The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 38

I make it to the bar in no time thanks to may vampire and wolf speed combined, as I am already pissed about the incident, I remember what Payton said about ’only fixing the problem when she causes any harm to myself of relationship, well she did both, I got sick saving someone because of her which caused harm to my body, and she tried to destroy my relationship, I tell myself justifying my actions that will happen when I see her. I kick open the door to the bar and in seconds everyone is quite, and all eyes are on me, I look around but fail to see her, I walk up to the waitress at the bar and ask “I’m looking for a witch called Angelica? Have you seen it?” I asked nicely
The girl looks at me almost scared, which I didn’t intend so I reassure her “look sweets, I’m not here to cause you or anyone in this bar any trouble I am after Angelica only.” She nods and looks towards the bathroom, which I follow her eye sight and nod to her appreciatively “Thank you, here.” I say giving her cash “Everyone a free drink and the change is for yourself.” I say smiling at her, everyone cheered at the free drink and went back to their business as she looks at the amount of cash, she asked me “Are you sure this is a lot of change?”
“I’m sure Hunni, you deserve it! Should help you with those college fees your have been stressing about, save working her and putting up with drunk idiots to pay for it.” I say smiling at her. “Thank you so much!” she says “Faith, the name is Faith.” She looks at me in shock almost realising who I am “The Faith? King Alpha Serion’s sister?” she asked
“Yeah! That’s me, now finish off your shift, I wont cause you any trouble.” I say about to walk over to the bathroom, when Lucifer and Luca rush in to the bar, “Faith, we need to talk about this, trust me I am pissed about this too, but we can’t do anything irrational.” Lucifer tries to plead with me.
“Brother, technically what Angelica has done is irrational, Faith is well within her right to retaliate.” Luca says defending me
“Not now Luca!” Lucifer yells, which makes me think he is distracting me “Why not now? Catch feelings for the whore.” I say full of rage as my Vampire and wolf decide to merge with their anger over taking me.
“Faith, that isn’t why, and you know it! Please just come back home so we can talk about the options and what is to be done. I promise you she wont go un punished for this.” Lucifer says pleading with me to understand, I look at Luca who is clearly disagreeing with his brother, I put on my best fake smile “Fine, I just need to use the bathroom, I will be right back I promise.” I say gritting my teeth. Lucifer looks relieved, Luca smirks at me almost like he knew why I said I needed to go to the bathroom.

I walk in like nothing is wrong, I see her looking straight at me like she’s been sprung.
“Hello Angelica!” I say with a fake smile.
“Sorry do I know you?” she asked with fear in her eyes
“Oh, not personally but you are about to… Here’s a little secret about me Angelica… I don’t play nice to those whose who seek to destroy me or my happiness.” Her whole expression changed
“I don’t know what your talking about.” She tries to play
“Oh, but you do! Your little stunt with Luca was the last straw for me.” He face changed again knowing she has been caught out.
“What proof do you have?” she asked as if that was her decider
“I have everything! I took the entire memory from Luca, I can give it to anyone that wishes to see what you did, and why.” I say smirking at her
“Please just let me go, you will never see me again.” She begged, but I could tell she was lying.
“Let me think, how about no!” I say as soon as I say that she has created a portal and leaped through it before I could get her. “FUCK!” I yell at myself.
I walk back out towards the boys pissed off even more, Lucifer tries to touch my arm, but I pull myself back not wanting him to touch me, “She’s fucking gone! Let’s go!” I say walking out of the bar.
“What do you mean she’s gone?” Lucifer asked getting annoyed.
“She went through a portal in the bathroom, to god knows where because she just got caught out.” I yell.
Luca giggled as Lucifer face changed at the fact she was in the bathroom.
“How did you not pick that up brother?” Luca asked
“How was I supposed to know she was in the bathroom?” he yelled back.
“It doesn’t matter now! She’s gone and now I have to put more effort into tracking her.” I say continuing to walk faster home.
“Faith, we agreed we would discuss this when we got home.” Lucifer said
“Yeah, and what home do you mean? The one I used to have or the one I already discussed with my brother about moving to as soon as possible.” I snap
“Your moving in to the Kingdom?” Luca yelled happily
“That is his decision now.” I say turning around and speeding off, I make my way into the castle and go straight to Payton’s Garden to try and calm myself.
“Faith, can we talk please.” I hear Lucifer’s voice come from around the corner.
“Depends what it is about.” I say still having some annoyance in me
“Everything.” He says standing in front of me now.
“Well, I can’t say no, now can I?” I say sarcastically
He laughed “No you can’t now.”

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