The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 5

Serion had asked if I would spend an hour with Payton while he spoke to his men and done a few things before we could talk more. Obviously, I agreed.
“Faith once I show you around would you like to come to a very special place with me?” Payton asked
“Only if you would like me there miss?” I said
she smiled and we ventured on through the rest of the house, she showed me the main bedrooms where Serion and her would be if I ever needed anything; the kitchen, the theatre room, the games room, the library, you name it this house had it! She introduced me to some of the others living here, I sensed they were different to her, but they all showed her respect and even me. We was walking to her special spot now and I was a bit nervous, she noticed and reassured me everything was fine.
“where here!” she said excitedly
“WOW!” was all I could say it was breath taking, I was speechless!
It was her beautiful garden she had taken me too I have never seen anything so peaceful and unique. She explained to me about everything in her special garden and how she had set it up herself after she found out she couldn’t have children 4 years ago. This was her method of dealing with the issue she had to face.
“I am so sorry you aren’t able to be gifted with a child right now Miss Payton, once I learn how to control my gifts ill make it my mission to give you a cure to show my appreciation to both you and Alpha Serion! That a promise.” I was so warmed but her telling me what she had gone through I decided I needed to share my story with her.
“Oh Faith Hunni, these things happen to people and sometimes we cannot help them, I am at piece with it now, but if it makes you feel better when the time comes and you find a cure ill happily accept.” She said with adoration clear in her eyes.
“Miss Payton?”
“You can just call me Payton sweets, no need for formalities here.”
“Can I show you what I Showed Alpha Serion?” I asked with hope in my eyes.
“Only if you want to Faith I don’t expect you to go through anything you don’t wish too.”
“I wish to Payton I believe you also deserve to know more about me especially when you have both been so welcoming to me.”
With that I reached up to touch her cheek and I showed her exactly what I showed her husband, she too shared the exact same expressions Serion did; which I still didn’t understand.
“Thank you for trusting me with your story Princess, now you are welcome to come to my special place whenever you wish to, okay? Now let’s go find that husband of mine he should be ready for you now.”

Off we went in search of Serion who was in his office still with the others. As soon as we open the door they all turned their heads and were staring at me with confused and happy faces; that was when I knew I was going to have to do the same with all of them, my guess was he had been trying to explain everything to them and it just wasn’t making sense.
“If you all want; I can show you all if that helps with all the confused faces?” I said a little nervous with the looks.
“Princess you don’t have to I am sure Serion has already gone through some of it with them.” Payton quickly comes to my defence.
“It’s okay, if you and Alpha Serion Trust them so will I. I really don’t want to cause any problems for anyone.” They all nodded their heads and one by one I showed my story, there looks were a little different in parts but each of them gave me a hug after and told me they will always be here for me, which I apricated.
“I don’t wish to come off rude but I don’t supposed anyone can maybe tell me who I am? Why am I Different? Also why have you all started calling me Princess?” I asked out of curiosity
“Well Princess” Maxwell Laughs “I will answer the easy one as I need to head off, technically you are a princess. You are now our Princess and I will Personally be honoured if you allow me to teach you when it comes to self-defence and fighting when you are ready! Oh, and if our King here allows. You see our King Alpha Serion is Technically your half-brother; you both share the same father Princess. Just between you and me princess your more special then he is.” He said with a hint of cheekiness. Serion just face palmed himself while the others laughed with him.
“Well I will be off now princess; I will see you around.” He said with the door half opened.
”Nice Meeting you Mr Maxwell! Hope to see you soon.” I smiled while looking at Serion.

Drake came and kneeled in front of me and said “Princess, you are in fact very special to everyone here, you are a very rare and unheard-of kind; you see your father was a very powerful Alpha werewolf just like your brother here.” And pointed to Serion. “however he became more powerful when there was a war between the Vampire Coven and us, before he killed the Queen of all Vampires she had bitten him in hopes of killing him, which then turned him into a Hybrid because he was a very strong wolf he had absorbed the venom which made that transformation.” “By what we saw your mother was the most powerful witch known; when they created you unknowingly, they created the very first Tribrid. Princess you are the very first of your kind that we know of; you are part witch, vampire and werewolf.” He explained.
“So I am a threat to everyone?” I said with tears in my eyes “is that why mother did all this to me?”
“You are not a threat princess, if anything you are very valuable to everyone. Please never think of yourself like that! As for your mother princess I cannot say why anyone would allow that to happen to their child; but I will promise you that nothing like that will ever happen to you here.” There was not one lie Drake was telling me I could see the sincerity in his eyes as he spoke to me.
I looked to Serion for more conformation as he nodded to what was being said everything was starting to sink in and more and more questions kept arising in my head but I knew I had to wait it wasn’t the right time now.

“Princess” Elliot looked at me and said “We will all do our best to protect you and train you in each section you have. I have a very nice friend who is also a witch that can help you control and master your powers; Maxwell can help train you to fight and defend yourself as he is best at that.” “Drake will help you learn more about yourself he good with finding information and guiding people. We as a pack also have a few Vampires that can teach and train you as well if you like and if Serion Allows us too.” He smiled.
“I…I don’t know what to say.” I was over joy I now had a family, they wanted me… “I don’t want to trouble anyone.” I looked back at Serion who was now holding on to Payton and said “if you wish it brother I will leave and never return; I won’t tell anyone what you’ve told me. I don’t wish to be a burden to you as well.” Tears are steaming down my face hoping for my thoughts to be wrong.
They all look at me with Shocked expression like they never expected me to say that; but I needed to be sure. I was then pulled into this strong bear hug by my brother, god it felt weird saying that when for 10 full years I believed I was a nobody I had nobody; now I am being showed kindness and love by my only brother.
“You will not be leaving Faith. You will be a part of this pack, you will be trained by the best of the best in all your species, you will attend School like a normal child should. You will be looked after by everyone especially Me.” “Now I think that’s enough for today, we have a bit to do with organising you ceremony into the pack and finding your teachers and signing you up for school so you get an education and a taste of being a normal kid in the process. Payton will take you shopping with Drake and Maxwell’s Mates to buy you some new clothes and school supplies. So, you are all ready to start school on Monday. Okay?”
I hugged him with all I could! I had never felt so happy and so at piece before. Sky was right this was the best decision for us and I’m so grateful she led me to peace. He hugged me back and showed me and Payton out the front door where Drake and Maxwell’s Mates were waiting for us….

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