The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 27

I wake up to the sensation of tingles running down my body to my core, this strange feeling has me on edge but also feels so good, I try to move however I am stuck, I can’t break free from whatever has me, I start to panic until I realise I haven’t completely woken up and when I do I see this big bulky muscly chest is right in my view, I can feel his arms are securely wrapped around me keeping me safe, I can’t help but enjoy the feeling that is coming from this, however I know that this feeling I have is coming from the direct skin on skin contact we have as I remember him being in a shirt before I feel asleep, now he is topless I try to move again but it is like he doesn’t want to let go, I don’t know how much I can take of these feelings that are shooting through my body, it he doesn’t let go soon I will need to let my vampire and wolf side take over to get me out but I know they crave the feeling and the need to mark him as ours way to much that I can’t risk it yet.
“Lucifer, can you um….. let me up please?” I whisper
I notice him groan like he doesn’t want to get up.
“Lucifer, please I really need to pee?” I whisper again.
instead of letting me go he rolls over to his back which leave me straddling him, where my core is conveniently on top of his extremely risen hard on that is fighting with the material holding it in. I take a deep breath, trying to hold in the little moan of pleasure I just felt from it.
“Lucifer.” I whisper as I fight this feeling, suddenly I feel his lips on mine and I can’t help but respond in a desperate passionate way, that he had also done, the feeling of his touch set me on fire everywhere, I wanted more! I ran my hands through his hair and down his muscular chest sending chills down my own body from the touch. I feel him flip us over so now he is on top of me, running his hands over my body almost like leaving his scent basically claiming me as his, I move my neck to the side as he breaks the kiss and continues kissing my neck, I feel the sharpness of his fangs scraping against my skin, I feel like I am about to erupt with all of these intense feelings running to my core, he freezes for a moment which I hate, “Can I mark you Faith?” his sweet calming voice says eagerly awaiting my approval.
I can not take this anymore I need a release! “Yes, Please...” I say desperate, he groans with my approval, he continues to apply kisses along my neck until he finds my sweet spot, I let out a moan which makes him sink his fangs into my neck, I feel pain that quickly turns into pleasure which makes me moan out the release on my aching core, once I finished my release I couldn’t control my merge and my wolf and Vampire took over, as he licked my mark to heal, I then started applying kisses onto his neck hearing him moan out on his sweet spot I sunk my fangs into his neck where he groaned at the feeling then that turned into a release of pleasure which I removed my fangs and lick his mark to heal. After a few minutes of us trying to catch our breathes, I hear a knock on the door.
“FAITH, RISE AND SHINE ITS TIME TO WATCH US TRAIN.” Luca and Jayson both yell through the door.
Lucifer and I both look at each other and touch our necks almost like we both didn’t expect that to happen. We both get up and get dressed and rush out to the training area like nothing happened, neither of us said a word about it until Luca and Jayson had to open their big mouths before they started training.
“Oh I see someone go something last night.” Jayson said with a wink
“More like both of them.” Luca replied which got me blushing.
“Shut up the both of you! Start doing the job were told to do!” I respond slightly irritated.
They both look at me and smirk “Yes Boss.” Was all they said as they went and started the training for everyone.
It was slightly awkward for a bit, until I got the courage to say “So, um… I what happened to your shirt last night?” I ask curiously
“Funny story” he said scratching his neck “Once you drifted off to sleep you cuddled into me, and continued to move your hand up my shirt until it was practically off, so I decided to just take if off once I did you stopped moving and laid still.” He said
“Oh, I am so sorry about that!” I say completely embarrassed.
“Don’t get embarrassed Faith, after this morning’s event you shouldn’t be embarrassed about anything.” He said kissing my forehead
I brush his comment off as I notice the training that is going on, Luca is quite impressive training the others, Jayson has taken things to a new strength and the head warrior has put in a fully detailed plan which he is making sure everyone follows I am quite impressed with his leadership skills, he has taken my training to next level and issued everyone specific training tasks until everyone is up to the same position. In all honesty with how he is taking this I don’t think I will need to train then these last few day, I will just work with him, Luca and Jayson to ensure they are all strong enough, I spot Alpha James and chat with him about my plan for the next 2 days as he is also impressed with his head warriors initiative to plan such a thing, with his approval I let everyone know what will be happening which they are all happy to do, we all make our way to get some food before going up to continue our team gaming skills, as the boys like to say.
Lucifer and I seem to have missed a complete section of getting to know each other first and jumped all in like we have known each other for ever, I think it has to do with this bond we have especially now we have started it fully. I am laying in between Lucifers legs like most couples do and when Emmerson and Liam walk in to get on their consoles, they stop and look at us confused, which makes me confused.
“What’s up?” I ask
“Oh nothing you just look different?” Emmerson said
“what do you mean?” I asked
“Well it could be that neither of us realised you had a tattoo on your neck before.” Liam said curiously
“Tattoo?” I whisper to myself. I look at Lucifer and he takes a look and stares at me in shock, as his mark has turned into this cursive symbol above his actual mark. I look at his neck and he has the same thing, I am totally confused.
“Relax babe, we can work this out when we get you home for now enjoy the last few days you have here.” Lucifer says easing my mind.
We game for most of the night, eventually I feel asleep in Lucifer’s arms again completely forgetting about the marks we now have.

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