The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 30

I run up to the rooms Payton had given them and forget to even knock and just burst in to the first door which happened to be Lucifer’s room, he must have just gotten out of the shower as he was standing in the door way of the bathroom wearing only a towel around his waist, hair dripping wet looking ravishing as ever, I froze standing there eyeing him head to toe, suddenly the vision of my dream comes into mind which sends an unusual feeling through my body, which turns to the pain I had been feeling when I wasn’t around him, he noticed and rushed over to me.
“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” he asked
“I’m fine, sorry I should have knocked!” I say slightly embarrassed
“Here sit down, I will go and get dressed we have to talk about some things.” I just nod as he walks over to the bathroom to get dressed into his clothes.
“Faith, I think I need to explain some things to you.” He says sitting beside me.
“I take it, your taking about what Luca said on the way here.”
“Yes, you see, Vampire’s are very rarely mated to someone who isn’t already a full Vampire. When we are mated to a human or another species they tend to get these agonizing pains when your not with you mate/ beloved but they get worse the longer you leave the mating process, because we marked each other, yours has started, which means this will happen regularly until we complete the full process of becoming one with each other.” He tells me
“oh, well that explains the pain I guess… what about the dreams?” I ask completely not prepared for the reply.
“What dreams?” he asked curiously
“Oh, um… well… I can’t stop dreaming about us… You…” I respond awkwardly
“What type of dreams? This is serious if they are what I think they are.” He asked
“Well, they are very detailed, Sexual dreams which might I add, I have never willingly had so I have no idea what I am actually dreaming about!” I realise what I just said after I said it.
“Faith, what do you mean by willingly!” I see his eyes change colour. Luca rushes in like he has something to ask but looks at us sitting there intensely, I go to stand up, but Lucifer grabs my arm to make me stay seated.
“What is it Luca?” He asked with annoyance.
“Oh, I was just going to see if you guys wanted to hang out, I am really bored having no PS4 to play and all.” He says smiling at me.
“Oh we have to go and get some I promised I would buy one when I got home!” I say trying to get out of this conversation Lucifer wants to have.
“NO! you need to tell me what you meant!” Lucifer says with anger, Luca looks worried and looks at me with a question.
“Its nothing Lucifer.” I say
“I will decide if it is nothing.” He says demandingly
I look at him with a hurt look at the way he is talking to me, “I will tell you when your in a clear mind set.” I say getting up to leave.
he grabs me “You will tell me what I want to know now Faith, this isn’t the time for games.” I snap.
“YOU WANT TO KNOW! YOU WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING? FINE HERE TAKE MY MEMORIES! HAVE THEM ALL! MY FEELINGS MY PAIN EVERYTHING!” I yell gripping his arms so tight flooding his vision with every memory I have, once I let him go, he stands there shocked, angry, hurt, pity is all over his emotions, I run out of the room so fast! I make my way to Payton’s garden I sit there and cry, something I haven’t done in a long time, he made me feel bad for something I had no control of, I hated it.

Luca makes his way over to me and sits beside me “I’m sorry he spoke to you that way Faith, he can be very pig headed when he wants to be, but he would never purposely cause you any harm I promise you! He cares about you a lot I can see it!” he says giving me a hug.
“You have nothing to be sorry for Luca this is my fault and my issues, I have to deal with.” I say wiping away the tears.
“He is looking for you.” He says
“Yet you found me.” I says giving him an evil grin.
“That’s because I have spent more time with you, I know where you go when you need time. He doesn’t.” he says giving me a wink.
“So, PS4 shopping it is then?” I asked
“If that is what you want then we will do it!” he said happily.
“Great! Then I might face your brother again.” I say getting up to head out the back way, we sneak out the back to get into the car to head down to the mall so we can buy our gaming consoles, we get there and I buy two because I couldn’t not get one for Lucifer after I seen him enjoy playing and Luca buys one. I make a quick stop at this cute baby store on the way out and grab a couple of cute outfits I seen, and we make our way back home, Luca had a few phone calls form Lucifer which I made him ignore as I told him I would deal with him when we got home.
“So I take it Serion and Payton are having on of each then?” Luca asked
“Oh my god! Yes, that was originally what I went to tell your brother before I got distracted with him being practically naked and all, but yes I am going to have a niece and a nephew!” I say excitedly to Luca he smiles at me
“I love how you get so excited over the littlest things! Your going to make a great person to buy gifts for!” Luca says as we pull into the drive way, just as we get out Lucifer comes out the door standing there with his arms crossed looking like we did something so wrong…

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