The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 22

I wake up bright and early, ready to start the warriors training sessions, I head downstairs to the kitchen and find Alpha James fixing himself a coffee,
“Morning Alpha.” I say cheerfully
“Morning Princess.” He responds
“I take it everyone is out in the training grounds getting ready?” I ask
“They should be! If any of them are not you tell me who and I will personally escort them every day.” He says winking at me, I smile and head on out.
I jog down to the training ground and find them all there talking amongst themselves.
“Morning everyone! Are we ready for some intense training? “I say smiling at them brightly
“Morning Princess! Ready when you are.” The head warrior says
“Perfect! Well to warm us all up, we will do a nice steady jog around the pack perimeter, then we can get straight to business.” Everyone nods and starts to head off in a jog around Luca and Jayson have just joined in on this run, so I challenge them for being late.
“Since you two lazy arse people couldn’t be on time this morning like everyone else, you now need to keep up the entire jog at my pace, understood.” They both nod regretting sleeping in, I use both my wolf and Vampire speed and make my way to the front line of the warriors, I let them know as I am running, to keep their own pace as I am teaching the other two a lesson which they all happily agree and stick to.
“IF YOU BOYS DON’T CATCH UP IN 2 SECONDS, I WILL MAKE YOU DO 500 PUSH UPS SIT UPS BEFORE YOU EVEN START TRAINING!” I yell loud enough for them to hear me. Luca makes this way close behind me which I nod my approval that he his keeping up, Jayson I can see is really struggling, I take that into account for his training plan as he must be able to hold a good pace being an Alpha after all. We make our way back to the Training grounds and I make Luca and Jayson pair up as they will both have a different training plan to the warriors.
I signal for the head warrior to come and stand beside me, “Okay, I will use you as my partner as eventually you will be the one running this session and I need you 100% on everything, is that okay?” I say
“Certainly Princess!” he responds proudly. I smile at him and start.

“Right to start this off I will tell you your main parts to this training, your speed is a massive advantage we will all have you need to know how to push your limits and get faster! This includes our strengths; I am 100% positive that I am stronger then you all so I will be sparing with you all individually to give you pointers throughout as well. You will work on Changing Direction of your punches and kicks without letting you opponent know. Your balance is another key factor in all of this you must be able to hold your self steady with any hit given, Coordination and Reaction timing when receiving hits and dishing them out. With these mastered and executed accurately no one should have a problem will fighting full force with me understand? If you don’t Training using full power, you will never get better!” I ask they all seem to be taking this in well, so I give them an example.
I Grab the head warrior off guard and throw him to the ground, he catches on to my fight and starts defending himself with all of his strength which I appreciate, he isn’t too bad he has a few things he will need to practice which I note him on as we fight, the rest start to train with there paired up partner. After 2 hours of that I run them all through the drills that will help them succeed so they can also practice in their own time, which they all seem to appreciate even more.
“Well done warriors! You did great now remember each day I will be fighting against you to help you get stronger I will give you advice and hope you take it on the chin and improve. I will see you bright and early tomorrow! Oh, if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me.” I finish my speech. They all nod and thank me for my time and go about their day as usual.

I turn to both Jayson and Luca, “You boys are about to do another 2 hours so don’t look so happy!” I say and watch their faces drop
“What do you mean?!” they both complain at me
“You want my help, you want to become strong then the rest, then you must comply with my training every day for the same amount of time. I have decided to combine both of you so it will be harder but easier at the same time as instead of individually fighting me you will team up, because I will be using both my werewolf and vampire strength only with the both of you.” I say, they both look at me with understanding and prepare to continue.

I showed them the best way to work as a team to gang up on me and surprisingly they work really well together, I get them to focus on their weaknesses and strengths and use that against me. Luca understands more as from what he had said both him and Marcus work as a team against their older brother. Once I am satisfied they are working together good I challenge them with my full strength, they dodge I dodge, they throw punches so do I, it goes like thing for a good 30 minutes each hit I get on them I can see the pain in their eye that they are feeling, I feel bad but this is the only way they will get stronger.
“Alright guys that’s a wrap! Go freshen up and grab some lunch! Sorry if you think I was too hard on you, but my strength is the only way you will get stronger, your pain will adjust every time I land hits okay, which mean you will throw more and be less affected when receiving hits if in a battle, you won’t fall…. The opponent will…” They both thank me and head off for the day.

I find Alpha James was watching the whole time as he comes over once they leave.
“You did well today Faith, you have given my men something to look forward to, even though its tough they fully understand and appreciate your efforts. My head warrior told me you issued everyone their own tasks they can practice on.”
“Yeah if they want to complete this in one month it will require them a little extra training until they all become more fit but they all showed great potential and determination mind you a few were hesitant if fighting with me alone every day. I assure you it is to benefit them, just like I said to the boys, my strength and pain to them will only make them stronger with the more it happens.” I smile at him

“You are extremely smart for your age Faith!”
“I learned from the best.” I smirk at him.

He laughs and we head back inside, after lunch Luca, Jayson, Emmerson and Liam ask if I was up for some gaming again, which I happily do, surprisingly I think my month will consist of Training, eating and gaming, which I will not complain about.

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