The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 28

The last few days went by super quick, I am sad to leave the boys I have gotten so fond of as Jayson, Liam and Emmerson are like brothers to me now, the warriors also have a soft spot in my heart as they have all grown on me over the last month.
I am super keen to get back to see Serion and Payton, I wonder how big she has gotten, as I was in my own little world Luca and Lucifer had packed the car up ready for us to leave.
“Faith are you ready?” I hear Luca ask.
“Oh, yeah sorry I just need to say goodbye.” I say making my way out to the front where everyone is waiting.
“Princess, thank you so much for all your help! We are all forever in your debt!” Alpha James says
“Your most welcome Alpha, it was a pleasure to help out just make sure no one goes back to their old ways!” I say giving him a wink “Thank you so much for having me and allowing me to be here for so long.” I say giving him and Luna Ella a hug.
I turn to the boys, “Jayson, Liam and Emmerson, I will definitely miss you the most! Thank you for treating me like a sister and introducing me to the gaming world! I will make sure I get one at home so we can continue to team up!” I says giving each of them a hug.
“I will miss you all! Please stay in touch!” I conclude before getting into the car.
“Faith wait!” Luna Ella yells grabbing something from inside and bringing it back out to us. “Here I prepared this for you this morning! I know how much you enjoy your food so this should be enough to get you back home.” She says handing me a massive box of delicious looking food, the smell of it is to die for!
“Did you hear that Luca, this is all for me this time she didn’t say I had to share it with you!” I tease sticking my tongue out at him.
“Come on Faith that isn’t fair! You have to share tell her Luna!” he says gesturing to Luna to oblige.
Everyone laughs at mine and Luca’s bickering, Luna goes in and grab another box and hands it to Luca “Here sweetheart, this one is for you.” She says giving him a kiss on the cheek like you would to a toddler not getting his way. Everyone then laughs at Luca for getting all embarrassed “Thank you Luna Ella, you will always be my favourite.” He says.
“Ha Lucifer you miss out!” Luca rubs in his face.
“Don’t worry I got you covered Lucifer; we can share.” I say winking at him and grinning at Luca who has his mouth hanging open.
“Close your mouth little brother, or you will swallow these flies.” He says chuckling.
Lucifer starts the car and we wave goodbye to everyone as we leave, I asked Lucifer if he could make this trip as short as possible because I don’t like long car rides and he laughs but is happy to get home as soon as we can.
“I take it my brother drives to slow for you then.” He asked, I looked at Luca and smiled at him so he knows I won’t tell him about the last 20 minutes of our trip to Alpha James.
“Yeah he drove a bot like a grandma, I begged him to speed up but he said, sorry my brother will kill me if he ever found out.” I say covering for Luca.
“My brother is smart in some ways I guess.” He teases Luca.
“Hey, I have to keep my sister in law safe either way regardless, I can’t do that if you kill me can I.” he says trying to justify himself.
“Chill out boys! I reckon I will take a nap anyways; I had a bit of a rough nights sleep to be honest.” I say
“What do you mean by rough night?” Lucifer asked concerned as he only slept in my room that first night.
“I’ve just been getting excruciating pains and feelings everywhere.” I say not knowing what is actually wrong with me.
“What type of pains? Where exactly?” Luca pipes up to ask now concerned.
“They are like burning pains through out my whole body, Why?” I ask him confused
“When did they start?” he asked, I noticed Lucifer was looking in the mirror at me also waiting on the answer.
“I don’t know like after Lucifer and I marked each other.” I respond. Lucifers eyes change colour a little and Luca just smiles at me.
“What is it? Do you know what is happening?” I ask him
“I do Faith, but I believe my dear brother needs to explain this to you, particularly on your own.” He responds
“Rest up for a while, I will try and explain everything to you when we get you back home, I promise.” Lucifer reassures me, I turn my head and watch the trees fly past me, and I slowly drift off to sleep hoping I wake up once we get home as I don’t want to me stuck in this car any longer then I need to.

I am dreaming of Lucifer, his touch, his smell, his beautiful smile, his devilish eyes, his extreme muscular body, I am all over him in seconds we are in this massive room I have never seen before, he had put black rose petals all over the floor and on the bed that has beautiful silky red sheets, his touch is sending so much pleasure to my core I can’t control my moan, he guides me on to the bed and make sure I am comfortable, he starts kissing my neck and feeling my body, I lift his shirt up over his head so he is now topless showing me all of his. I fun my fingers down his back and through his hair enjoys the sensation he is giving me from his touch and kisses along my neck. He makes his way up towards the mark he placed on me and runs his tongue along it which sends me over the edge…. Just as things start to escalate, I’m jolted awake.

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