The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 24

Beeping is the most annoying sound to ever wake up to!

“Please wake up Faith, I really need you right now.” I hear Lucas voice only faintly.

“She’s only in here because you acted up in training and being the good friend, she is she went after you! Seriously even with her strength and power she can’t do 6 hours of hard-core training and then fight a raging Vampire who is meant to be her friend.” I heard Jayson say.

“What do you mean acted up in training? Why are you training?” That strange calming voice said

“I asked her to train me so I could beat your ass alone! I thought you had my episodes under a strict spell, so they wouldn’t affect me anymore.” Luca said directing at the new person.

“Yeah about that, apparently me having a Beloved upset our spell caster and she removed it, that is why I am here. I can as soon as I found out, apparently I was too late.” He says, I find so much comfort in his voice I can’t help but push myself to say, ” Please don’t stop talking, whoever you are.”

Jayson laughs so hard the nurse came in to tell him to quiet down, Luca Jumps on the bed

“I am so sorry princess, please forgive me! I would never do that if I had control, please believe me.” He begged I opened my eyes and seen how honest he was being that made me feel so much better, maybe whatever was wrong made him sat we were friends.

“Are we friends?” I ask will full seriousness.

Everyone goes quite, and stares at us.

“Yes, Faith we are friends, no we are like brother and sister! Please forgive me for anything I said and the pain I caused you.”

I smile at him and give him a hug, “As long as you didn’t mean that we were not friends part we are all good! Besides I did this to myself, I felt my body shutting down from exhaustion, but I still pushed it, guess that means the both of us can’t control our rage to well huh.” I say to him.

He doesn’t want to let me go until, the strange man beside me growls at him which makes me turn my head and look at him with an evil look. I couldn’t help but admire him his gorgeous looking face and big bulky arms threatening to come out of his tight shirt.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to; I just couldn’t control it.” He says so sweetly

My face lightens at the realisation at who he was, I inhale, and a sweet smell of nature’s goodness radiates off his body, it all makes sense now! He is my mate! My beloved! That’s is why his voice calms me, his smell excites me!

“They really did it! They gave me a chance at happiness.” I blurt out totally shocked it was true, however it was only meant for my ears not everyone else’s so when I realised I said it out loud, and had all eyes on me along with a massive grin coming from the big looking teddy bear I wanting to shrink into my bed and never been seen again! That was embarrassing!

“I believe they gave us both a chance at happiness, my princess.” He says so charmingly.

“Okay enough lovey crap for now, Faith, Lucifer, Lucifer, Faith now we have introductions done, how you feeling? Keen on our gaming match with the boys?” Jayson says all too excitedly.

I laugh at that and notice that Lucifer couldn’t hold his back either. ” How do you suppose we do that? I don’t think they will let me out just yet.” I ask

“I am the future Alpha Faith; you watch I will have her discharge you in no time!” He winks and runs off to find my nurse.

“I guess I will give you both a minute, oh and Lucifer, don’t mess this up because I will chose her over you any day!” Luca said cheekily before leaving. I couldn’t help but giggle at him.

“Well, Faith I am as Jayson said Lucifer, just like my brothers I am the original Vampire Queens oldest son. I believe you feel this connection too am I right?” He asked me

“You mean the undying need to jump in your arms and never let you go?” I say with cheeky wink.

He blushes at my bluntness, “ah yeah that! You are my beloved Faith, and if you give me the chance, I would love to give you all the happiness you desire.”

I smile “of course, I will give you the chance, all my life I have had one purpose and never the option of having you because of who I was, now the Goddess and Vampire Queen has gifted me the most happiest day of my life.” I respond eagerly.

He smiles brightens up the whole room after I say that, ” You have no idea how long I have wanted for you my princess.”

“Why did you have a spell on Luca? Why did the spell caster remove it when you untold her about me?” I ask curiously

“Luca’ s Vampire began raging once our mother died, he took it the hardest. It got so bad we would have to lock him up to protect everyone from him. I found a witch who offered to do the spell for him which would cure his rage, in return I owed her, whatever she wanted whenever.” He doesn’t look at me, so I take that as he had a sexual relationship with her then in return for curing his brother.

He notices a in my eyes after I am quite for a bit that I am running the owed her part in my head, so he comes and sits next to me. ” Faith, please don’t hate me for wanting to help my brother, I never even knew about you until recently and as soon as I did, I refused her I promise!” He says trying to reassure me.

Deep down I am worried not because he was fucking someone before me, but the fact when we mate, it will be my first time, what if I am not good enough for him? What of he rejects the mate because I am so inexperienced.

Suddenly Jayson, Luca and the nurse come in.

“Well, I did it Faith were going home! COD TEAM is reunited!” He cheers for himself.

“What did he do to get you to agree?” I ask the nurse; she smiles and says, “he promised to be my guinea pig for all my beauty assignments for the next month.”

I raise an eyebrow at him ” How do you plan on getting out of that?” I ask him

“I won’t an Alpha keeps his word now come on we only have like 3 more days before you leave!” He says proudly

“I have given permission under 1 condition, you are to rest the entire night, you need anything they need to get it. Understood? Your body still needs time to recover.” She says smiling at me

“Okay, I can handle that! Thank you for everything!” I say

“Your welcome princess.” She says and head off to attend others.

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