The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 39

“Faith, I need you to know that Angelica means nothing to me, and once I get my hands on her, death is what is coming! No one messes with my brother like that, nor do they get to try and destroy our relationship” he starts and I listen to him go on “I didn’t want you getting hurt, I apparently have no idea what she is capable of anymore, I didn’t want to risk you.” “I can handle myself quite fine Lucifer.” I say which he smirks at me, while attempting to give me a hug, eventually I budge and allow it “I know princess, I still need to learn that I don’t need to protect you so much, because you are indeed capable of handling yourself, I just don’t want to chance anything bad happening to you.” I must admit that was sweet.
I look at him with a devilish look “I want in on this death sentence.” I say he looks at me with lust and evil intent which really turns me on, “If I agree on this tag team death sentence are, we good to rule our kingdom together.” He says back with a smirk
“What does that mean?” I say knowing exactly what he means but I want him to say it.
“It means I want you to move into the kingdom with me, for good!” he says
“Then yes, I would love to!” I say giving him a cheeky grin.
“Deal.” Is all he says before smashing his lips onto mine almost like his desperate for it, I don’t complain though because I was thinking the same, things get hot and heavy quite quickly so, he whispers in my ear “care to take this somewhere more private?” he asked
“Depends how quickly you plan on getting us there.” I say wrapping my legs around his waist and arms around his neck continuing this make out session, he takes that as his que and with in seconds we are in our room and he is lying me down on the bed with his body pressed tightly against me.
“Have I ever told you how your devilish look turns me on almost every time.” He whispers taking his shirt off.
“Maybe once.” I say undoing his trousers.
“Do you know how hard it is to control my urge to fuck you senselessly every time to have that evil glint in your eyes.” He says ripping my shirt off.
“No, but if your going to get rough with me, I will do it more often.” I say super turned on right now.
“You want it rough baby girl?” he asked whispering into my ear
“I want you to take me like I’ve done something wrong, and your going to punish me.” I seductively whisper in his ear.
A low growl erupts from his throat as he rips my tights off and smashes his lips back onto mine, he grabs my throat as he kisses me, not to tight but enough to make me completely wet between my legs with his swift moves he has by bra off and is sicking and biting at my nipples roughly while using his other hand to rub between my leg, I couldn’t help but release a moan of pure pleasure, he sits up and ties my arms above my head so I can’t move them then grabs my chin roughly and whispers “You want it rough, you will get it rough.” With an evil glint twinkling in his eyes as he takes his massive think cock out of his boxers, that is already hard as stone.

He spreads my legs and positions his cock at the entrance of my core, I’m in desperate need to feel him deep inside me now, he reveals his fangs and comes up to where my mark is “You won’t cum until I tell you too.” Is all he says, before he sinks his teeth into my neck and pushes his cock into my core hard, fast, and roughly.
Instantly pleasure is bubbling up in my core with how horny I now am, it’s a challenge not to cum straight away he’s released his fangs out of my neck and is now firmly placed his hands around my neck, as he plunges into me like there is no tomorrow, my legs on his shoulders he has full control pounding me, hitting the spot with each thrust into me, I try to clamp my thighs together as I feel myself about to cum. “Hold it.” Is all he says while going harder and faster into me, in seconds he has flipped me over so my face is in the pillow and my ass high in the air for him, he grabs a fist of my hair and pulls my head up so he can hear my moans, as he plunges into me again and again, faster and harder every time. “You like it rough don’t you baby girl?” he asked seductively in my ear, I can’t form words as I try so hard not to cum yet, so I nod “Use your words baby girl.” He whispers while ramming into me harder “Yes!” was all I could muster “Cum with me baby girl, cum now.” He says thrusting into me one last time shooting his load deep inside me as I let that bubbling sensation release all over his thick goodness, combining our juices all over each other.

He unties me and lays me down beside him, “I love you Faith, I will do anything for you. I promise.” He whisper into my ear as we catch our breaths.
I turn and face him, “I love you too Lucifer.” I say honestly, he smiles at me full of happiness.
“When are we going home?” he asked me
“When ever you wish it.” I say
“Tomorrow?” he asked as if he though I would say no.
“Tomorrow sounds good to me.” I say snuggling into his chest as a grin forms onto his face from my answer.
“Tomorrow it is baby girl.” He says kissing my forehead.
“Just so you know I have an entire plan set out for that witch.” I add cheekily
“I don’t doubt that at all, we can go over the details when we get home, I take it you already have a way to track her.” He says
“I will hold you to that, and yeah, I already know exactly where she is.” I say feeling my eyes start to close.
“Tomorrow baby girl, for now we rest.” He whispers as I drift off to sleep.

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