The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 34

“Lucifer? Would you like a drink?” I yell out to him as he hasn’t come back down yet.
“That would be great!” he yells back while making his way to the kitchen, because he failed to tell me what I just made him the same thing I have.
“mmm, something smell delicious!” Lucifer says walking in.
“It’s my favourite!” I say finishing it up, I dish us both a bowl and make our way over to the table with our dinks and food.
“This is delicious Faith! Even for a vampire!” Lucifer says grinning at me, I laugh.
“I’m glad you like it!” I say eating mine.
Once we finished eating, we both washed and cleaned the kitchen, Lucifer went and put a movie on in the loungeroom, so we could relax more.

As we were sitting down comfortably watching a movie together, I got that unknown erg to kiss him again so listening to my body and feelings I just go for it, I jump on his lap so I am facing him and we are staring into each other’s eyes I see the instant lust surface in his eyes so I smash my lips onto his, he responds almost instantly and we are in a heavily heated make out session. After almost running out of air we pull away so I can catch my breath, in that moment he runs his lips over my mark which sends sparks of instant pleasure down to my core, I want more, I need more, I need him in everyway possible. I decide to put Payton’s theory of a sexy see through robe with my new red lacey bra and G-sting set into play.
“I… um… I need to… use the bathroom.” I say to Lucifer while he is kissing my neck, I honestly didn’t want him to stop but If tonight is the night, I want to feel special in everyway also. He regrettably lets me goas I can see it in his eyes he doesn’t want me to, and I run up to our room and find my outfit to put on.

I feel completely exposed in this you can see all my scars, but I do look good in these I think to myself as I look in the mirror, I hear Lucifer come into the room.
“Faith I am sorry if I went to far, are you okay?” I hear him ask through the door.
Instead of answering I just undo the door and stand there looking at him for his approval, his mouth hangs low as his eyes roam over my body showing pure lust in his eyes as he tries to contain himself near the bed.
I walk over to him and grab his hand and look into his eyes “I want you Lucifer, all of you.” As soon as I said those words, he grabs me by my waist and pulls me into him, he kisses me with so much desperation and need I feel myself core getting moist as ever.
He pulls me onto the bed, so he is on top having full control, his hands are roaming wildly all over my body while he is kissing me, I run my hands over his chest and pull at the hem of his shirt so I can take it off him, which he accepts.
He starts kissing down my jaw line along my neck making all sorts of tingles run through me, he makes his way to my boobs and unclips my bra he latches onto the nipple sucking, licking, bitting each one making me moan out with the pleasurable feeling he is giving, he runs kisses over all my scars on his way down to my core.
He starts kissing my thighs and rubbing lightly along my undies, the need I feel right now for his touch in killing me as I arch my body into his touch, I feel him smirk while kissing my thighs he run his fingers under the small waist band of the G-string and slides them off so he has full access.
He lightly glides his fingers along my clit and slowly inserts his finger while his mouth attaches on to my clit, I moan out at the suddenness of his finger being inside me and his mouth being on my clit, he starts sucking, licking and biting all while moving his finger in and out as he gets into a rhythm he inserts another finger slowly stretching me more, it hurts at first but I relax as he continues to send this bubbling feeling I have threatening to burst as I arch my body with his movement. “Lucifer” I say feeling myself needing to release this feeling. I feel him smirk “Come for me Faith, let me taste you.” He says pumping his fingers in and out of me faster while continuing to suck on my clit, I can’t hold it much longer, suddenly I feel a gush of release pour between legs as the feeling of pure pleasure runs through my body.
Lucifer removes his fingers and looks me in the eyes as he licks his fingers clean of all my juices, that just turns me on completely again I pull him up on top of me and start kissing him again, I grab at his pants and undo his zip and start to pull his pants off with his help, I roll him so I am now on top of him, kissing his neck along my mark down to his bulging think long penis, I remove his underwear and watch as his dick pops out standing strong. I grab him and start running my hand up and down in slow but firm motion he lets out a low moan of pleasure, I wrap my mouth around his dick and start sucking at the same time as stroking him, I start getting faster and faster and soon enough he is moaning my name “Oh god, Faith.” In seconds after moaning my name he shoots his load in my mouth down my throat, the taste of his cum sends me wild as I lick his dick clean.
That seemed to have made his dick stand strong again as he pulls me up and starts making out with me again while he gets on top of me and fixes himself so that his throbbing dick is at the entrance to my core.
“Are you sure your ready babe?” Lucifer asked me.
“Yes! I need you Lucifer please!” I beg, he smirks at my begging and slowly starts to slide his dick into me, he stayed there still for a moment letting my core stretch to cater for his thickness, once I started to grind against him he started moving in and out slowly making sure I adjust, once he is satisfied he starts getting faster making me moan out in full pleasure at the feeling I have with his dick inside me hitting all the right spots, after a while I feel that bubbling feeling wanting to burst again and I notice Lucifer is almost there as well, “Oh my god, Lucifer I’m going to come, harder please.” I beg at the immense pleasure I have as he gets faster and harder in me. “Come with me Faith” he says sinking his fangs into my mark which sends me over the edge with pleasure that I merge my wolf and vamp and sink my fangs into his mark as release that bubbling sensation I had. Lucifer thrusts into me releasing his load with full force as I send immense pleasure through him with his mark.
Once we have both finished and have caught our breath we remove our fangs from each other and lay there side by side taking in the huge feeling of completeness we now share as we are now completely one with on another. After about 20 minutes of laying beside each other Lucifer notices I am starting to fall asleep so he gets up to go to the bathroom and comes back with a warm face washers and cleans me up along with himself before bringing me into his chest and placing the sheet over us, as I drift off to sleep I let out my feelings “I love you Lucifer” before I can hear his response I am out of it.

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