The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 23

Over the last few weeks I have seen immense improvement throughout everyone training, the head warrior in particular has become strong enough to handle me in my Vampire and wolf mode, I feel like he has taken his training with up most seriousness because he will be the one conducting it once I leave which I pride myself over because of how far he has come. The rest of the warriors have had improvement throughout it all but are not completely strong enough to take me full strength, but I am confident they will by the end of the week, Alpha James has allowed them more training time during the morning to help with that.

Jayson and Luca are my most improved fighters at the moment though their teamwork has helped them immensely, at almost defeating me, however I have told them that for the last few days they will be fighting me alone to help them individually improve.

“Luca, you need to control your speed and moves now you coming at me with a weak stance, which is why you’re not making contact. What’s up? Something worrying you?” I ask curious about his sudden down fall in his fighting.

“Sorry Faith, I just have a few things on my mind right now.” He says not looking at me.

“Take a break, Jayson your up! Luca, I need you to clear that mind now for this it is so important you can handle me alone now if you want to be stronger than your brothers.” I say trying to make him understand.

He snaps at me “yeah well I’m done I can’t do this anymore! It’s a waste of my time, everything can go to hell!”

Jayson and I stand there in full shock not knowing where this came from and why. Luca leaves, part of me wants to chase after him but the other part knows he needs to calm down first.

“Well that escalated quickly!” Jayson says to himself, but I heard.

“Whatever, let’s just get back to it.”

“Right oh boss, ready to get hurt.” He says smiling at me

“Bring it Alpha!” I say smirking at him.

We fight for a good 45 minutes before I land the final blow to his face as he let his guard down think he was good, “Damn Jayson that was intense! You definitely have been taking our training seriously I am impressed. Just remember never underestimate your opponent.” I smile and help him up

“I really am, you have helped me in many ways Faith I will forever be in your debt for this that’s for sure!” He says after spitting out the blood from his mouth.

“Alright don’t get all emotional on me now!” I wink ” let’s go get clean and grab a munch, I’ll find Luca and see if he will tell me what is up.” I say walking back to the pack house.

After getting cleaned up I knock on Luca’ s door to see if he was in there with no response, I open it and find the room empty, I brush it off and head down for some food.

“Has anyone seen Luca?” I ask while getting my food, everyone shakes their head and continues there meal.

“Hey, we will postpone the Call of Duty match guys I need to find Luca.” I say to Jayson and the others.

“All good let us know when you’re ready!” They say, so I head off in search of an angry Vampire.

I have searched the while house and honestly cannot be bothered walking around for no reason, as I’m actually feeling exhausted so I decided I will use my magic and find him that way, I do a locating spell and find he is in the forest near a cliff, so I head off there to find out what the hell is up.

I find him staring out into the water, I hesitate whether I disturb him or not bit do it anyway.

“So, are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” I get straight to the point.

“What are you even doing here Faith, just go back and leave me alone.” He responds angrily

“Not until I know you are okay.”

“I’m fine now leave.” He turns and I can see his eyes are bright red like his vampire is ready to rage.

“No, you are not! What type of friend would I be if I left you alone when you really need someone!”

“YOUR NOT MY FRIEND!” He yelled at me, I admit that really hurt, I thought we were more like brother and sister with how close we have been, but if he isn’t my friend then he is my enemy.

“Is that so!” I say furiously “So you have used me and fooled me into helping you! You asked for my help and I gave it to you without a second thought! You think you can take me now Luca Is that it? You did all of this so you could take me out in your own revenge scheme for your mother!” I don’t hold back.

“JUST FUCK OF FAITH, BEFORE I HURT YOU!” He yelled not liking what I am saying but I don’t care I take that as a challenge.

“You want to hurt me Luca? Then bring it! Give me all you got, you pathetic excuse of a vampire!” I yell back not caring of my words as I am way to fired up!

Just like that Luca springs up and jumps on me pinning me down on the ground, I admit I didn’t expect that but game on Luca. I activate my Wolf and Vampire and let them loose. He throws me around like a rag doll not giving me a chance to get back up, I can tell how my training has impacted him with his strength and speed I am up against a worthy opponent now! I get free of his grip and throw full powered hits at him which seem to knock him back enough for me to catch my breath, 6 hours of intense training doesn’t go down to well in an actual fight, I can feel my body wanting to shut down as I’m using too much power, he notices I can see it in his eyes but he doesn’t stop he wants blood. I figure the only way out is if I use my magic against him as well even if I do hurt him.

As I try to activate all 3, I feel the power drain out of my body like no tomorrow, I fight it! I can’t lose this! not now! I say myself if fire so he burns himself as he throws his punches to weaken him a little, I can sense someone powerful coming here quickly, but there is no time for worrying who it is, with every last but of strength I have a throw a full charge of power at him which sends him flying!

I drop to the ground, as my limbs give way on me, my body is shutting off I hear voices but I’m too weak to open my eyes.


“Brother I am so sorry! I don’t know what came over me! What the hell did I do? We have to help her now!” Luca says, he’s back my Luca is back I think to myself. “Please be okay Faith, I am so sorry.” I feel him kneel down beside me.

“We will talk about this later understood! Now help me get her back-Alpha James will get the pack doctor to look at her.” Said the strange but calming voice. That was it I drifted back into the darkness...

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