The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 32

The pain I wake to is the worst I have ever felt! It is like a constant stabbing pain going through my entre body at full speed with no break. The burn that comes with it feels like my insides are roasting inside me slowly! I try and be strong as I feel myself sweating like I have been running flat out for days, I am cold, so cold that I felt like I and going to freeze into a popsicle. With everything happening at once I couldn’t help but scream my pain out at the top of my lungs as tears fell down my face as I curl into a ball and hold myself tight. I feel helpless, just like I did all those years ago, visions I had kept locked away are flooding back hitting me with full force in my weakened state, I can’t block them, I can only endure them.

I hear my door swing open, but I am too weak to move to see who it is, while I am Screaming in pain and crying my eyes out I vaguely hear Luca yell beside me.
“Faith? Can you hear me? It’s Luca! Your okay! Your not alone!” he says unsure what is wrong or how to help me.
Lucifer and Serion came running into my room.
“What happened?” they both ask
“I don’t know I heard her screaming, so I came running straight in and found her like this.”
I notice someone trying to touch me which makes me scream even more.
“No! Please stop!” I cry visioning the past like it was the present.
“Lucifer, I think it is the delay of the mating process! She’s a Tribrid, it must be faster and worse for her!” I hear Luca say to Lucifer.
“What do you mean?” Serion asked confused.
“Vampire’s that have beloveds that are not completely vampire they experience severe pain etc until they complete the bond! It get worse when they mating process isn’t complete. They are marked but that is all.” Luca explained, Serion didn’t say anything but come and sit next to me as I scream again in pain.
“I haven’t ever seen her this bad! Do something to help her Lucifer?” Serion asked
“What do you mean by haven’t seen her this bad?” Lucifer asked
“When I found her, she used to have severe nightmares every night, every time Payton and I would touch her she would think we were hurting her or going to as she was still asleep. She would beg us to stop.” He explained getting tears in his eyes.
“The pain and burning must have activated her memories while she was asleep.” Luca said looking worried. I felt him touch my forehead. “She’s burning Lucifer you need to get her in the shower now to cool her down!”
As soon as Luca said that Lucifer picked me up and rushed me to the shower and laid me in the bath with the water running on me, I started to wake up completely but the pain and burning never stopped, the memories did.
“Faith, it’s me Lucifer, your going to be okay, we just need to cool you down.” He says trying to calm me down.
“I’m so cold, Lucifer.” I whisper shivering, he feels my head then walks over and grabs a towel, then turns the shower off. He picks me up and undresses me so I am in my undies and bra he wraps the towel around me then carries me out to the room, Serion hands him of a shirt, which was one of Lucifers, as he put his shirt on me he undid my bra so I could take it off as it was now wet he handed me some of my booty short as he put the blanket over me to change out of my wet undies. Having his touch on me slowly took some of the pain and burning away but not completely. I noticed them all huddle up near my door, talking quietly about me but I was took weak to try and focus my hearing completely, eventually they left the room and Lucifer came and got into bed with me, he took his shirt off so he just had his track pants on pulled me in close to him, he brushed my hair with his hand, and we laid there quietly the pain was getting less and less which was bearable so I could fall back a sleep, he must have noticed because right before I drifted back off he said, “I never want to push you into anything princess, but I don’t know how many more time I can see you like this.” He kissed my forehead ever so softly “Sleep tight my little love.” Was the last thing I heard as I went into a deep sleep.

I wake up around 9am feeling fresh as ever with little to no memory of last night events, I notice Lucifer has me wrapped in his arms so tight like he is afraid I would run away, I couldn’t hold back my little giggle which woke him up with a smile on his face.
“Morning Princess, how you feeling?” he asked rolling over, so we are now face to face.
I smile at him “I feel nice and refreshed.” He looks at me worried
“Do you remember anything from last night?” he asked
“No not really, I remember watching a movie before falling asleep that is it?” I say looking down at my top I didn’t recall I was wearing. “Did you change me while I was sleeping?” I asked worried as to why, and if he saw all my scars.
“I had to Faith, you was a complete mess last night, Serion and Luca were here worried about you. You were screaming and crying from the pain and burning you must have been experiencing along with a nightmare from your past as you were still slightly asleep. You started burning up really bad, so I had to put you in the showing in your clothes, I put the top over you, and you changed your pants after it.” He explained, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed that I couldn’t remember.
“Why can’t I remember this?” I ask curious
“I don’t really know, I know some people that experience serve pain can often forget about it if they suffer it a while to long, they pass out from it and never remember, I think you might have had the same thing.” He says brushing my hair out of my face
“I’m sorry for putting you through that.” I say
“You don’t need to be sorry, you can’t control this, as it is caused by the bond we have, until we complete the process, this could be a regular thing, but I will be with you all the way through each one until you are ready, I promise.” He say hugging me tightly.

We eventually get out of bed and go down stair to see everyone is sitting around the dining table eating their breakfast.
“Morning everyone!” I say
“Morning!” the all respond
“How are you feeling today?” Serion asked with a concerned look.
“I’m fine, I don’t remember the whole incident, Lucifer had to fill me in on what happened. I’m so sorry for worrying you all.” I say
“Don’t be ridiculous Faith! You couldn’t control what is happened. As long as you are alright is my only concern.” He says reassuring me.
“Faith, I was hoping you would like to come shopping with me today, have some girl time.” Payton asked.
“Yes! I would love that!” I say excitedly.
“Great finish breakfast and we will head off.” She said eagerly
With that I finish breakfast and went and got dressed ready to head out as Lucifer and Luca had organised something with Serion for the day.

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