The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 4

We made it to the dining room and to my surprise it was full of all delicious looking food that I can’t even remember eating in my short life span; there wasn’t many people here to be honest I had no idea what was about to happen. Suddenly Alpha Serion got up from his seat and rushed over to me and knelt down so he was eye level with me.

“My name is Serion, I am the Alpha of all Alphas; what is your name dear?” he said softly like he had a connection to me.
“Faith sir my name is Faith. I don’t exactly know what I am so I can’t tell you that. I’m Sorry.” I said with fear clear in my eyes; though I wasn’t afraid of him I was afraid of myself.
“ Don’t be sorry for not knowing who you are Faith, if you like I’d be happy to help you figure it out? Together?” he replied with a pleading look.
“Only if you like sir, I don’t wish to be a burden to you, my wolf led me to you after we escaped.” I said not wanting to cause him any issues.
“Your wolf? Where did you escape from?” he asked
“Yes, Sky said once we broke out of being locked in a room where I was… um abused; that she will lead me to somewhere safe and that there was a Special Alpha on this territory that will help me, teach me and guide me for what fate needs me to do.” I whisper replied
he looked at me almost like he had tears ready to fall and said “Faith sweetie, I believe I am that Special Alpha that your wolf Sky spoke about; I will be honoured to raise you, teach you and guide you however I really need to know more if you can help with any of that? ”
I think I had a sparkle in my eye as soon as he said he would help me I knew exactly what to do. “If it helps, I can show you as much as I know?”
“what do you mean by show me?”
“May I?” I reach out to cup his face with my hand only once he nods, I have never done this before but I felt it would work, when I remembered I had stolen one of mothers memories because I wanted to know who my father was I figured it would be the same when I wanted to share my own.
with that I let him see everything that had ever happened, I also showed him my mother’s memory in case he knew my father. With that last image I knew it worked the look on his face was anger and hurt but also the way he looked at me with so much adoration I was confused.

“Well now princess, it seems you are a very special person yourself; especially to me.” He said with a smile on his face.
“Shall we eat princess? We can discuss everything after we have some food.”
“Are you sure I can eat some? And with everyone?” shock was written all of my face.
“Yes princess you will soon officially be one of us and you will never eat alone again. I Promise you!”
Once he said that I started to cry; I was happy I felt so many things I hadn’t felt in a long time I had no idea how to express my gratitude.
“Thank you” was all I could say.

We spent a whole hour at the dinner table, I swear he just watched my reactions to the food’s half the time; each bite I took he had a smile. He made me feel welcome and safe.
he introduced me to the others that were with him; his Second in command (Beta) was Drake they had be best friends since they were little. His third in command (Gramma) was Elliot also a childhood friend of his, there was his wife/Luna Payton she was beautiful inside and out. I also go to meet a couple of his warriors mainly the head warrior Maxwell he was something special; super funny too I can’t remember ever laughing this much and it came naturally when he was there.

Chapter 7
Serion had asked if I would spend an hour with Payton while he spoke to his men and done a few things before we could talk more. Obviously, I agreed.
“Faith once I show you around would you like to come to a very special place with me?” Payton asked
“Only if you would like me there miss?” I said
she smiled and we ventured on through the rest of the house, she showed me the main bedrooms where Serion and her would be if I ever needed anything; the kitchen, the theatre room, the games room, the library, you name it this house had it! She introduced me to some of the others living here, I sensed they were different to her, but they all showed her respect and even me. We was walking to her special spot now and I was a bit nervous, she noticed and reassured me everything was fine.
“where here!” she said excitedly
“WOW!” was all I could say it was breath taking, I was speechless!
It was her beautiful garden she had taken me too I have never seen anything so peaceful and unique. She explained to me about everything in her special garden and how she had set it up herself after she found out she couldn’t have children 4 years ago. This was her method of dealing with the issue she had to face.
“I am so sorry you aren’t able to be gifted with a child right now Miss Payton, once I learn how to control my gifts ill make it my mission to give you a cure to show my appreciation to both you and Alpha Serion! That a promise.” I was so warmed but her telling me what she had gone through I decided I needed to share my story with her.
“Oh Faith Hunni, these things happen to people and sometimes we cannot help them, I am at piece with it now, but if it makes you feel better when the time comes and you find a cure ill happily accept.” She said with adoration clear in her eyes.
“Miss Payton?”
“You can just call me Payton sweets, no need for formalities here.”
“Can I show you what I Showed Alpha Serion?” I asked with hope in my eyes.
“Only if you want to Faith I don’t expect you to go through anything you don’t wish too.”
“I wish to Payton I believe you also deserve to know more about me especially when you have both been so welcoming to me.”
With that I reached up to touch her cheek and I showed her exactly what I showed her husband, she too shared the exact same expressions Serion did; which I still didn’t understand.
“Thank you for trusting me with your story Princess, now you are welcome to come to my special place whenever you wish to, okay? Now let’s go find that husband of mine he should be ready for you now.”

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