The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 25

Once I have made my way home, actually I was carried all the way home, we entered my room where Liam and Emmerson were waiting patiently for our arrival. As soon as it if the bed Emmerson hands me a bunch of flowers and chocolate “I hope you’re feeling better boss!” He says winking at me, Lucifer let’s out a small growl, but I give him a look which makes him stop.

“Awh, thank you Emmerson this is lovely!” I tell him

“Your welcome! Now we ready to game!?” He says eagerly

“Of course! Let’s get into it” so we all logged on to our consoles and started playing in my room, which now looks like a massive gaming room. Lucifer sat beside me watching everyone play, I kind of felt bad that He didn’t have his own to join in.

“Hey, do you want to have a game?” I ask

“If you want to have a brake, I will.” He says not wanting to take over.

“Sure! Go for it! I don’t mind sharing with you!” I say

He smiles at me and has a couple of games until the boys end up wanting to go and grab more food, see their other mates So there ended up being Luca and Lucifer left in my room. It was kind of an awkward silence for a while until Lucifer broke the silence and asked, “why exactly was you making her train you again?” He said to Luca

“Well, I just wanted you to be proud of me, and know that I can handle myself.” Luca said happily

I see Lucifer smile at him “I Am always proud of you Luca you don’t need to push yourself to make me.”

“You never really say it! Ever since mum died you only ever showed Marcus how proud you were with his strength, I just thought this was my only way.” Luca said

Lucifer got off the bed and hugged his brother telling him how proud he has always been of him. I swear I seen a tear in Luca’s eye, it made me so happy that they were happy.

“So, would you like a permanent cure for your rage Luca?” I ask, they both stare at me in surprise with questioning looks.

“How? No one had ever been able to!” Lucifer looks at me in disbelief.

“I cured my brother’s wife, what makes you think I can’t cure him?!” I say defensively

“Would you do that for me Faith? Really?” Luca Jumps in, I smile at him. ” anything for you Luca, that’s what friends are for.”

“How would you do it?” Lucifer asked

“Rule number one never underestimate me and my capability. And to answer your question first I need you see his memories to differ what triggered it exactly.” I turn to Luca ” Do You mind? ” I ask holding my hands up towards his face. He nods his head with approval, so I go through his memories and find it.

“he was trapped the night his mother died and had to witness it completely he felt helpless, that was his trigger.” I say out loud. They both look at me with a questioning look.

“The only way to fix your raging Vampire is to wipe that memories completely, do you accept?” I ask Luca

He looks at his brother then back to me “I do, do whatever you can please.” I nod to him and go back into his memories I remove that one memory and slightly add a beautiful memory of his mother before, reminding him just how proud she was of him and how she will always be no matter what. I release him.

“How do you feel now?” I ask smiling at him

“I feel like a massive weight has been lifted! I have this beautiful memory of my mother that just keeps replaying.” Lucifer looks at me with appreciation. ” Thank you so much Faith! How will I ever repay you for this?” Luca asked me.

“Promise you will always be like a brother to me, and never tell me we are not friends again.” I say with seriousness on my expression.

He took my hand in his “I promise you Faith, that for as long as we live, you will always be my little sister!” I could see the honesty in his eyes as he promised me.

I let go of his hand and hug him tight ” that is all I ask; now can we go get some food! I’m starving after that!” They both laugh at me.

“Okay princess we will go and get some food, then it is time for us to get to know each other more.” Lucifer said eyeing Luca in the process, which he just rolls his eyes at, I couldn’t help but giggle.

We went down to get some food and Alpha James was also getting some so we all are together.

“You gave us a bit of a scare there Faith, how you feeling?” Alpha James asked.

“I’m feeling fine, I just over did with 6 hours of intense training then fighting with a raging Vampire I also trained, so my body shut down to rest.” I say like it was nothing.

“You need to take it easy Faith, your body isn’t used to all of this training, you’ve shut down twice now.” He said worried about me, but I feel like he is more worried what my brother would do.

“Hey, I only have 3 more days left I need to make sure your men are 100% before I leave! I made you a promise.” I say

“Promise or not Faith I am sure your two apprentices can take the training for tomorrow just to let you recover a little longer.” He said with no room to argue, I mean both Luca and Jayson are on top shape to take my spot now.

“Fine, I will sit tomorrow out but I will supervise Jayson, Luca and your head warrior during the Training session. Deal?”

“Deal! I didn’t know my head warrior was up to scratch as well, that’s impressive to know.”

“Your head warrior has shown me the most improvement and dedication overall, he can now take me in my Vamp and wolf merge, not like they others but he will get there with more training.” I smile at him.

I hadn’t heard the head warrior walk in and the pride and happiness that was visible on his face was enough to make someone’s day.

“Ah just the person was talking about, did you hear that you have the most praise out of all this training.” Alpha James said to his head warrior.

“I did, I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given us princess, your kind words mean a lot to me!”

“I am glad, because you, Jayson and Luca will be running training tomorrow while I supervise. You can show me everything you have taken in and will continue to follow for all training sessions once I leave” I give him a massive grin, he looks shocked.

“I won’t let you down princess!” He smiles and makes his way out of the room.

“You are going to be greatly missed when you do leave princess, have you decided where your next destination will be?” Alpha James asked

I don’t know how to respond, as I want to go and check on my brother and Payton, however I feel like I need to go with Lucifer straight away. I can feel all eyes on me, which makes me nervous. Suddenly Lucifer jumps in “We are going back to chat with her brother and make some arrangements then she will come to my kingdom, her kingdom.” He adds

I look at him wondering if he could read my mind or something, then look at Luca who is nodding at me.

“That is the plan for now Alpha.” I say smiling at him he smiles and then excuses himself as he had pack business to get back too. I turn to see Luca has vanished and now I am left with Lucifer staring at me with so many questions in his eyes. This is going to be a long night...

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