up.
“God damn, I didn’t think I would have any of these left after before.” They all start to laugh
“We should all probably go back down and mingle before everyone leaves, I guess, it should be over soon anyways.” I say
“Yeah we probably should, you feeling up to it?” Serion asked

I nod wanting to spend as much time with everyone before I leave tomorrow for a while at least. The party finish almost immediately when we arrive as everyone started to take their leave to head home, we all said our goodbyes. I asked Everyone if they would be keen on relaxing in the massive lounge together and watch a movie for one more time just to feel a little normal again. So, James, Ella, Jayson, Serion, Payton, Maxwell, Elliot and Drake all hung out and spent the rest of the night eating junk food while watching silly movies kind of like a big happy family.

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