The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 37

I decided to check out the place where Luca and I fought, to me it seems like the only other place they could be, as I make my way there I hear yelling which completely confirms that they are here.
“YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CARES FOR HER LUCIFER! I’M IN LOVE WITH HER TO!” I hear Luca shout, instantly I am confused as to who he was talking about until
“BROTHER, YOU CAN CARE FOR HER, YOU CAN LOVE HER, BUT SHE IS MY BELOVED, WHICH MEANS SHE IS MINE.” Lucifer yells back, which concluded who he was talking about.
“HOW CAN I DO ALL THAT WHEN I HAVE THIS UNKNOWN FEELING! I WANT HER IN EVERYWAY! I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS THAT IS MAKING ME FEEL THIS, BUT I CANT CONTROL THESE URGES” Luca yells back at him, which got me thinking, he had never had that intent with me before Lucifer and I completed the mating process. We were I guess you could say to much like brother and sister straight up for anything like this to be thought of, someone has to have a spell on him.
As I am running through all these thoughts about what it is causing this they start to fight, no play fighting, full on fighting and I know Luca can handle his own now, so I worry for Lucifer, there is blood coming out of both there mouths, Lucifer tries to compliment Luca “Damn, brother you have picked up you strength and fighting skills, Faith has done you wonders.” Being completely sincere, normally Luca would have taken that and appreciated the compliment especially coming from Lucifer. Lucifer notices that his brothers action have worsened, instead of calming down, the only thing I can find myself doing is jumping in between them.
“STOP!” I yell at the both of them, they both stare at me intensely.
“Faith, I need you to leave he isn’t himself and I don’t want you getting hurt.” Lucifers pleas with me.
“I know babe, he’s under a spell.” I say now completely convinced as I can sense the spell on him. “I need to remove it, but I need him still and I am afraid there may only be one way to do this… your not going to like it.” I say being completely honest with him.
“What do you mean a spell? Who would do this? What won’t I like I can hold him?” he asked
“Someone has spelled him to love me more than before, someone wasn’t happy about us, is my guess so they are doing what ever they can to destroy it.” I respond truthfully. “Can you hold him long enough so he can’t break my removal spell, and invade his memories at the same time?” I asked, Lucifer looked at me shocked and worried “How long do you need?” he asked
“Depends on what type of witch put this spell on him. At least 20 minutes for black magic to be removed, he cannot move as it can break the spell I need to do.” I tell him honestly, he nods to me and “What is your plan, the one I will not like.” He asked eyeing Luca, I don’t tell him out loud so I mink link him “Luca needs to think what I am about to do means something, so he goes with the flow, the only way he won’t fight in the state he is in, is by me kissing him, thinking he has won.“ I say unsure how Lucifer will take it.
a growl comes through the mind link, “FINE! Do it!” Lucifer says angerly turning away, which makes me second guess for a second, however as soon as Lucifer turned Luca went to attack again so I had no choice but to leap in front, I grab his face and smash my lips onto his, I feel so grossed out by this, it’s like I am kissing my brother, I try to make sure he doesn’t notice my distress and continue to search his memories and remove this spell that has him.
I got it, it wasn’t black magic thank god, but it did take 5 minutes of me being stuck on Lucas Lips, I pull away after catching a glimpse at who it was that did this, all though I have never met her, I can already tell who it was.
“Woah! What are you doing Faith! I’m not Lucifer!?” Luca yells at me pushing me away.
“Look, I care for you and all, I love you like a sister! Not this” he protests
“Yeah, feelings mutual Luca! I had no choice.” I say holding my hands up, Lucifer turns back around when he hears the commotion, we land eyes on each other “Lucifer, I think I’m going to be….” Before I could finish my sentence, I drop to my knees and spew all my food up from the day.
Lucifer comes beside me and comforts me, “Well, on a brighter note this tells me you have no feelings for my brother in a sexual way.” He says slightly relieved
“What… are … you… talking … about?” I ask trying to get my self-composed again
“Well, its said that when your beloved does anything with another person that isn’t your beloved willingly or not, he or she will be sick after especially if there is no feelings.” He tells me
“Anyone want to tell me what the hell is going on?” Luca asked completely confused
“Well, you was spelled to love me in everyway possible, in order to destroy our bond…. Does Angelica ring a bell you either of you?” I ask knowing full well what my answer will be.
“That can’t be?” Lucifer says in disbelief
I look at Luca who scratches the back of his neck “Yeah, she does.” He says looking guilty as anything.
“Luca what have you done?” Lucifer asked
“Hey, I have needs too brother, so while you was fulfilling Faiths, and your own I did the same with mine, I went to the bar like normal she just happened to be there as well, I told her about you guys because she asked if it was true you were both Mates/Beloveds. Honestly that’s all I remember about the night?” he says rubbing his face.
“She drugged you, spelled you and left you to do her dirty work.” I say slightly annoyed.
“Faith, its okay we can sort all this out later.” Lucifer says noticing my annoyance
“Nope, we will sort this out now, Luca what bar?” I ask
He looks at me, then to his brother “The only one on the border of our kingdom and Serion’s land.” He says low enough for me to hear.
“Faith wait!” Lucifer says as I speed off out of the woods to where Luca told me.

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