The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 40

“Were going home!” Luca yells excitedly
“Yes, go pack your stuff we leave in 2 hours, Marcus is already at home.” Lucifer told his very excited brother.
“Wait, Faith is coming with us, right? You didn’t just have the loudest goodbye fuck! please tell me she’s coming with us! I’m not leaving with out her!” Luca rambles as I walked in on them.
“Yes Luca, I am coming with you, don’t stress!” his face lit up with happiness as he goes to walk out of the room he makes a sly comment to Lucifer “I guess that loudest fuck paid off for you.”
“I heard that!” I yelled as he left really quickly. Lucifer just laughed as he finished packing up his things.
“I take it you have finished packing babe?” he asked me.
“Yeah most of my stuff was actually in the bags still.” I say remembering my little over shopping spree.
“Have you told Serion and Payton we are leaving today yet?” he asked
“Not yet, I will go do that once I finish getting everything in the car.” I say honestly
“I will do that for you, you go use the next 2 hours to say goodbye to everyone you need to.” Lucifer says hugging me tightly and kissing my forehead.
“Are you sure?” I asked
“I will be fine Faith go and say your goodbyes.” He says with a smile on his face.

I head off in search of everyone, I find Serion first who had Maxwell, Drake and Elliot in his office.
“Hey guys, any chance you all have a moment?” I say knocking on the opened door, they all turn to look at me with smiles on their faces.
“Of course Faith, what’s up?” Serion asked
“Well, as you know I decided to move to the kingdom with Lucifer and the others” I start and he nods “Well, were actually leaving today…. In 2 hours actually.” I say and they all look at me.
“But I just got you back princess?” Maxwell says sadly
“I know Maxwell, but I will always come and visit, you can even come and visit me for some more training.” I say hugging him tightly “I’m sorry” I add
“Don’t be sorry for following your dream’s Faith! Haven’t I taught you anything! You fight for you and only you, the rest will accept and follow.” He says with pride “I’m going to miss you Princess, keep those boys in order would you.” He adds, I smile at him as I break the hug
“I haven’t quite worked out everything about your tattoo looking mark Faith but as soon as I get the answers you will be the first to know, if you need me for anything I am just a mind-link away.” Drake says hugging me tightly.
“Thank you for everything Drake! I will miss you too.” I say returning the hug.
“I will miss you too princess, you will always have a special place in my heart.” Elliot says hugging me as I return.
I look at Serion with a sad but happy smile, “I know it is your time Faith, and I am so proud of the woman you turned into, I will forever be grateful for your presents in my life, I will always be here for you and if you need anything, and I mean anything you tell me and I will get it. I love you little sister, now go enjoy your life.” Serion says hugging me tightly not wanting to let go.
“Thank you Serion, I love you too!” I say making my way out of the office for them to continue their work.
I run around the house saying my goodbye’s to everyone, they all gave me their well wishes, I still hadn’t found Payton yet so I thought I would check out our favourite place in the castle, since it will be awhile before I see it again, as I enter I find Payton, sitting amongst her freshly planted flowers.
“Payton! I have been looking everywhere for you.” I say sitting down beside her
“Sorry sweet’s I have been stuck in here all day.” She says brushing he hand off from the dirty.
“Don’t be sorry silly! I just needed to talk to you, well actually I am here to say goodbye. Were leaving for the kingdom in about 30 minutes now.” I say to her, she looks at me sadly but with pride.
she hugs me “Oh sweet heart, I never thought I would be saying goodbye to you so soon, but I believe in you Faith and I am so proud at the woman you are becoming, your nephew and niece are as well!” she says rubbing her belly.
“Please keep me up to date with them!” I say as tears start to escape me.
“I will, now you go and live you life Faith, enjoy your happiness princess, remember you always have a home here, if you ever need it.” She says, I smile at her
“Thank you Payton, I will miss you!” I say
“I will miss you too!” she says as she walks me out towards the entrance where Lucifer and Luca are waiting.
“You ready babe?” Lucifer asked
“Yeah, I am ready.” I say smiling at him as he grabs for my hand.
“Charlotte made us all this food for the trip home! Isn’t she amazing!” Luca yells showing us everything I giggle.
“Anyone would think you have a thing for Charlotte here Luca.” I say, his face goes bright red
“No! I mean we just friends!” he says defensively, we all laugh at his response and get into the car ready for our trip to the kingdom.

Its not the longest trip but it’s a lot for me so I manage to take a nap on the way and wake up just as we are entering the kingdom, it is beautiful! The outside is surrounded by trees, flowers and bright green grass, the kingdom is slightly bigger then the castle but no to much.
“Wait until you see the inside.” Luca says I smile at him.
“Here, let me help you.” Lucifer said helping me out of the car.
“Thank you.” I say smiling at him while getting out, Marcus comes out to greet us.
“Princess, great to see you again!” he says cheerfully.
“It’s good to see you too Marcus, you do remember my name is Faith, right?” I asked
“I do, it’s just more formal at least let me call you it until you meet everyone and settle in. Please?” he asked
“Can I ask why Marcus?” I say
“You sure can, I feel with the example I make to our coven they will completely show you the up most respect and loyalty if they believe we value you the same.” He says which confuses me.
“So if you don’t call me princess, your coven wont know the difference and treat me differently?” I asked trying to process what he was trying to say.
“Well, when you put it that way it makes our coven sound disrespectful.” He says scratching his head
“Chill Marcus, you can call me Princess if you want to but only until I am fully settled in. Deal?” I say, he smiles brightly and hugs me.
“Come on I will show you around while the others unpack the car.” He says ushering me inside
“Wait Marcus! That Lucifers job, he is her beloved not you!” Luca yells
“Let him be Luca, he just doesn’t want to unpack the car.” Lucifer says a little annoyed.
“Fine!” he said unloading everything to go inside.

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