The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 42

After another hot steaming session with Lucifer in the shower, we finished putting my things away and headed down for dinner with I guess you could say new family.

“About time you both showed up!” Luca beamed with a smirk
“Ease up Luca, were still waiting on Jack and Claire.” Marcus said
“Wait no more boys! Were here! Oh, and Lady” Jack says coming around the corner with his beautiful mate.
“Claire! Good to see you again, hope Jack hasn’t been driving you crazy to much since we have been gone.” Lucifer says
“It’s good to see you too! Oh, and not at all Lucifer, I mean if moping around the place like a lost puppy is driving someone crazy then…” she says laughing at Jack.
“I don’t doubt that at all! Claire this is my mate/Beloved Faith.” Lucifer tells her grabbing my hand to move me closer.
“OMG! I thought Jack was kidding with me when he told me! This is so great! I finally have someone to bond with!” Claire says jumping up and down with excitement.
“It’s nice to meet you too Claire!” I say giggling at her outburst.
“Sorry! It’s just I don’t really have any friends here, apparently I am a little over the top and honest for peoples liking….” She says honestly
“Well Claire, I think we will get on really well because I only have guy friends because no one else can handle my temper, attitude and brutal honestly either! Or the fact that my brother in the king of all wolves and I am currently the only one of my species!” I respond honestly, she looks at me surprised. “Please don’t change because of who I am or my brother.” I say with hope in my eyes.
She looks like she is about to cry as she hugs me tightly “Faith I promise to always be myself around you and accept you for who you are!” she says with tears in her eyes
“Awh, don’t cry Hun! I accept you for you and will definitely enjoy having you around that’s for sure.” I say returning the hug. Lucifer and the boys left us at the door while they got some drinks sorted and sat down to chat.
“Oh I’m sorry I have been getting super emotional lately and I don’t know why! I honestly thought I was pregnant but apparently, I’m not. I am just so happy.” She says, I turn both my senses on and listen to her heart beat to test if there was a baby hiding but there wasn’t however, I did notice she had a spell around her.
“I am so happy too! Hey, I can look into this all for you I am after all a witch, vamp and wolf all in one! I can find anything!” I say honestly, she smiles at me.
“If you can work out what is wrong with me, I will honestly be your personal slave.” She says
“Deal!” I say smiling cheerfully at her.
“Lets eat first!” she says running to the table she sits across from me beside Jack and I sit next to Lucifer who is sitting next to Marcus and Luca is across from him. Marcus sends a signal to the servers as an entire feast gets brought out to the table of delicious mouth-watering food!

“So, this is for me what are you guys eating?” I jokingly say to everyone.
“Nope! Not again Faith this isn’t happening I don’t have Charlotte here to make me more!” Luca says with full seriousness.
“Chill! It was a joke.” I say laughing at him
“Might be a joke for them, but I lived with you for over a month! I know how much food you can consume, and these bitches would let you.” He says laughing, which made me and everyone else laugh
“Yeah, your right I could.” I says laughing even more.
“Okay lets all dig in!” Lucifer says regaining himself.

We all dug in and eat everything that was served up, I was surprised at the fact Claire could keep up with me even for a vampire, she still loves her food it makes me think we will be the best of friends regardless! We all mingle with each other and fill everyone in on all of the events especially what went and is still going down with that witch Angelica when I get my hands on her, I noticed Claire shift at the mention of her name which got me thinking about the fact she has a spell around her, so I figure I might as well ask now since we are all getting to know each other more.
“Claire, on a serious note, what is your relationship with her… I just notice you shift at the mention of her name.” she looks at me with slight fear like she is remembering something.
“Well, I grew up with her, she tortured me with every chance she got, made fun of me and because I was never aloud to kill of harm her I had to let it go…” she says with full honestly in her eyes not waiting to look at me anymore she starts to eat again.
“Did she cast a spell on you?” I asked her understanding her shift at her name.
Everyone froze looking at me like I am crazy for asking such a thing.
“Not that I know of why is that?” She asked scared.
“Well, before when you mentioned how you thought you were pregnant with you emotions being up in the air, I used my senses to double check as I can pick up even the slightest heart beats when I use all 3 of my species. I found no heart beats, but I did see you have a spell surrounding you.” I say with full honesty, her mouth drops as do the rest.
“What type of spell? Do you know? Can you remove it?” Jack asked worried for his mate.
“Yes! I can remove it; I could also tell who did it when I remove it if you like.” I say honestly as I expect it is from Angelica, but I will double check.
“Please! Do what ever you need to!” Claire says now worried.
“Desert first? We can get into full seriousness in the lounge room guys come on!” Luca says
“Yeah, okay sorry Luca.” Claire says
“Don’t be sorry to him! Enjoy your desert! I will fix everything after okay?” I say holding her hand reassuring her, she smiles at me.
We smash down the desert and everyone realised why Luca was so persistent on desert first because he organised his favourite desert to be served and didn’t want to miss out on it!

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