The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 20

Today I leave the place I have called home for the last 8 years, to venture out and help out Alpha James with his pack for a month, I am nervous as I haven’t left home since coming here and I will truly miss everyone that’s for sure. Serion and Payton agreed to keep me updated as much as possible with the twins, Marcus had told their older brother what was happening and apparently he was not happy but I don’t even care, he couldn’t even come and meet me himself yet, just sent his brothers to do his dirty work. Luca is super excited about coming along to train he even told me he didn’t even care if his brother agreed or not this was his time to do something for himself, I think I might already be rubbing off on Luca which Marcus didn’t seem too happy about either but oh well.

Luca was helping me bring my bags down to the car, since I was the only person left to pack up to leave, Alpha James and Luna Ella along with their son are heading home in one car Luca and I a travelling in another, so I guess it will be like a road trip!
“Okay, have you got everything Faith?” Luca asked
“Yeah, I think I do. I mean I am sure they have a shopping centre we can go to if I forget something.” I smile at him
“I am sure they do! Oh, Luna Payton made us a massive basket full of food and drinks to tide us over until we get there.” He said with a massive grin on his face.
“You mean she made it for me!” I say with a wink
“No! she said it was for us both!” he said defensively
“Faith are you picking on poor Luca already?” I heard Payton say from behind.
“No!” I say she give me a look of don’t you lie to me.
“Fine I was just joking around though.”
“If you actually want to keep friend Faith, you need to be nice to them.” She says winking at me.
“What! Him? Friends? Are you kidding?” I say with a serious look I notice Luca’s face drops with hurt, so I smile at him “Payton you are mistaken we are not just friends we are best friends that are going to always cause some havoc where-ever we are!” I swing my arm around Luca and wink at him. He smiles at me with relief “You are not wrong there.” He says smiling at Payton.
“God! Anyone would think you are siblings with how you are acting with each other.” She says slightly annoyed.
“ Well, I need someone to act like a brother while I am not around Serion, and he seems perfect for it!” I say in a reassuring way.
“I guess you do; we will all be at ease knowing you both have each-others back.” She says hugging me so tight! “I will miss you Faith.” “I will miss you too Payton, you keep yourself happy and healthy while I am away okay!?” I say returning the hug.

Serion comes over as Alpha James and the others head off, “You be good Faith, show them how it’s done!” he said proudly
“Always Brother! I won’t let you down.” I wink at him.
he turns to Luca and says “You watch over my sister and look out for her! I know she will be training you as well, but don’t stress Marcus still doesn’t know and I will keep it that way as long as she is safe… I know what unmated wolves in that pack are like…” I look at Serion with an are you for real right now look and he brushes it off.
Luca nods at him “I will always be at her side to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble.” “Alone” I whisper with a smirk in which they both turn and laugh at me.
Serion give me a massive hug and wishes me luck! I promise to keep in touch the whole time, so they know how I am doing, Luca and I jump into the car and we are finally on our way.

It is about a 5-hour drive to the Red Moon Packs boarders, so I got bored very quickly! There is only so many songs and games you can play before your legit want to burn everything down! I am pretty sure we made it through all the food in like the first 2 hours.
“Are we there yet?” I ask Luca who doesn’t seem bothered at all by the drive.
“Nope we have at least another 40 minutes if old mate in front keeps at this speed.” He says trying not to get angry at his poor driving skills. Alpha James driver had already overtaken him like 30 minutes ago.
“Why didn’t you do what Alpha James driver did then?” I ask slightly annoyed that I have been stuck in here over 5 hours now.
“Because I thought he would have speed up at least!” he said annoyed because I was annoyed.
“Well maybe we could overtake him now and we could get there in less the 40 minutes. PLEASE!” I say

Luca looks at me and then smirks, “Tighten your seat belt Faith I am about to give you the best car ride of your life!” he says winking at me I wasn’t sure if I should take him seriously or not but within seconds he has planted his foot down and floored it around the other driver, I thought he might slow down but he didn’t instead he went quicker and quicker! I was loving it though he would weave in and out of traffic like a mad man, but it was almost like he enjoyed doing it like he had been doing it all of his life.
“I take it you have done this before?” I ask holding on nice and tight.
“Yeah, this is nothing! I used to street race all the time in the human parts as they do this as a hobby!” I respond with a smile on his face!
“Oh so, you have travelled further then?”
“Yeah, only a few places though, you can’t look this young for too long in one place people start asking questions.” He says honestly
“Oh, right I forgot about that.”

Within 15 minutes we have made it behind Alpha James car and are slowing down to pull into the driveway, there pack house is amazing! Not as big as Serion’s castle but it is massive! We get out of the car and me being me I do my little dramatic act “LAND! OH, SWEET LAND!” Jayson and Luca laugh knowing exactly what I am on about and Ella and James smirk but keep it together.

“You guys have had a long trip; Jayson will show you to your rooms so you can rest up and we will send someone to come and get you once diner is ready!” Ella says.
“Oh sweet thank you Luna Ella.” I say smiling at her.

Jayson shows us to our rooms and Luca is right across from mine so I guess we can hang out more often this way. Jayson made a point to tell us about the tv, and brand new ps4 he had installed in case we got bored at any time. We thanked him and headed our separate ways to freshen up and settle in.

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