The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 21

After enjoying my shower and getting dressed I didn’t really know if I should go and have a walk around the place myself or if I should hold off and wait for whoever Ella gets to come and get us, because I am super bored and have no interest in sleeping right now.
There was the lightest knock on my door which made me jump a little, I opened it to find Luca was standing there with a bored expression on his face also.
“So do we go check out the place our selves or do we really need to wait for someone to come get us?” he asked
“Your guess is as good as mine! We could always give this ps4 a go? Never played one before.” I say shrugging my shoulders.
Luca smiles “I am going to whoop your ass little girl!” he says while running into my room and jumping on my bed like a kid that is getting candy!
“F.Y.I I am a very fast learner, so prepare to lose at whatever game we play.” I say with a smirk on my face.
We are going through all the games and notice that only two games were multi players, so we decided on playing call of duty. The first few rounds I sucked like I couldn’t stop dying every time I would revive, and I was honestly getting so pissed, I think we was that loud in my room the entire pack heard us cussing each other. Suddenly we hear a knock on the door and we just yell come in without even taking our eyes off the tv screen.
“You both sounded like you were hating on each other down there! What the hell is happening?” Jayson comes in and says.
We finish our round and then turn to face him,
“Sorry, but this little bitch kept killing me before I even got a chance to revive!” I say point blame at Luca.
“As if your just a sore loser, that doesn’t know how to play the game!” Luca says defensive.
Jayson can’t hold back the laughter at the two of us bickering like two siblings would.
“How old are you guys really? Like seriously it is just a game?” we both give him a look as oh really just a game?
I raise my eyebrow at him “I am 18 but as for him I don’t even think he would know!” I say with a smirk on my face. “I will have you know this body is of an 18-year-old as well! I just happen to be stuck at this age!” Luca says
Jayson and I burst into laughter. “Fine Jayson, if you think you can do better then game on to both of you!” Luca adds.
Jayson smirks “With pleasure!”

So just like that we spent like 3 hours playing Call of Duty, Jayson and Luca were pretty even through out the whole game, as for me I eventually got the hang of it and started kicking both of their butts until there was another knock on the door.
“Hey, you bunch of immature children Luna said diner is ready!” both Liam and Emmerson come in to say.
“What are you jealous you wasn’t invited to play?” Jayson says with a smirk.
“I am actually offended you never offered!” Emmerson said faking a sad face.
“Emmerson if you want to have a couple of games after diner, I would be happy to play with you!” I say trying to make him feel better.
“HEY, I want to play to you can’t forget me!” Liam says
“Fine we can all play Squads after diner! Deal?” I say.
Everyone agrees, and we head down for diner, Alpha James and Luna Ella are at the head of the table and everyone else scattered around the rest evenly. I noticed a lot of different faces which I can only assume is the main parties of the packs warriors etc.
“Everyone I would like to formally introduce you all to our guests, this is Princess Faith, Sister of you Alpha King, who just so happens to be a Tribrid. I am sure most of you have heard of her skills in killing her father, the person who cause so much pain and anger. Faith has so kindly agreed to stay with our pack for a month and train you all strictly to make you the best you should be. This is also Luca, Yes, he is a Vampire but not just any, he is one of the original vampire queens Sons, which are very close with the Alpha King, so you will all show them the up most respect while they are staying with us. Understood?” everyone nods and says, “Yes Alpha.”

I notice a couple of them stare at me, with questioning eyes so me being me I say, “What is bothering you all so much you wish to stare me down while I am eating.” With a smile plastered on my face so they don’t get offended.
“Sorry Princess, we just want to know…” he swallows hard “Did you really take on 60 Vampires and 80 or so rouges on your own?” They all stop and look at me waiting for my answer.
I smile proudly at them all “Yes, I did kill them all along with taking them all alone. I am extremely strong and well trained and skilled that I wanted to pass on some of my knowledge and skill to you guys as I felt you would be most apricated of my time and efforts.” They all end up with massive smiles on their faces
“Then princess, we are forever in your debt, and give you full control of our training.” The head warrior says proudly, I smile and nod to him while I finish stuffing my face.

After diner Luca, Jayson, Emmerson and Liam all made their ways into my room to get comfortable to pay a few rounds of call of duty before we all had to pass out to get enough sleep and rest for the start of everyone training tomorrow.

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