The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 49

“Thank you! Thank you both for being here, for saving my wife.” Serion says gratefully to both Lucifer and I
“I would do anything for you both brother.” I say hugging him tightly
“As would I Serion, were all family. I am just honoured I get to hold this little gem.” Lucifer says while not wanting to take his eyes off my niece.
Serion smiles at him as he cuddles his son, “You will make a great father yourself one day Lucifer.”
They both smile at each other as I look at the floor, still unsure if I would even be able to gift him that, Suddenly I noticed Payton start to wake up as I rushed over towards her.
“Payton? It’s Faith, how you feeling?” I asked
“A little dry in the mouth, over all much better.” She say, I check her eyes and notice the wolf is back in the shadows of her eyes.
“You are healing up better then expected, don’t push yourself for a few more days and you will be fine.” I say smiling at her
“The Babies? How are they? Are they fine!?” she asked
“They are both here! Serion wont put your son down and neither will Lucifer put your daughter down.” I say helping her sit up.
“Baby! I am so proud of you!” Serion say kissing Payton on the forehead, “I am so grateful your okay.” He adds
“Thanks to Faith that is, Honestly Faith you saved my life!” she says gratefully
“Like I told Serion here, I would do anything for either of you.” I say and she gives me a look which confuses me, but I do not question it.
“Here Payton, this is your beautiful daughter, it was an honour being able to be here and hold her tightly.” Lucifer says handed her over
“Thank you Lucifer, this means a lot to us!” she says admiring her daughter
“This is our beautiful Son my love.” Serion says placing him beside her
“Their beautiful Serion, we made these, we get to raise these, I’m so happy!” she says tearing up
“Do you have any names for my nephew and niece yet?” I asked excited to find out
They both looked at each other and smiled.
“Theodore Lucifer King and Amelia Faith King.” They both tell us; Lucifer and I stand their shocked as hell!
“Your giving them our names?” I say practically crying
“We are Faith, we want them to know that their names came from very special people that will always be there for them when we can not and will help guide them if they need it.” Serion says proudly.
I did not have anything to say! I was so speechless, happiness radiated threw my body knowing that my nephew and niece had an extra special part of me.
“Do you boys mind going and getting the twins some clothes and myself something to wear and eat?” Payton asked
“Of course” they both say and head off
“Spill the gossip Faith!” she says as soon as they are gone.
“I don’t know what you mean?” I say confused
“My wolf told me something while I was waking up, she also wanted me to tell you how thankful she was for your sacrifice.” She says eyeing me; I look at her even more confused
“Sacrifice?” I asked
“She didn’t tell me anything else apart from that?” She says looking at me cautiously “You really have no clue what she meant, do you? She adds
“I honestly have no idea Payton.” I say trying to work out my sacrifice, then it hit me… by me giving Payton the chance to have children take mine away? No, it cannot be it? Delay mine, yes but completely take my chances?
As I am running this through my head the boys come back with a bag full of clothes nappies and other things.
“ Boys you do realise we are only here for like 2 days?” Payton says looking through the bag.
“Yeah we know, but what if Theodore and Amelia both spit up on themselves several time? Or they don’t fit.” Lucifer says really thinking of the possibilities, I smile at him trying to remove my thoughts as Lucifer can sense them.

“We will leave you both so you can spend some quality time together, Faith needs to rest now that your okay.” Lucifer says to Payton
“I agree, thank you both again!” she says smiling at him
We head out and as I am about to make a portal, Lucifer stops me.
“I don’t think so Faith, if we go back home, we go by foot, or car you can’t handle the portals in this state” Lucifer says
“What do you mean by that? I am fine.” I say
“A few hours you had to give the babies back to us because you was Dizzy, you let Payton drink your blood without the intake coming back in in time, not to mention the way you felt after the first portal.” He says worried
“Well, when you put it that way, fine.” I say feeling slightly cold, what the hell is wrong with me!
“Luca is almost here, when we get home your going to get checked out at the doctors.” He tells me.
I just nod and walk up towards my old room, “I will just rest a little while we wait, I am really tired.” I say laying on my bed
Lucifer does not say anything and follows as soon as I hit the pillow I am out like a light. Exhausted physically, and mentally.

I wake up to being placed on a super uncomfortable bed, the hospital really!
“I’m fine Lucifer!” I say getting up
“Your bleeding Faith.” He tells me
“What do you mean?” I asked curiously, I look down at my jeans and find that I was bleeding a lot. “What the hell is this!?” I yell slightly scared
“We don’t know yet my queen, but we are running some test. Were you by any chance pregnant?” the doctor asked
“No, we had been wanting one, but with what I am was unsure it would happen.” I say as she nods her head
“It could be a miscarriage my queen, or from what Lucifer explained earlier you could have over done yourself, and with you blood needing to regenerate it has over done it and needs to get rid of the excess.” She explains, I hope it was the second option, as the conversation with Payton pops back into my head, by saving Payton did I sacrifice the life of a baby I did not know of?
I start hyperventilating and struggling to breathe as I freak out at the fact, I possibly could have had a baby.
“Faith, baby I need you to look at me, now breath with me okay? In… out… in… out” Lucifer says while coaching me back to a normal state.
“What is it?” he asked
“Payton said that her wolf told her that she was grateful for the sacrifice I had made for them. I do not know what sacrifice that is!? What if I was pregnant and did not even know and now, I lost it.” I say crying into his shoulder as he comforts me.
“What ever it is baby, we are in this together, we will get through this together and we will be okay. Now before we jump to conclusions lets wait and see what the doctor has to say.” He says as calmly as ever while holding me tightly.

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