The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 36

We make our way home at about 9am after another round of spectacular sex, we make a pit stop at a little diner to grab some food before we make it home.
“What would you like to eat babe?” Lucifer asked
“Hmm, I will have some eggs and bacon on toast with a caramel latte” I say excitedly “Oh with lots of Tomato sauce!” I add, he laughs at me
“You are especially unique my love!” he says winking at me, while he goes to get our order when he comes back, he hands me my plate of food and coffee.
“For you my lovely lady.” He says winking at me.
“I’d stop winking at me like that if I was you! Unless you want me to jump you right here right now!” I say with complete seriousness, anyone would think I am a sex fanatic the way we have been going, I honestly feel like I’m on some sort of heat!
“I wouldn’t temp me with a good time there baby girl, I might take you up on that offer.” He says smirking at me full of lust.
I smirk back at him wanting to proceed, but also don’t want the rest of the people in this diner to witness so I decide to stuff my face with my food instead, when we finish the meal we jumped in the car and headed back.
We pull into the driveway of the castle and Luca was waiting out the front with this devilish look on his face, so as I get out of the car I ask “What’s that look for?”
“Oh, nothing at all just curious as to how your little weekend went, that’s all” he says
“It went great.” I say smiling at him, as Lucifer comes around and wraps his arm around me he adds “It was fantastic Luca, you would really love it up there.”
“Oh, I bet I would have.” He says smirking and turning away at the same time.
“Jealous little brother?” Lucifer asked with a look on his face that I couldn’t tell what it meant.
Luca looks at him but doesn’t answer, which confused me even more and he walks inside and vanished when I made my way in.
I look at Lucifer “What was that about?” I asked
“I’m not sure babe I will go and find out, you go chat with Serion and Payton I will come and find you soon.” He says kissing my forehead, before heading off.
I walk around the place until I find that the only place I haven’t looked for them was actually their bedroom and after last time I really don’t want to go in there so I decide I will make my way towards my room and play some Call of Duty for a while with the boys, who I happened to tell all about my weekend like they were my girl friends who actually want to know, which honestly Emmerson was super excited about so I guess they kind of are my type of ‘girl friends’ after about 2 hours I finish up the game with the boys and head back out to find Serion and Payton surely they are finished now. I was walking down towards the kitchen and just the person I was looking for almost bumped into me with her now swollen stomach.
“Payton! Just the person I have been looking for!” I say happy to see her.
“Faith! How was your weekend away! I didn’t think you would be here until later tonight!” she says happily.
“Oh, Payton I have so much I need to tell you!” I watch her eyes light up and she drags me into the kitchen where no one else was “Now, tell me everything! I want details!” she says excitedly like she knew what was going to be said.
I tell her everything, in full detail. Every time, where it was, you name it she got the full story which surprisingly she was completely thrilled about.
“There is one more thing I need to tell you about.” I say becoming serious.
“What is it sweets?” she asked urging me to continue.
“Well, I have decided it would be best if I moved into the kingdom with Lucifer and his brothers, now that we have officially mated I think it’s for the best, but I want you both to know that I will always be a phone call away, you haven’t nor will you ever completely lose me I will always be here for both of you as well as my nephew and niece.” I say
“Faith sweetie we will support you in any decision you wish to make, whenever you wish for it to happen, I think this would be a great thing for you, its your turn to have a beautiful life, don’t even stress about us.” Payton says reassuring me.
“I just don’t want you both having extra stress with me, when you both will have your hands full with these two!” I say feeling her stomach as the twins kicked her.
“You knew that was going to happen didn’t you.” Payton said with a smile on her face.
“I did.” I say smiling at her
“You know we are both going to miss you, actually everyone will miss you.” She says
“I know, but I will always come and visit.” I say
“What else is troubling you Faith, I can sense it.” She asked me curiously
“Well, there is one thing that I think I will have trouble with when I get there.” I say trying to work out how to say it.
“What is that exactly?” she asked
“There is this witch that, used Lucifer… she made him a deal to fix his brothers rage but the cost for that would be he would have to see to her needs if you know what I mean, when he turned her down after finding out that he might have a mate/beloved she removed the spell she had on Luca, which turned him to turn on me… she still resides in the kingdom… which means I have to face her which could go a few ways.” I admit.
“I know you will make the best decisions Faith, but if she purposely tries to hurt or harm your relationship that is when you do you okay?” she tells me honestly, which I agree with it made more sense in my head with her advice.
“Thank you Payton, I really need that!” I say gracefully, Serion comes in and we discuss everything with him about me moving and he was happy to agree with it, I left them to chat as I wanted to find Lucifer and tell him the good news however, I had no Idea where they went off too.

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