The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 41

As Marcus was showing me around this amazing Kingdom I was taking in the amazing style of freshness in every room, they are so open and bright with the light contrast of colours throughout. Every room has a massive window with an amazing view of nature surrounding the kingdom, after the basic tour he shows me the gaming room, the theatre room, the training room, the pool, you name it we had it, they have legit made show everything a part for the mall was in the kingdom.
As we were heading towards the room Lucifer and I would share we were stopped by an elderly woman.
“Marcus dear who is this beautiful woman?” she asked
“This Layla is Faith, the Princess I was telling you about, she has come to be our Queen.” He said
“Oh Marcus, this is fantastic! Oh princess, please forgive me for the intrusion.” She said worried
“Layla please don’t fret, I take no offence, I would be asking questions to if someone new was in my home, you can call me Faith, Lucifer and I are Mates/ beloved, so I made the move to the kingdom.” I say honestly
“Oh Faith, this is amazing I am so happy that boy finally found his happiness you will both rule this kingdom well, I can see it.” She says touching my hand, which I smile at her.
“Layla here can predict the future at times, she was gifted with a rare gift as well.” Marcus tells me
“Oh that is very reassuring Layla, I have been worried about how I would fit in here.” I say smiling at her.

“Oh sweet heart, no need to stress, its not good for the both of you. You will both fit in just fine Hunni.” She says walking off, I turn to Marcus with a shocked look.
“Marcus what did she mean by the both of us?” I asked, he looked at me with the same look
“I don’t actually know, she is getting old, most of the time I don’t even listen to what she says.” He says honestly
“Yeah okay, which one is my room?” I asked point towards the doors.
“Oh this one!” he says opening the door for me, where Lucifer was already putting my things away.
“We don’t have much left to put away babe, just these.” He said gesturing towards the bed.
“You did it all by yourself?” I asked him
“Yeah, I figured my brother gets more excited about tours then I do so I would let him complete it.” He says looking at his brother.
“Well, that’s my que! I will see you both at dinner.” He said leaving the room quickly.

I smile at Lucifer as he watches me look around the room, which is amazingly large as it even has its own bathroom, and a massive walk in closet, it has a beautiful king sized wooden styled bed with silky red sheets. There is also a little study area in the corner of the room, next to a sliding door that takes you out on to the balcony which gives you a beautiful view of the entire kingdom and surrounding forest. The Bathroom is so spacious with a double-sided wooden vanity, massive mirrors above it, the shower is also a double shower with massive shower heads that will take up my whole body easily. The coloured scheme is White with a hit of black throughout the place. I love it! I would happily live in this room for the rest of my life and never leave it! Lucifer finally says something to me as I admire the room.
“I take it you approve of the room babe.”
“I definitely approve of this room!” I say excitedly as I jumped into his arms
“I am glad.” He says bringing his lips onto mine.

We have a hot steaming make out session which was soon interrupted by Lucifers next in command banging on the door and entering before we could part.
“Oh I am so sorry Sir; I didn’t realise you had company.” He says turning away
“Well, its to late now Jack! What do you want that couldn’t wait for an answer to you knock?” Lucifer asked
“Oh, I just missed my best friend and wanted to catch up!” he said honestly
“Oh that’s so sweet!” I say teasingly “I am Faith, pleased to meet you!” I say putting my hand out to shake.
he looks at me shocked as he realised who I was “Oh I am so sorry princess! I… so its true? You’re his beloved? Do you really have 3 specie’s in you? Oh, this is fantastic Claire is going to be so excited to meet you!” Jack rambles one
“Yeah that’s me, the Only Tribrid Witch, Vampire and Were Wolf in one! Yes, it is true, it is fantastic! Who is Claire?” I answered with his excitement
“Claire is my beloved! She will be so happy when I tell her! Lucifer when are you telling everyone? Do you want me to set up a meeting with everyone?” he asked
“Well Jack, I was hoping that she could settle in tonight and then I would bombarded her with meeting everyone tomorrow.” Lucifer said in a sarcastic way.
“Oh sweet! Can we have a family diner tonight then!? Claire wont believe me with out proof!” Jack asked
“Yes Jack, we will have a family diner tonight so Claire will believe you now can you please leave now so I can finish what I started!” Lucifer said laughing at him
“Oh shit! Yes! Sorry man! You go get her!” Jack says winking at Lucifer as we walks out
“Well that was interesting.” I say smirking at him
“That was Jack, my next in command, also my best friend, we grew up together and never left each other’s side, he is like one of my brothers.” Lucifer explained
“Oh that’s so sweet, he seems great!” I say as she brings me into another hug
“He is, so I guess you don’t have a real choice now, but you good to have dinner with them as well as Luca and Marcus tonight?” he asked
“Yes that is fine, I think I am going to need someone to talk to that isn’t a boy.” I say remembering having told the boys about my first time with Lucifer.
“Well, we can go freshen up in the shower before we have to be down there.” He says winking at me
“Are you trying to seduce me Mr.” I ask in a seductive voice
“mmhmm damn straight I am.” He says whispering into my ear as we carries me into the bathroom.

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