The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 26

We head up to my room So I could rest up there, as that is what the nurse originally said I must do. Lucifer has been quite the whole trip up and still hasn’t said a word to me, but I can see him wanting to ask his questions, so I decided to go first.

“Why didn’t you come? Why did you send your brothers?” I ask him

He looks like he is conflicted “I honestly didn’t believe it at first, I thought I was mad, but I couldn’t take the risk of it being true and never knowing, so I sent my brothers to visit and tell me there thoughts before I actually met you, Luca apparently gave the real reason for them being there away and that’s when I knew it had to be true and it had to be you, with what you told my brothers lined up with what my mother had said to me.” He looked me straight in the eyes and all I saw was honesty.

“You were afraid I wasn’t her, that it was all fake?” I say understanding why.

“I did, however I couldn’t take the chance of not knowing.” I smile at him

“Why did you hesitate and have a debate with yourself on what to say to Alpha James?” He asked me.

“I honestly hadn’t thought of what was next, especially for us... I mean I need to check on my brother and Payton as I need to see how my nephews are going, but I wasn’t planning on staying. Now I feel I have to leave right away with you? I didn’t think you would understand my need to go home first.” I say with full eye contact.

“I appreciate your honesty Faith; I would never make you do something you was uncomfortable with; you may be mine by fate, but I respect your decision whatever it may be for us.” He said

“I want us, I want my happiness, I just don’t know how or what or where to start! I have never had this experience nor did I expect to be gifted this.” I say looking him in the eyes again, I see his eyes light up that makes me happy.

“I want us, along with my happiness to Faith, if we need to work it out together then so be it! We can go as slow as you like or as fast as you like, I will leave that completely up to you.” I think I feel in love right now, his response was exactly what I wanted to hear.

“Okay, well there is one thing you should know I guess.” I blush

“What is it?” He asked curious as to my blush.

“I’m a complete virgin... in everything.” I say not looking at him, this is so embarrassing why did I think this was a good idea!

“Oh, I know that!” He said unfazed.

“What do you mean?!”

“You have this purity around you which means only one thing.” I stare at him dumbfounded “It’s okay, that will only happen when you are completely ready Faith.” He tries to reassure me.

“But we have to mark, and mate to be completed, to feel as one to...” He cuts me off. “When you tell me you want it, all of it, is when we will worry about that. Please do not stress about this.”

I calm down with his voice, and smile at him,

“Do you want to watch a movie with me tonight?” I ask wanting to change the subject.

“If that is what you want then I will do it, in the theatre room? I can go and set it all up?” He asked

“I was thinking we could watch it in here and be comfortable while watching it.” I say he smirks at me

“Comfortable?” He asked raising his eyebrow at me.

“God! Fine I want to lay in bed with you by my side, watching a movie getting cuddled and made feel special just like normal couples do.” I say so fast any normal human wouldn’t have caught.

“Ha-ha, I like the sound of that better. What movie did you want I will go and get us some snacks and grab it.”? He asked

“Perfect that will give me time to shower and get in my PJs.” I say while heading to the bathroom. “Oh, and surprise me!” I hear him laugh and then the door close.

After my quick shower I pop on my shortie PJ shorts and a tank top on and head out to the room where Lucifer is already setting up the movie for us to watch, I see all the snacks on the bed, “Damn did you buy a store out or something?” I joke looking at all the snacks he got.

“Well apparently you have an appetite for food all the time, so I grabbed a heap.” He laughs

“Oh, yeah that’s true but I won’t eat all of this.” I say.

He comes an sits on the bed and looks like he doesn’t know if he should sit near me or not, ” You can get yourself comfy you know, then come lay up here with me.” I say, he looks at me then slips his shoes off and takes his jacket off, which leaves hit tight black v neck top that shows all his muscles! Those big bulky arms are seriously calling me in, I can’t help but eye him up and down practically drooling over him, not realising he was watching me.

“I take it you like what you see princess?” He says with a grin on his face.

Completely blushed out from being caught I just admit to it so we can watch the movie. “What your beloved can’t check out what her beloved has?” I ask defensively

“Ha-ha chill, it’s all yours to do as you please, now should be start the movie?” He asked totally unfazed.

“Yes!” I say. He says down with the remote in his hand to press play, I am patiently waiting to know what it is we are watching, little did he know that he had chosen my favourite movie of all time! ‘Divergent’ I felt myself slowly drifting to sleep while it was playing so I get myself all comfortable snuggling into my pillow or so I thought was my pillow...

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