The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 47

1 hour later we are finished in the shower having both hit our peak, I must say I feel amazing right now, we quickly get our selves dressed and as we are about to head out to the kitchen where everyone was Lucifer grabs me by the waist and spins me to face him and says “I like it when you call me daddy baby, can you call me that more often.” With full seriousness written on his face.
I smirk at him “As you wish daddy.” I say turning to undo the door, he lets out a slight growl as I exit the room.

We make it down stairs and everyone is just smirking at me as I enter the kitchen.
“Took your time in there guys!” Jack says first
“We were going to send Luca in to recover both of you.” Marcus adds
“I protested because I didn’t want to walk in and see you too banging like wild animals.” Lucas adds
I giggled and say, “Not wrong there Luca.” Everyone bursts out laughing like no tomorrow
“So Claire what magic did you make for us to eat!” I asked
“Oh I made some spaghetti and meatballs and I made us a cake for desert!” she says
“Chocolate?” I asked
“Triple choc chip, to be exact.” She adds and I have the biggest grin on my face
“Well, lets eat then I’m starving!” I say
“Oh I bet you are.” Luca says, Lucifer laughs as we make our way around the table to dig into this delicious meal.
“So Claire when can you start fixing me?” I asked half way through
“It’s not about fixing you babe, it’s about re-training your mind you properly deal with the things you have done and been feeling. It honestly could take month even year.” She says professionally, I giggle to myself and make a comment I was only supposed to here. “Well, you only have 9 max.” Luca near chocked on his food, as Lucifer gives me a confused look about what I am talking about.
“What do you mean by that?” everyone but Luca asked.
“Well… um… Claire may be pregnant but very early stages.” I say under pressure.
“You got to be kidding me, that’s why you asked me if I fucked the shit out of her last night!?” Jack asked
“Yeap.” Is all I can say as Claire looks at me shocked.
“How? How do you know?” she asked
I look at everyone “Well, because of who I am I apparently have this extra gift that allows me to sense and hear the heart beat of freshly made babies okay! Stop looking at me like I’m a freak!” I say getting slightly agitated.
“Babe, calm down, this is just new to all of us.” Lucifer says
“Not to me” Luca says smiling at me cheerfully
“What do you mean by that?” They all asked him.
“The same thing happened when Serion and Payton made their babies, Faith could hear them before Payton even knew she was pregnant, that’s why she wouldn’t allow her brother to get close to there father.” He says like it was nothing.
“Omg! I’m going to be a mummy!” Claire says jumping up and down “Jack were going to be parents, were going to have a baby!” she says to him as he starts to get a happier face.
“Babe stop jumping! You’ll make him dizzy before he gets here.” He says calming her down.
“Give it a week and book an ultrasound, but I can keep track of the heart beat until then.” I say smiling at them, they both come and give me a big hug.
“Thank you so much Faith! This is happening because you fixed me!” Claire says hugging me tightly.
“Chill out girl, no need to make a big deal out of me, it’s the both of you that should be the big deal.” I say, “How about we talk about my issues tomorrow after everyone gets over this shock because I don’t know about you guys, but I am dying for some triple choc chip cake!” I add, which they all laugh at.
“Can’t keep the princess waiting on her food now can we.” Luca says winking at me as he knows how much I love my food; I smile at him.
“Oh yes! Cake is definitely necessary! Jack come help me serve it up.” Claire asked and he happily obliged.
“You just made them very happy baby girl.” Lucifer says as they leave to get the cake.
“I’m glad I can make other happy; it feel really good.” I says finishing the last of the spaghetti meatballs I had on my plate.
“You make me very happy.” He says rubbing my leg under the table
“Alright you too! Keep it PG in here some of us are still trying to eat.” Luca says smirking at his brother
“Jealous little brother?” Marcus says
“I’m not jealous of them, I just don’t want to witness them making babies that’s all.” Luca says like it was nothing, I look at him shocked as do the others as they walked in at the same time, instead of saying anything I just smile and dig into the cake Claire just placed in front of me.
while they all talk about things I just think about the fact I may never be a mum, I may never be able to give Lucifer the gift of children, what if he really wants children? I can’t believe I never thought about this before! I just wanted some happiness, but obviously I want more.
“Babe?” I come back to reality as Lucifer touches my leg and calls out to me.
I look down and noticed I hadn’t even touched my cake I had just been playing with it the while time. “Sorry.” I say like I’m a little kid making a mistake.
he looks at me worried, as do the others, Luca looks at me like he blames what he said for me to feel this way which it isn’t, I just never thought about it until now, I give everyone a smile and start to eat my cake.
After an hour or so we all head up to bed, Lucifer and Jack had some things to take care of first so Claire and I headed to our rooms alone to start with as they told us they will be in soon, after I have gotten myself into one of Lucifer tops I sit on the bed and couldn’t help but start over thinking again, until I heard a knock on the door.
“Faith? It’s Luca can I come in?” He asked
“Sure can Luca.” I say back as he starts to undo the door.
“I just want to apologise I didn’t mean to upset you with the joke I was having.” He says
“You don’t need to be sorry Luca; you didn’t say anything wrong! It just got me thinking, do I want kids? Can I even have them? Does Lucifer want them? What if he does and I can’t give them to him? I have helped other but how can I help myself?” I say honestly
“Faith, don’t think like that! Lucifer will always love you no matter if you give him children or not! He will feel no less about the situation I promise! He is grateful that he has you anything more for him is a blessing!” Luca says reassuringly
“Thanks Luca! I needed to hear that!” I say hugging him tightly
“Any time! Remember your more like a twin sister to me! I know when your upset and I know when your happy! And don’t you dare think I didn’t know that Lucifer gave you an orgasm while I was driving!” he says making me laugh so loud!
“Oh, that is so embarrassing!” I say as the door opens to Lucifer standing there looking confused.
“I told you not to tell her Luca! Now I have a tomato to deal with.” Lucifer says laughing as he must have heard our conversation.
“Well, good night! I will see you both tomorrow!” Luca says walking out of the room.
Lucifer gets himself undressed only leaving his boxers as he jumps into bed beside me and brings me into a cuddle.
“Baby girl, you know that I love you no matter what! Now don’t stress yourself about giving me a child okay. I don’t expect it, but I won’t lie I would love it! But we will cross that road if it happens. Now my Queen, rest up!” Lucifer says kissing my forehead.
“I love you Daddy.” I say as I drift off to sleep.

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