The Only Tribrid

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chapter 43

Once we finished off our deserts we headed down towards the lounge room, I gestured for Claire to sit beside me which she abided by.
“So how is this done?” she asked me nervously
“Oh, it doesn’t hurt, I normally just hold your face and get right in there take what I need to wola done.” I says
“Oh sweet well, I am ready when you are.” She says calming down.
I hold her face in my hands and look into her eyes as I expected I see Angelica cast the spell onto Claire without her knowledge, I removed her spell which sent her link to Claire back to herself, but I attached a little message to it. I come back to reality and look at Claire.
“How do you feel?” I asked her
“I feel great to be honest!” she says happily
“What was the spell? Who did it?” Jack asked
I look at them “Well as I predicted it was Angelica who spelled you out of jealously, she managed to do it when she found out that you was mated to Jack, it was a barrier spell of unhappiness. Meaning she was preventing you the chance to conceive… ever… which caused damage to your fertility… but I will do everything I can to fix it! I promise.” I tell them
“She knew…” Claire said softly
“She knew what?” I asked hearing her
“She knew I always wanted a family with my mate.” She says starting to cry, Jack hugs her tightly trying to comfort her.
“Claire look at me.” She does as I asked “I just have recently gifted my brother and his mate the chance to become parents, because I dedicated myself to curing her infertility as a thank you for saving me as a child and raising me. They are about to welcome twins. Please believe me when I say I will do everything in my power to gift you the chance to have a family.” She can tell I am speaking the truth as she stares into my eyes.
“What are your plans with her.” Jack asked me angerly
“Angelica?” I asked confused
“Yes! What are your plans? I want in.” he says full of rage.
I smirk at him with an evil look as I eye Lucifer in the same way.
“When I take her away from her fake life and identity she thinks she has in town I was planning on putting her into her own little world where I can torture her for a little bit, maybe cause some pain then I plan to go into her world and kill her.” I say truthfully.
“You know where she is?” they all asked
I looked at everyone “Yeah… I’m not that stupid.” I say slightly offended.
“How?” they asked
“I planted my favourite tracker on her when I caught her in the bathroom at the bar… just like I did to my father’s toy witch, when I killed him.” I say remembering that day clearly, as I drift off down memory lane, Lucifer comes and sits beside me and wraps his arms around me, as I come back to reality.
“You okay?” Lucifer asked as everyone was looking at me curiously.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Shall we watch a movie? Since tomorrow I will be busy in town.” I asked. Claire was the first to agree! So, we all got comfortable and watched a movie before heading to bed for a massive day tomorrow.

I sneak out first thing this morning as I need time to myself, I need to get my head in the game, so much has happened these last few weeks, I feel so overwhelmed, I start running full speed around the area, I let out all my emotions as I am running, I cry, I laugh, I hate, I forgive, I love. After and hour of running I head back to take the rest out in the training room, as I can’t stop think about the things I have done, I killed my father, his witch, hundreds of innocent followers to my father, My mother. I trained Alpha James’s pack, I made some pretty cool friends, I gifted my brother and his mate the chance to be parents, I helped Luca, I will help Claire but is that enough to justify the people I have hurt… am I a good person… do I deserve happiness? I think to myself as I punch into the boxing bags tears streaming down my face, watching the pain I suffered daily as a child fuel my rage to kill.
“Faith!” Lucifer yells at me “Stop! Your bleeding.” He says rushing over to me, I freeze and look down and find that my hangs are covered in blood, my knuckles are fully visible to the bone, my claws had dug into my palms and ripped them to shreds, I feel nothing, I felt nothing. Lucifer rips his shirt off and wraps my hands.
“That is to damaged to fix it’s self any time soon, we will have to get you wrapped until you heal, come on baby.” He says scooping me up into a bridal style.
“I can still walk Lucifer.” I says laughing at him
“I don’t know how your laughing right now, you should be feeling pain.” He says worriedly
“I am, now anyway.” I say honestly.
“So you didn’t feel any pain when you did this?” he asked patching me up.
“Yo! Who bled all over the training room?” Luca and Marcus says running into the room
“Damn! What the fuck did you do to yourself!” Luca asked while looking at my injuries
“I got a little carried away.” I say not really wanting to talk about it.
“What was you thinking about?” Lucifer asked worried.
“Honestly? Everything. I just haven’t had time to process everything I have done these last few weeks/months even and I just needed to release.” I say
“Baby, you know you can talk to me about anything right?” Lucifer asked as if he wasn’t sure I knew
“Yeah I just didn’t know how to talk, I never really had to.” I say, as he finished patching me up
“Thank you.” I say honestly
“Your welcome baby girl.” Lucifer says kissing my forehead. “Now go and get yourself dressed, it’s time to introduce you to the coven.” I look at him shocked as he turns to leave and talk to his brothers.
I head up and get my self looking somewhat decent and head down to Lucifer and the boys who are standing around mingling with everyone that apparently lives in this kingdom, as I enter everyone turns and looks at me curiously, Lucifer comes and wraps his arm around me and gets everyone’s attentions.
“Thank you all for gathering here on short notice, we wont keep you long, I just wanted to introduce to you all, my beloved mate Faith, Your Queen.” They all cheer and welcome me lovingly. Lucifer leads them all off so we could go about or day and continue our plan to destroy a certain witch.

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