The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 3

The Alpha and the person that found me shifted and stood before me; with is Serious Alpha Voice he said
“Sky what do I do? How shift back?” I said
“Just think of yourself in human form and it will work. Be quick you don’t want him to force you to shift, it hurts a lot!” Sky said
With that I slowly started to shift back into my human form, I looked down at myself and realised I had no clothes on, to say I was super confused was an understatement. In seconds I curled into a ball to cover myself from there view, it wasn’t just because I was naked, I was also ashamed of all the scares that coated my body.
I felt a blanket get thrown over me and when I looked up I could see the worry in the Alphas eyes, not only from the scares he just witnessed there was more to it…
Not a word was said for the remainder of the walk up to this massive castle, it was beautiful inside and out. As soon as he opened the doors this lady appeared out of no were; she was dressed in a maids outfit and was well presented except she was slightly too pale to be human though.
“You Asked for me Sir?” the maid said
“Yes Scarlett, could you please take her up to the guest room get her cleaned up and dressed and bring her down to the dining room after? ” he said
“Of Course sir!” she said with excitement like she hadn’t seen a 1o year old before. “Come with me Sweets and we will get you freshened up?” Scarlett said to me and I nodded.
“Thank you.” He said

We walked for a good 5 minutes in silence weaving in and out of hallways until we reached the guest room. At first I was hesitant to enter and I think Scarlett noticed as she then reassured me everything was okay and she wasn’t going to hurt me.
“Do you have a name I can call you Sweets?” she said
“Faith, my name is Faith.” I whispered to my surprise she actually heard my whispers which also confused me more.
“Such a beautiful name Faith, as you heard my name is Scarlett, I am the Alphas Best friend also maid. Now shall we get you showered and clean?” she says
“Okay, but will you stay with me?” I pled in a slightly scared tone. I hadn’t so much been near a bath or shower in 6 years it scared me a little.
“Of course sweetie, there is nothing to be afraid of here, but I will help when you need.” She said with sympathy in her eyes.
Scarlett had gone to warm up the shower while I sat on the soft queen size bed and took in the looks of the room. It was massive with a walk-in wardrobe, four poster bed, a study area and bathroom. The walls were painted a light purple colour and had silky bed covers.
“It’s ready for you Faith.” Scarlett calls which takes me away from admiring the way the room looked.
With that I walked into the bathroom where Scarlett stood waiting, she took the blanket that I had around me and I stepped into the shower with fear in my eyes and tears started to climb down my cheeks she must have noticed because she coached me throughout the shower to make me feel better. She could see I was struggling with my long hair and offered to wash it for me in which I let her it felt nice being taken care of I hadn’t felt like this since before Evelin left.

After a 45-minute shower I was all cleaned and refreshed, like I said before it had been a very long time since I had felt this clean. Scarlett had gone to get me some clothes while I dried myself off; she returned with this beautiful dress it was a dark green puffy dress with a white collar and white on the ends of my short sleeves. It was gorgeous; green was always my favourite colour it reminded me of the way nature always looked everything had a shade of green.

“Are you ready miss? Don’t want to keep Alpha Serion waiting too long.” Scarlett said
“Serion? That’s his name?” I asked I was curious he hadn’t officially told me who he was.
“Yes sweetheart, what else did you like it was?” she told me with even more curiosity
“I don’t know he never said a word when he found me, all I know is my wolf saved me from my mother’s torture and she guided me to him, she said he will help me and train me for what I need to do? I am as clueless as you when it comes to things happening to me.” I said.
“Come now dear, we came talk more later if you like?” she said with worry in her eyes.
“okay” I whispered.

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