The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 44

Claire and Jack follow me into the kitchen as I am all of a sudden hungry, I didn’t even noticed they followed me in here after Lucifer was finishing up with the coven until they both rushed to make sure I was okay.
“Faith! What happened? Are you okay?” Claire says worried
I look at them shocked as I go to stuff my face “Oh this? It’s nothing don’t worry about it.” I says finishing my food.
“Were both here if you ever need to talk about anything Faith, we are both forever in your debt after you helped my beautiful mate.” Jack says
I smile at the both of them “Honestly if you knew everything I had done, you wouldn’t care to much I don’t reckon.” I say as I let out a frustrated sigh.
“Faith, I believe whatever you have done in your past, would have been for a reason, never beat yourself up over things you probably had no control over.” Clair says giving me a side hug.
“So if I show you everything I am feeling, and have done you will 100% still want me to be your queen, as well as friend?” I asked curiously
“If showing us is what it takes to make you feel better about yourself being here then do what you need! Because we are not going anywhere.” Jack said honestly.
I took that as a go ahead so I put my hand on each of their faces and showed them everything from start to finish, I failed to open my eyes in time as they both engulfed me in a tight hug as tears began to fall, I hate feeling this weak!
“Babe? Everything okay?” I hear Lucifer ask as he walks into the kitchen.
We all straighten up and smile at Lucifer like nothing happened. “Everything is fine babe.” I say wanting to drop the subject.
He gives me a disapproving look “You do realise that with us being Mated Faith, I can feel your emotions like no tomorrow.” He says slightly frustrated
“Oh….” Is all I can say as I have this new information I need to process.
“How do you think I knew you were in pain and needed my help before?” he said
“I didn’t need any help!” I say defensively
“That’s not what your feelings told me Faith, you were begging for forgiveness, for help.” He says coming over to wrap his arms around me.
Claire and Jack were standing there unsure what to say of if they should, Claire had other ideas though. “Babe, if you need, we can tell him. If I am understanding you correctly, you don’t actually know how to express your feelings or talk about them?” she says like she is some mind reader.
“Tell me what?” Lucifer asked getting more impatient
I looked at him, then back to Claire and Jack and nodded.
“She can’t help but feel she isn’t good enough to be here, our Queen. The memories she has of her past keep haunting her every move, she feels slightly strapped if I am not mistaken. Having killed her father, his witch, hundreds of innocent followers to her father, Her mother. She isn’t sure if she has given back to everyone enough to justify what she had done. Training Alpha James’s pack, gifting her brother and his mate the chance to be parents, I helping Luca and myself. She can’t process if who she had hurt was the right decision… if she is good person… if she does deserve happiness.” Claire response so professionally, I look at her blankly as I don’t know what to say, I look at jack who looks so proud of Claire.
“Um, Well I guess your degree is going to come in handy Claire because Faith needs help, I don’t know how to give it, but you do. Will you help her work through all of this?” Lucifer asked her
“Of course I will, that’s what friends do for each other.” Claire says smiling at me
“Can you guys give us 5 minutes? We will meet you in my office to discuss what’s going to happen today.” Lucifer asked as he help me tightly.
“Sure thing Boss!” Jack says dragging Claire with him.
Lucifer lifts me up on to the counter and looks me dead in the eyes. “You are a good person Faith, everything you have done, has been justified, you gave relief and happiness back to so many broken people that needed it when you destroyed your father and his minions, Your mother had it coming with what she did to you! No one would ever think any different baby, I promise you! You are my Queen, Our Covens Queen, your are exactly where you need to be. You deserve the world; you deserve every bit of happiness that I can give you.” He says with pure honesty.
Tears are falling like a waterfall, as I needed to hear everything, he had said. I hug him so tight I never want to let him go, as I try and control my tears, he tells me “Let them fall baby, you need it.” So, I don’t force them to stop he holds me until the last tear I have falls and he wipes it away like it was nothing, he kisses my forehead.
“Do you feel a little better now my queen?” He asked in a seductive tone.
I smile at him and laugh “Much better my king.” I say
“Good, now are you up for today or do we hold off?” he asked making sure I still wanted to continue on with my plan.
“Nope! We continue with the plan, the sooner this is all over the better. I have one question?” I asked
“What is that baby?” he asked as he lifted me off the bench
“What degree does Claire have?” I asked curiously
he laughed and said, “She is a fully qualified therapist, that’s how she understood you so well, many years of training.”
“Well that makes more sense now.” I say as we make our way into the office.

“How you feeling after this morning Faith?” Luca asked as I walked in and sat down.
“I am much better now Luca; Claire is apparently going to make me even better after all this is over.” I give her a grateful smile.
“She is a miracle worker Faith! You will be in good hands that’s for sure. She helped me when no one else would, when they all gave up on my rage, she was the only one that kept pushing.” Luca says honestly
“Luca you give me to much credit, for what Faith showed me she is the one to that for your no longer suffering, I was purely a friend being there for another when they needed it most.” Claire says hating the spot light.
he smiles at her “Well, Claire everything you did for me was and is still greatly appreciated.” He says
“Right.” Lucifer said, “Now we are all here lets get down to business, Faith where is she exactly?” he asked me
“She is hiding in an old warehouse new a small café.” I say
“I think I know where it is!” Claire pipes up
“Where is it?” They all asked her
“That old abandoned warehouse next to kay’s café!” Claire says
“Are you sure?” Lucifer asked as he looked towards me
“I can clarify if I see it, I don’t actually know anything around her remember.” I say
he smiles at me “Very well, lets go on a little tour around the town, while we are at it. Claire, Jack and Marcus you guys go to Kay’s café and wait for us see if you can spot anything. Luca you just got promoted to mine and Faith’s driver today.” Lucifer says with a grin on his face
“Hey! Why am I just a driver?” Luca asked
“Don’t worry about that Luca, at least you get to see me the whole time.” I say with a wink everyone laughs
“Yeah, good point!” Luca says now excited
“Whatever, you can swap with Marcus then.” Lucifer says with a slight look of jealously
“No, just leave it how it is. We are all here for a job now lets go.” I say not wanting to get into a debate with anyone, Claire giggles to herself as Jack and Marcus follow her out to their car, Luca goes and grabs the car for us to get in at the front, so I pull Lucifer back on to his chair before we leave.

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