The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 48

After a few month of amazing times with Lucifer and the others, I got a call from Serion at 2am telling me Payton was in labour.
“Babe! Wake up!” I say nudging Lucifer
“Mm” he is all he can manage.
“Payton is in labour! I have to go…” I say getting out of bed and getting dressed.
“Why do you have to go?” he says slowly waking up.
“Because I need to be there to make sure it all goes smoothly; my blood is what is helped them grow.” I say he looks at me curiously.
“What do you mean by that?” he asked
“Part of the potion I made had to have the blood from me the second I turned 18… my blood runs through Payton keeping them safe.” I explain
“So why can’t we just leave in the morning?” he asked laying back down
“Because she needs me, I can go by myself? It’s not that hard to teleport.” I say he looks at me worried.
“You have never teleported Faith you don’t know if it does anything to you.” He says
“I’ll be fine, or I can run there it wont take me that long, remember wolf and vamp speed combined.” I say
“Fine! But I can’t let you go alone.” He says finally getting out of bed.
“So, teleport?” I asked him keenly as I really wanted to try.
“Grr, fine only because I will be with you.” He says getting dressed
“I will quickly wake Luca up to let him know where we are.” I say
“No need babe, Jack’s up with Claire so I already told him.” He says
“Throwing up again?” I asked, since Claire confirmed her pregnancy, she has had shocking sickness at the most random times too.
“Yeah babe, he asked if you had anything to help?” he asked me
“I can make something when we get back?” I say getting the portal ready.
“He said that would be very much appreciated.” He says coming to stand beside me
“Off we go.” I say bringing the portal up and jumping through it with Lucifer, he wasn’t wrong when we got to Serion’s I didn’t feel to, well, but I brushed it off because I had a mission.
We race down to the delivery room where we hear screams coming from Payton, I burst through the door.
“I’m here! Where do you want me!” I say worried at how pale Payton looks.
“Serion, why does she look sick?” I asked
“We don’t know, she started to look sick yesterday and then when her waters broke it got worse.” Serion tells me
“Payton, it’s me Faith, how are you feeling?” I ask as I come closer to her
“Something is wrong Faith, Please, do something.” I nod a I turn to the doctor
“Prep for a c-section doc, she won’t make it if we don’t get those babies out now.” I say as I switch into all 3 modes, to get a better idea what we a dealing with.
“Payton, Serion I have one question that needs an answer now. Once these babies are out if we don’t make it in time then there are two options death or turn…” I say as they go to give her an epidural
“You save them all please Faith! I beg you.” Serion says to me as he noticed my serious concerns for Payton’s health
“Payton? Could you live like me? Just with out the magic?” I asked he
“I want to watch my babies grow Faith, please help me.” Payton cries out in pain.
I look at Lucifer who nods to me that tells me we are together in this as I bite my wrist drawing blood, I put it up towards Payton’s mouth.
“Drink as much as you need until you start to feel the strength please.” I say and she does with slight disgust.
“Get them out now! Her heart is stronger but for how long I don’t know!” I urge the doctor as she does what I say and doesn’t waste any time, one baby, two baby they are both crying and looking happy and healthy as Serion and Lucifer hold one each while the doctor starts to clean Payton before stitching her back up.
“Faith, she’s all clean and everything from this end looks great, but her heart rate is still not strong.” The doctor says.
“She’s been to weak for too long her wolf can’t take the change in the body, if we can speed up her healing process a little then everything should stabilise.” I say
“Payton, I need you to drink more of my blood okay? Just until your heart rate starts to get back to a normal pace. Your going to be fine I promise you!” I say calming her.
she nods as I bite my wrist again and places it at her mouth and starts taking my blood…
“Faith, the more she takes means the more you need to regenerate, your going to have to take mine at the same time.” Lucifer says worried, as he hands me his wrist.
“But you have the baby.” I say
“Babe, I have this now drink, you look like you are going to pass out now drink.” He says in a firm voice, which I comply as I start to feel the effects.
“She’s Stabilising Faith, her body is healing at a rapid pace.” The doctor says with confidence
“Start to ease up Payton, just until we make sure that my plan has worked.” I say to her watching and listening to her heart beating.
“It’s worked Faith!” the doctor beams
“Thanks god!” I say relieved
“Put her to sleep to help her recover quickly.” I say to the nurse
“Yes Faith.” She says
“My babies! Faith I need to see my babies.” Payton begs
“Lucifer, Serion bring them here.” I say placing the babies in both of her arms
“Their beautiful Faith! Thank you so much! For everything” Payton says as she starts to fall asleep holding to peaceful looking babies.
“Let’s get them feed and cleaned up so she doesn’t need to worry about it when she wakes up.” I say giving them both back to the boys as I start to get dizzy.
Lucifer noticed but doesn’t say anything as we head back to where the doctor has gone to put Payton for the rest of the night.

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