The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 29

As I am Jolted awake, I notice the car has completely stopped, and Lucifer is now at my door touching my arm trying to wake me.
“Babe, wake up? Where here. Are you okay? You seem tense?” he asked
“Yeah sorry I am fine, just a weird dream, how long was I out?” I respond
“About 3 and a half hours, anything I should know about?” he asked concerned
“Damn that’s the most I have had in like 48 hours.” I say relieved
“Faith!” I hear my name being called.
“Faith sweetheart is that you? Your really home! I am so happy!” Payton yells trying to run to me
I run to her and hug her tightly “Wow, Payton your have grown so much! How are they doing? How are you doing? Anything major I need to know about? Pain? I can help if so!” I start rambling questions off
“Easy there Faith, one at a time! The babies are fine, growing really well, a little too quick for my liking as they are now estimated to come in a months’ time now. I feel great, no pain and as far as I know they only thing you need to know is what we are having which I made sure no one! Not even us found out until you came back!” Payton answers
“Yay! I get to find out now then!? I can’t wait! I feel like it is one of each! When is the scan happening?” I ask
“Yes we will find out in 1 hour, I feel the same however, Serion thinks we are having two boys.” She tells me.
“Yay! Oh, Payton this is Lucifer.”
“Oh, sweets I know who he is, he is Luca and Marcus’s older brother.” She says smiling at everyone.
“Payton, he isn’t just their brother… he is actually my Beloved… I found my Mate Payton.” I tell her nervously
“OH MY GOODNESS!!! Are you serious Faith? This is amazing! I am so happy for you! You deserve the world sweetheart!” she says giving me a massive cuddle and also Lucifer.
“Come on in and get settled! Your room hasn’t changed, have you had any sleep? Do you want to take a nap before you get bombarded by the others?” she asked
“She had a 3-and-a-half-hour nap in the car, she should be fine otherwise people will think she is doing the dirty during the day Luna Payton! She makes terrible noises in her sleep.” Luca Practically yells from the car, I feel my cheeks heat up and Payton just brushes his comment off, while Lucifer lets out an irritated growl towards his brother.

As we walk inside, I find My Vampire trainer waiting for me along with Maxwell who looks like he is going to cry.
“Princess! Your home! I missed you!” They both said coming up and hugging me tight
“I missed you both as well! Hope you too didn’t slack off while I was away.” I ask giving them a wink.
“Never Princess, just been waiting for someone who is worthy of our time to train with!” They say
“Well I am back, but I don’t know how long for as I… well I found my mate… well beloved” I say turning towards Lucifer, “Lucifer is my beloved mate.” They both stand there with their jaws hung open I can’t help but laugh.
“Please tell me nothing has actually happened you? You know like…” I cut Maxwell off “Easy old man that’s way to private and not appropriate for your ears!” I say laughing at him
They both walk up to Lucifer “We will tell you once and once only… If you ever hurt our Princess or do her wrong in anyway, you will have us to deal with understood.” They say looking super serious.
“I promise you that if I ever hurt her or do her wrong, I will personally find the both of you and take my punishment like a man.” He responded honestly, I couldn’t hep but smile. They both turn to me and say, “We wish you all the best Faith, but please give us a few training sessions first, we need to make sure you can still handle it.” They says cheekily.
“Fair deal!” I say and make my way over to the kitchen where Charlotte is fixing herself some food. “Did you miss me Charlotte? I am back!” I say giving her a hug.
“OH, Faith I am so happy to see you! It was getting a little boring here without you!” she said hugging me back smiling happily.
“Want me to fix you up some food?” she asked “Yes please! I need to go up starts and freshen up, but I will be back soon! I have someone I need you to meet!” I say running up to my room completely leaving the boys to fend for themselves.

I freshen up in my room and head back out to the kitchen where Elliot and Drake are also waiting to see me, I run up and give them both a big hug and tell them how much I missed them, I inform them on everything about Lucifer and I as well as Drake might be able to help me with answers on my mark, he was intrigued and took a photo to go and do some research in hopes of finding something out.
As they both head out my brother walks in and I couldn’t help but tear up! I missed him the most.
“Hello Brother! I missed you!” I say hugging him so tight.
“Hello Sister! I missed you a lot too!” he said hugging me back
“ Payton just told me about Lucifer.” He says
“It is true I was granted a chance to have my happiness! Lucifer is my mate, my beloved.” I respond
“I am so happy for you Faith! I am glad it was to a man like him.” He says hugging me extra tightly. “I guess you will be leaving us again soon.”
“I think so, we haven’t spoken about it completely yet, but I feel it is the right thing to do. I just needed to see everyone and talk to you about it.” I say
“Your Happiness is all I want Faith, if making a life for yourself with Lucifer is your will and happiness there isn’t anything to talk about, I support you 100%” he said proudly
“Thank you Serion, this means the world to me! Hey, let’s find out what babies your having!” he smiles, and we head into the room set up for Payton and the doctors as she wanted to have them at home.
“oh, good your both here! Faith Hunni, I set Lucifer and Luca up near you so they will be in those rooms they asked to let you know that they will be resting in there until diner.” Payton tell me
“Oh sweet I will go check on them after this, Okay Doc what’s the verdict? BOYS? GIRLS? Both?” I ask the doctor eagerly.
“Let’s see here, Baby Number 1 is a…… BOY and baby Number 2 is a……. GIRL! Congratulations Alpha and Luna, you will be having one of each and a little over a month!” the doctor tells us
“YES!! I KNEW IT!! I GET A NEPHEW AND A NIECE!!” I yell at the top of my lungs, too bad if they wanted to keep it a secret because I am pretty sure the entire pack just heard me.
“Thank you faith, you granted me the chance to raise both.” Payton says with tears in her eyes
“Oh stop thanking me Payton, you deserve this both of you do! I can’t wait to meet them! I am going to order you so much more stuff! I will be the best Aunty ever! I will leave you both to process this.” I say hugging them both again and running out to find Lucifer and Luca to tell them the news.

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