The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 46

Lucifer held me tightly the entire way home, it was like a protector hold more so, Luca drove with his music at full volume again which I was fine with as it kind of helped me calm myself more, we all pull up at the same time all the boys take Angelica straight to the cellar as Claire comes into view.
“Faith you are seriously such a bad ass! I admire your strength honestly.” She says honestly as I look at her and try and bring a smile to my face.
“Sorry, I get a little carried away at times, especially when that person has hurt my family and tried to hurt me.” I respond honestly.
“You do you babe, we are behind you 100% of the way, I may not be a fighter, but I am a good listener and support person.” She says giving me her biggest smile.

We make our way to the cellar and I place a barrier spell around it in case she gets free somehow.
“Babe, are you sure you want to be here?” I hear Jack ask Claire
She hesitates for a moment “I need to support everyone so yes.” I look at her
“You can support us, without seeing what will happen babe, trust me it wont end pretty.” I say trying to coach her into not sticking around.
“Well, when you say it that way, I might go and make us all a feast.” She says kissing Jack before leaving, I focus my hearing as I noticed an extra heart beat was faintly in here, I also wanted to make sure it wasn’t that witch.
“I guess you guys had some fun last night.” I say to Jack when Claire walks out, he looks at me confused
“What do you mean?” he asked
“Did you fuck her like there was no tomorrow?” I bluntly asked
He looks at me, then to the other and nods his head.
“Well, done!” I say giving him a reassuring smile.
“Thank you?” he goes still confused, Luca looks at me like he just worked out what I am on about and smiles like no tomorrow, Lucifer and Marcus still look a little clueless.
“You can thank me later on, when you really know what I am talking about, now lets get this over with.” I say walking past him to where Lucifer is standing, I feel his hand slide on to my side as Marcus ties Angelica to the chair, so how the gag got loose and she opens her mouth.
“Oh, Marcus if you wanted a turn all you had to do was ask? I mean I have done both your brothers.” she says batting her eyes at him as he tighten the ropes.
I walk straight up to her and punch her square in the face so she spits blood, that brings joy to me, I notice Lucifer takes a seat on the table and watches with a evil look on his face as I lay into her more, hearing her screams of pain really complete me.
“Faith, remember your hands haven’t healed completely, why don’t you give us ago.” Luca, Marcus and Jack say I step back to let them take over.
“Yeah, do as your told you stupid bitch!” Angelica spat, I didn’t even think I swung my leg around full swing and broke her jaw then and there, the pain she was feeling sent shivers down my spine and I liked it a lot.
“All yours.” I say to the boys as I walk over to Lucifer who is staring me down with so much lust in his eyes.
“Did you enjoy that show?” I asked in a seductive tone.
“A little too much.” He says honestly, I giggle as I take a seat on his lap.
We watch as the boys torture and cause her pain for everything she has done, I bring my lips to Lucifers ear “I think its your turn now.” I say as my wolf and vamp merge and get me super horny for him, with the look he gives.
“I believe it is my love.” He says seductively as he gets up and walks over to the boys.
“Enough.” Is all he says to them, she looks at him like he was going to save her.
“Lucifer please! I learnt my lesson! I will leave and never return please!” she begs, he looks at her with a smirk, then to me.
“You clearly haven’t learnt your lesson, want to know why?” he says evilly
“How? Your whore beat me, then you let those savages torture me.” She spat, which caused Lucifer to grab her by the throat with his pissed off look.
“Don’t you ever disrespect my queen! Or my brothers, if you honestly think I am going to be the good cop and let you leave you are greatly mistaken here Angelica… because in 2 minutes you will never see the light of day again.” He says and turns towards me “My Queen, care you join?” he asked, I gave him a devilish smile of approval and went and stood beside him, he used his other hand to bring me to his face and kissed me hungerly, while still holding Angelica’s throat.
he pulls back and looks me in the eyes, which were telling me just how much he wanted me right then and there, with in a split second he rips her heart out and her body flops as the life in her leaves to where I believe is hell.
“You boys good to do a quick clean up, I have something that I need to give my full attention to.” Lucifer turns his head to the boys
“It better be taking a shower and changing your clothes to get that blood off you.” Marcus says with a slight smirk, Lucifer turns is attention to him and smirks.
“Oh I plan to have a shower.” In second of saying that her grabs me bridal style and zooms us to our room, he shuts the door and puts me on my feet spins me around and starts kissing me roughly on my lips, down to my neck while undoing my dress and leading me towards the bathroom, he shuts the door behind him and rips his shirt off then smashes his lips back onto mine while he takes my bra off. I undo his pants and pull his briefs off watching his thick juicy cock spring out to greet me. I slip my panties off while he reaches in to turn the shower on as he plans to lead me in the shower I stop him and get on my knees and start stroking his thickness, with my hand and mouth putting him on edge as grabs my face mimicking the motions I am doing. By now the blood on his hands is on most of my body, which for some reason made this so much more-wilder then I expected, he shoots his load in my mouth which has me begging for more. He brings me to my feet and pushes me int the shower, so my back is against the wall getting hit by both sides of the double shower heads.
“You really are my dirty, wild girl aren’t you.” He whispers in my ear as he starts roughly kissing my neck while one hand roams my body and the other is making its way around my throat which is turning me on even more.
“Only for you daddy.” I let out, which got me by surprise as I didn’t expect to say that, I mean I was thinking about it but dear god, he smirks loving what I just said as I can see it in his eyes.
“Call me that again baby girl.” He says while gripping my sides tightly
“Yes Daddy!” I say in a complete seductive tone, he lifts me up and wraps my legs around his waste as he is about to stick his raging hardness into my core he whispers into my ear before biting my neck “Daddies going to fuck the hell out of you now baby girl.”

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