The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 45

“Was that a hit of Jealousy my king.” I asked seductively as I sat facing him on his lap
he eyed me suspiciously “What are you implying my queen? That I am jealous of you and my brother?” he responds
“That is exactly what I am implying my king.” I say as I lean into his neck and start lightly kissing his neck.
a low growl erupts through his throat as he tries to regain himself, “I am not jealous of you and my brother my queen, I can’t help my ways when you start winking, I want you to only wink at me, but I know I can’t ask that of you because I do not wish to control you.” He whispers out unsteadily as I make my way to the other side of his neck where my mark is.
“Well, my king I will do my best to only wink at you.” I manage to say as he grabs me by the chin roughly and smashes our lips together after a minute or two, we hear Luca beeping the horn so I break away “I guess we will finish this later my king.” I say as I grab his hand and lead him to the door, he reluctantly follows trying to hide his raging hard on from view.
As we get into the car Luca says, “What took you so long?”
“Never mind that Luca, we have some sight seeing to do before we go to Kay’s Café, now drive and keep your eyes on the road.” Lucifer says as he pulls me over to him, well more like so I was sitting on his lap again.
he brings his mouth up to my ear and whispers “Now, where were we.”
I look at him confused and he just smirks at me, Luca must have gotten the memo as he decided to pump up his music like it was just him in the car.
“Is that loud enough brother?” Lucifer asked unsure what he was doing
“YEAH! IT HELPS ME KEEP MY EYES ON THE ROAD!” Luca yelled over the music, I couldn’t help but giggle, as he mumbled “Teach you to tell me what to do when I am driving.”
Lucifer grabbed my face and smashed his lips onto mine like it was nothing and started the intense make out session again, which escalated very quickly as his hands started roaming over my body sending all kinds on pleasure to my core, I feel him smirks knowing what his touch is doing to me, what completely slipped my mind was the fact I was wearing a nice dress and forgot to change into something more me after the introduction because I was too busy worrying about my food. Lucifer on the other hand was loving the fact I was in a dress as while the make out session was happening he decided to slip his hand down my pants and started rubbing my clit making me let out a little moan, he smirked his approval as he went deeper into my core sliding his finger in and out of my now dripping wet core, as he started to get into a rhythm Luca turned the music down and started telling me about the town, where we were as Lucifer watched my facial expressions of surprised and embarrassed at the fact he was still pumping away as Luca was getting me to look out the window at everything. After a good 10 minutes Lucifer tells Luca to take us to Kay’s café, which he does as he turns his music back up.
“You can’t cum until I tell you my queen.” Lucifer whispers into my ear as he continues pumping his fingers in and out of me more faster and harder then before, he starts kissing at my neck as he feels myself start to clench at holding back my release, I try to hold my moans of pleasure in as I bite into my lip as I don’t want Luca to hear, suddenly Lucifer whispers in my hear “Cum for me baby as he sinks his fangs into my neck, I move his shirt to the side as I decide the only way Luca wont hear my moans is if I bite into Lucifer, which surprisingly worked so well as I released myself all over his fingers, he brings his hand out slowly and brings his fingers to his mouth.
“You taste so nice my Queen.” He whispers into my ear as I regain myself, he smirks at me as Luca pulls into the café.
“Where here!” Luca yells as he turns his music off.
“This is it.” I say as I look at the café and over to the warehouse. “I can feel her, she isn’t alone.” Is all I can say as my Wolf and Vampire merge. Luca noticed my change first when he opened the door.
“Lucifer, if you don’t wont her taking off to quick alone, hold on to her tightly.” He warns his brother, as we get out Lucifer looks at me and then nods to his brother as he holds me closely.
we walk into the Café and see the others hanging there drinking coffee and having a feed, Luca orders us all a drink as we go and sit down.
“Faith, you look a little different? You good.” Jack and Claire asked
“She is good, just when she could feel Angelica here, she merged with her wolf and vamp, they take over the rage.” Lucifer explained to everyone which they all nodded there understanding.
I try to focus my hearing into the building to work out who is there, I focus a little too much as I manage to hear her moans, as I shake my head back to reality
Lucifer asked “What is it?”
“Oh, I focused to much and clear as day heard her moan…” I say not thinking as they all burst out laughing.
we finish our drinks and just as we go to head out, who ever she was with has just snuck out of the building, Lucifer loosened his hold on me which allowed me to bolt in the direction to where she was, I hear Marcus giggle and Lucifer say “Fuck sakes.” And Luca say, “I told you so.” As I make my way through the building, finding a red door with the only living thing inside meant this was it, she is in there.

I kick the door in and there she is fully naked looking at me shocked as she realises who I am, she goes to make a portal but fails as I had already placed a barrier around for no other magic can be used, she panics as I walk in.
“Hope you enjoyed your last root Angelica, because your out of time.” I say with a devilish smirk.
The others have finally made there way in to me but I stopped them before the door, as even in this state I don’t want my mate looking at her nakedness.
“Faith, let us in babe.” Lucifer yelled to me
“I will soon.” Is all I say as I use my magic to wrap around her throat, “Get dressed.” Is all I say not letting the grip I have on her go, she obliged once she was clothed removed there barrier so they could enter.
She looked at everyone as they came into view, she smirked as Lucifer entered to stand beside me.
“Oh babe, I missed you!” she says to him, he looks at her disgusted, my wolf/vamp was not having her speak to him or even look at him as my claws came out and swiped across her eyes making her have bleed and not be able to see, I smirk at myself feeling satisfied she can no longer look at what is mine.
“Used can gag her and tie her up now, we will finish this in the cellar at home.” Lucifer said grabbing a protective hold on me, to calm me down.
“But I want to see Faith do more damage” Claire and Luca complain, Jack shakes his head at Claire as Lucifer gives Luca a look.
“Alright lets get this over with boys.” Marcus says grabbing the rope and tape as he starts to tie her up as I hold her still with my powers.
Marcus, Jack and Luca carry her down to where Marcus parked the car and placed her in the boot.
“We will see you all at home.” Lucifer says as he leads me to the car where my vamp and wolf unmerge satisfied for now.

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