The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 2

My Mother had bewitched her to raise me and forget about her old life, what she failed to realise was I could retract any spell she cast; I was more powerful than her, not that I knew what I was doing nor did she know I wasn’t a normal human as she could not sense any powers on me.
To me I was just helping my Evelin feel better about herself by relieving the pressure she was feeling in her head that’s when all hell broke loose.

My mother at the time was away with work as she would say, I somehow managed to give Evelin back all of her memories, the pain she felt knowing what she had missed out on these last 4 and a half years nearly broke her; yet she looked at me as if I was her own child, She told me everything she remembered she wanted to take me away with her but she feared my mother to much to do so and just left without a word one night, I never saw her again.

I remember waking up that morning after and not feeling her presents it ran shivers down my spine; My mother came back that day and the horror on her face told me how much she hated me for what I had done, along with the fact I had powers all though knowing I didn’t know how to use them benefitted her greatly. From that day she made my life a living hell, it all started slowly though; The torture and torment that was all she had in her mind after I ruined her peaceful life.

Three weeks she starved me, only allowing me water whenever it pleased her, in that time frame she has locked me in a room with nothing but the very clothes on my back.
The day she walked in with someone I had never seen before I knew then it was the start of my torture; he was old but apparently not old enough to know better than to lay a hand on a child.
I don’t know what was worse with the things he did to me or the fact my own mother stood there and watched with a mere smile on her face. I remember that day like it was yesterday; his dark brown eyes and furry face, his black with slightly greying hair, that smile and laughter he had the entire time he had his hands on me.
I wasn’t just beaten to a pulp that night I was sexually abused I was touched and played with like a rag doll and made do things no child should have to endure let alone anyone. To be honest I’ve felt broken ever since; by the time they both left I had lost my voice from the screams and my eyes were completely out of tears I laid on that cold hard floor for days because I couldn’t move I was covered in cuts, bruises and dried up blood along with some fractured ribs and broken bones.
I begged for death to find me I didn’t want to live any more knowing this would be my life; death at the hands of my own mother was all I thought of for the next 6 years of my life when the events of that night never stopped only worsened.

On my 10th birthday I was still laying on the cold hard and dirty floor still locked away; however, I wasn’t alone anymore as my wolf “Sky” made her first appearance in my head. Sky was telling me to keep fighting, that I will be saved from my mother’s torture soon and to stay strong. In all honesty I thought I was going mad with hearing voices in my head and replying to her, but deep down I felt different I felt I had awoken something deep within me, and that is exactly what happened.

“Faith” I could hear my name being said inside my head.
“It’s time for us to leave now, she’s gone I can’t sense her?”

“And how am I to leave? The door is locked?”

“We can break it down, if you let us shift and become one.” She said
“You will then have access to all the strength that comes with an Alpha Wolf Faith. You Just need to trust me.”

“I trust you Sky, but how do I shift?”

“Open your mind to me, imagine what I’d look like, what I would feel like.”
With that I envisioned a Beautiful Black wolf that had my bright green eyes, strong long legs and beautiful silky fur.
I could feel my bones braking with the reshaping of my body I could feel the pain of my canines growing in my mouth, it felt like it took hours to fully shift but we did it! I felt like a whole new person. My sight was clearer, my hearing was sharp, and I could feel my body slowly starting to finish healing my already damaged body.
This was Truly a gift from above; not only was I now stronger then I was before Sky explained a lot to me, like she was prepped before chosen for me and I was truly grateful for that as I was just a broken ten year old girl that hand no idea who she was let alone what she was when I was gifted her.

I let Sky take full control once I was shifted, she broke the door down with one massive jump and we were finally free: free from my mother free from the torture.
Once we were outside, we ran straight for the woods that was at the back of the house, the grass and dirt underneath my paws truly felt amazing I couldn’t remember the last time I had stepped outside.
The light cool breeze blowing against my fur was an even better feeling. Sky had given me back control of the wolf form and talked me through our next step of our freedom, she told me about a special Alpha we had to find because he would truly help us into becoming the best we can be in other words what we were made for.
It was quicker to stay in my wolf form to get to this special Alphas place especially with the speed we could run at, sky told me we didn’t have far to go but to be careful and alert from here out as they would have sensed me coming on to their territory by now and would be on their way to confront me.
After that I slowed down and listened to what she had to say for the rest of the way, she was right it wasn’t long before we was confronted violently might I add, it was literally a stand-off for a good five minutes before I sensed this massive power arura coming at me it was then I realised what sky meant by special alpha.. He was in fact the Alpha of all wolves.

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