The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 31

I stand in front of Luca to break the tense vibe coming off them as Luca looks like he is a deer stuck in the light, being caught out.
“Thank you for making me feel better Luca, go set up yours I won’t be too long.” I say staring Lucifer in the eyes, while Luca makes a run for it in side.
“Here.” I say handing him a bag with his new PS4 “I didn’t want you missing out on the fun.” I say
He changed his look and gave me a smile when he took the bag “We need to talk Faith, please I owe you an apology!” He says pleading with me to listen to him.
“Fine, we can talk while we set up! Come on.” I say heading in side, he grunts but follows me up to my room.
I sit down on my bed and he follows after shutting my door.
“Faith, please forgive me. I had no idea what you went through, I wish I could take away all that pain you hold deep inside you, I’m sorry I pushed you to tell me everything, I honestly didn’t expect all of that!” He tells me
I look him in the eyes “I should have told you everything from the start, I just didn’t want to risk the chance at having my happiness taken away from me, because of my past.” I tell him honestly.
“None of that was your fault Faith! I would never have rejected you for any of it!” He pleads, I smile at his honesty. “I will tell you this, if I find out who those people were, I will kill them! That is my promise to you.” He says.
“I will allow you to do that Lucifer, if I don’t find them before you do.” I say giving him an evil grin.
He gives me a devilish smirk. “How about we compromise, we do it together regardless.”
“I like your way of thinking! It’s a deal!” I say proudly.
“God, that devilish side you have really turns me on Faith.” He says trying to hide the lust in his eyes. Unsure what I am to say to that I just give him an innocent smile, which suddenly I get this unknown erg to kiss him. He wraps his arms around my waist so tight and kisses me back with so much passion and need I could melt at his touch, our moment was cut short as Luca barged in my room not even looking as he was saying goodbye to Charlotte oh his way in.
“Hey Faith, you set up.....” He stops realising he just walked in on a moment, as we break away and look at him. “Shit, sorry guys didn’t mean to ruin the moment.” He said quickly turning and walking out of my room. Lucifer and I both look at each other, I couldn’t help but laugh.
“I guess we should set these up then, don’t want to keep Luca waiting much longer.” I say trying to hide my blushing cheeks.
“Yeah, I guess we should, just one question. Why did you barge into my room earlier?” he asked
“Well, I just found out that I will have a Nephew and a Niece, and I was so excited to tell you and Luca I just ran into the first room!” I tell him honestly.
“Oh, that’s great news! You will definitely make a great Aunty, they will love you more then Serion and Payton!” he says laughing
“Yeah, I reckon your right.” I say laughing.

We start setting up my PS4 and as we was doing that, I had this crazy idea, that I just couldn’t stop myself from asking.
“Did you want to... You no... Stay in my room? I mean we are I guess boyfriend girlfriend now?” I add not wanting to sound too weird.
He looks at me shocked, but changes his expression to a soft smile, “I would love that Faith, but it is completely up to you!” he said
“Well then, I would like it if you did.” I say giving him a smile.
“Very well, I will move my stuff into your room later.” he said with a grin on his face.
“Was you waiting for me to ask all this time?” I asked
he smiles “Yeah I actually was to be honest; I hate not being with you, and apparently so does your body, maybe then you will get a good night’s sleep.” he says.
“Yeah, well don’t get any ideas!” I say with a smirk.
“Wouldn’t dream of it babe.” he responds finishing the set up so I could play.
“Now that mine is set up we need to set yours up! how about you set yours up here?” I ask while I clear off the desk. “I can go and get the TV out of your room?”
“I will go and get it.” he says leaving the room.
As soon as he has left Luca appeared back in my room.
“Sorry about before Faith, I should have knocked.”
“Don’t stress Luca its fine!” I say
“Are you both okay now?” he asked
“Yeah, he actually going to move into my room, while we are here.” I say with a smile. “and before you ask no that won’t be happening!” he laughed at me
“It will happen soon you know. I also want to be all excited to be an uncle soon! so I need you to take that leap at some point. Vampires can only have children if they are with their beloved.” he said with a slight sad tone.
“Luca, one day you will make a great Uncle! you will make an even better dad too!” I say giving him a sympathetic smile.
“Yeah one day I guess.” he says
“Go put your head set on and ask the boys to play, Lucifer will be back in a minute and we can have a few sessions of Call of Duty.” I say smiling cheerfully at him.
“You got it Boss!” was all he said walking out of my room.

Lucifer ended up setting himself up in my room and jumping on and having a few games with us, it was so much fun, Jayson, Liam and Emmerson were filling me in on what the training was like today and telling me how much they missed me, Lucifer seemed a little jealous at first but he loosened up eventually. I called it a night at about 10pm as I was exhausted so I put on a movie and decided to go to bed, Lucifer went to chat with Serion for a bit, so I ended up slowly drifting off to sleep, it was all well and good until the pain took over my body...

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