The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 35

I attempt to roll over in bed, but find I am confined, as Lucifer has me tightly wrapped up in his arms so I am unable to move. I smile at the thought of the events last night, we became one with each other, we are officially mated, my body is a little tender but 10x better than the pain a had been experiencing. Lucifer must have felt me try and move as he squeezes me tightly “can we stay like this a little longer please.” He mumbles.
I smile and shuffle into him more. “I think I can handle that.” I respond.
I feel him smirk “Oh, I know you can handle it.”
Thank god I am not facing him as I think I just went bright red with embarrassment.
“How are you feeling this morning?” he asked me
“A little tender but nothing I can’t handle.” I respond, he rolls me to face him.
“Are you sure?” he asked looking into my eyes.
Instead of answering him I crawl up so I am laying on his chest straddling him, he looks at me confused for a moment but as soon as I smash my lips on to his, he responds instantly returning the passionate soft kiss, I smile as I start to pull away. “Does that answer your question.”
He smirks at me “No, I don’t think I caught it, care to try again?”
Even though I knew he said that on purpose I complied and started kissing him again, things started to heat up really quickly as I we were both already naked and sparks were constantly ridding through my body to my core making me drip with wetness, as his hands roam over my body I couldn’t help but grind my body against his, in seconds I can feel his hardness threatening my entrance.
“If you don’t stop grinding on me, we will end up like last night but this time I wont be so gentle.” Lucifer says full of lust, trying to warn me of my actions.
I kiss my way up his neck towards his ear and whisper, “What if that is my plan?” as soon as those words left my mouth he flips us over so he is now on top.
“I warned you princess.” He says smirking at me, I smirk back as he lines his massive hardness up with my core at first, he slowly inserts, to make sure I am okay as soon as he realises I am fine he goes for it.
Pounding into me like no tomorrow, hitting that spot every time is sending me close to the edge, he places my legs on his shoulders and pounds away some more as the moans of pleasure escape my mouth, I can barely hold it in. “You can’t come yet Faith.” He moans at me as I clench my thighs trying to stop myself.
He pulls out and spins me around so I’m facing the bed head, he positions me for doggy style and starts pounding into me hard and fast the feeling was sending me to the point of no control, he grabs my hair and pulls back not to hard but enough so that he could whisper in my ear “Cum for me baby.” Before he bit down on my mark sending full on sparks everywhere though me making me explode and cum all over his dick, as soon as he felt me clenching, I felt him release his warm sicky cum inside me as well.
He pulls out after catching his breath and lays down beside me, pulling me into his side, before I could say anything he says “I love you too Faith!”
He loves me I think to myself unable to control my smile on my face, after a few moments of laying there cuddling each other Lucifer gets up to head to the bathroom, I hear him turn the shower on, which he then comes back out to the room and carries me into the shower with him, he starts washing my hair and leathering me in body wash, once he finishes washing the soap out of my hair and body, I return the favour and wash him.
As I start washing all the soap off him I couldn’t help myself but start rubbing his long thick cock, coaching it to its full glory, Lucifer pushes me up against the wall in the shower and starts kissing me, I wrap my arms around his neck which he then picks me up and places his cock at my entrance and pounds me on to it, making us both cum a second time.
After the intense shower we were getting dressed and I decided I might as well just wear my new White bikini since we would be heading into the lake anyway, apparently Lucifer agreed with my choice of clothing as he couldn’t take his eyes off me the entire time, we grabbed some much needed food, and went and spent some time in the lake and just like the shower one thing led to another and we were fucking again. The rest of the day went by the same way really, as for some reason it felt like I was on heat for 24 hours and couldn’t get enough of having Lucifer pound his thick goodness inside me! I was so exhausted by the time we ended up in bed I passed out almost instantly, which was probably a good thing considering we were leaving the Lake house early tomorrow morning, as I need to chat with Serion and Payton about moving into the kingdom with Lucifer and his brothers, I feel like it’s the best decision now that Lucifer and I are mated, they are about to become real parents, they shouldn’t be worrying about me while raising my nephew and niece, Lucifer was also extremely happy I agreed to move in straight away as he is needed back at the kingdom but refused to leave me behind.
He assured me that I would be welcomed by all his people, as they were all excited to hear about my accomplishments, which made me relax about the whole situation more, the only issue I feel I would face there is having that witch there after knowing about them.

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