The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 33

Payton and I made or way to the mall, we made our way around a couple of baby stores and brought lots of cute clothes, once we finished shopping for the babies we put all the bags in the car, when I thought we was going to get in and leave she said, “What are you doing? We haven’t even shopped for ourselves yet?” Confused is written all over my face.
“I thought we was just baby shopping.”
“No silly! This is our girls day, we are now going to pamper ourselves and buy some new clothes, especially me nothing fits me anymore.” She said with a slight sad smile.
“Hey! You have a reason! Don’t feel ashamed! Okay lets go get some things.” I say grabbing Payton’s arm not wanting her to get all emotional on me over clothes not fitting.
We make our way to a few different store that I like: Valley Girl, Cotton On, Ally, Forever New, Bonds. I think I just brought myself an entirely new wardrobe.
“Faith, you better hope Lucifer has a massive wardrobe for you otherwise you wont be able to fit all these clothes anywhere.” Payton jokes seeing all my bags.
“Honestly I wouldn’t really know we haven’t really spoken about what is next.” I say nervously.
“Come lets have a chat!” she says making me sit down.
“How are you really feeling about all of this?” she asked
“I’m so over whelmed I have no idea where to start! I am happy I have him, I am so attracted to him, I want him in so many ways Payton, I just don’t know where to start or how to start. I have no pain when I am with him as soon as he is gone, I feel like death is coming to take me. I don’t know if my body is telling me I am ready for the next step or if its just wanting the pain to end.” I say honestly
“ I really want to help you Faith, maybe you both need some time together alone, no interruptions just the two of you.” She suggests.
I think about it “Like a weekend away?” I asked thinking more about it.
“Exactly! It will give the both of you a chance to see how things will be, you will work out about how you truly feel for him and make your decisions.” She adds
“Where would we go? Like the lake house we have?” I asked
“If you want the lake house for the weekend, I will make sure it happens!” she says smiling at me “That would be great Payton! Maybe we could go up tonight its Friday after all.” I asked
“Already on it! The boys are heading up to clean up and make sure you both have enough supplies.” She says giving me a wink. “Now before we leave, we have one more shop we need to check out.” She says pulling me towards Victoria Secret.
“Really Payton?” I says standing there slightly embarrassed.
“I am serious these things help us with our confidence, the compliments you get when your mate see you in this you will wish you had everything in this shop! Trust me.” She says handing me a matching pair of a red bra and lacey red G- string.
“I don’t know Payton there is like nothing to hold my butt in?” I say staring at the G-string
“That is the whole point, they cover the important parts and flaunt the rest.” She says winking at me. “Now you need some bed wear.” She says grabbing me a heap of sexy looking nighties.
“Anyone would think you already know my answers Payton.” I say
“That’s because I can see it, you just don’t know what to feel because you have never had it, this weekend will help you and if the time comes, you will be ready. You don’t need to be afraid anymore Faith, he won’t hurt you.” She reassures me with a soft motherly smile.
“Thank you for everything Payton! I appreciate everything you do for me!” I say hugging her tightly.
“You are most welcome! Now lets go and buy theses and head back to pack your bags.” She said pulling me towards the checkout.
“Hold up, I want these too.” I say grabbing a white bikini off the rack and a sexy pair of Black and red lacey Underwear and Bra set, Payton just smiles at my choice with approval.
We head home after a long day of shopping, when we arrive Luca, Lucifer and Serion had just pulled up as well.
“Damn, Payton did you leave anything for the store to sell?” Serion asked shocked looking at all the bags in the car.
“Actually Serion most of these are mine.” I say scratching the back of my neck “I may have gotten carried away.” He looks at me with a little sigh of relief that it wasn’t all Payton’s.
“Well, I stand corrected.” He says coming over and hugging Payton.
“Well it’s a good thing Lucifer did some renovations in the room use have at home, you should be able to actually hang all that up.” Luca says grinning ear to ear.
“That is true, but them main thing is did you have fun.” Lucifer asked coming over and grabbing some of the bags out smiling at me.
“I sure did!” I say while Luca and Serion then followed with the rest and we all made our way inside.

Payton and I sorted all the bags that were hers and the babies and placed them all away, we then made our way up to my room with all of mine and went through them all and started packing my bag for the weekend. Payton made sure my new night wear came with me and the new bra and undie sets, I made sure my new bikini was in there in case I wanted to take a swim in the lake. Once we finished, we made our way down to the front door the load up the car, even though it is only like a 30 minute drive away it will still be a great weekend away for me to see were things actually are.
Lucifer and I make our way to the lake house which, was honestly a really quite drive there, it was like he didn’t know what to say.
“Did you not want to come to the lake house?” I asked thinking maybe that is why.
“Oh, I thought It was a great idea, I am just a little confused as to why you all of a sudden wanted it.” He said honestly.
“Payton actually gave me the idea, I think it will help me work out my true feelings for you, because lately I don’t know if what I have been feeling is because my body id ready for us to take that next step or the fact it just wants the pain I go through when your not around to end.” I respond.
“Well, I think it is a great idea then, because you should have much pain while I am with you the whole time.” He said changing his confused expression to a happy one.
“Exactly.” I say smiling at him as we pull up at the lake house.

We head into the house and I am slightly excited as I see that it has been slightly decorated,
“Did you do this?” I asked Lucifer showing full gratitude.
“Well, I wanted it to be a special memory for you.” Lucifer responds.
I smile at him and continue walking through the house, Lucifer takes my bags up to our room while I head to the kitchen to start diner, the fridge/freezer and cupboards are fully stocked to I decided to make my delicious Stir fry, as well as pouring myself a glass of Vodka mixed with raspberry.

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