The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 50

15 long minutes later the doctor comes back with some results.
“Okay so some I guess some good news is you wasn’t pregnant, so you did not have a miscarriage, so please stop stressing about that. Secondly the results showed that your body has just had a massive amount of strain almost like you had been hording well containing the blood over a long period of time.” I stare at her confused, as does Lucifer
“How did you help your Sister in-law get pregnant?” she asked me
“I had been working on a potion that required my pure blood the moment I turned 18, once she took it she was to do the deed to conceive the twins, which worked instantly. During labour she looked really sick, the only way she got better was by drinking my blood.” I explain, she nods her understanding.
“Well Faith, from my understanding when you made the potion and added your blood, you gifted Payton the right to conceive with your blood, which to me seems like it also meant you couldn’t conceive in the same time frame as your blood was already making babies. Does that make sense?” she asked
“So your saying that while Payton was pregnant, it was like she was using Faiths body which is why we haven’t been able to conceive?” Lucifer asked trying to process it.
“Exactly, because her blood was the main source of the making Faith’s actual body was off limits to her own.” She explains
“So the blood was?” I asked still confused
“I strongly believe that the excessive blood your body is getting rid of is, your body regenerating the womb so you can conceive.” She says, Lucifers eyes lit up like no tomorrow when she said that.
“So, I rented out my womb to my sister in-law unintentionally, just no physically?” I asked processing it in my head.
“Yes Faith.” She says smiling
“Now my body is preparing its self so it is possible for me to conceive?” I asked
“Yes Faith.” She says smiling brighter.
I look at Lucifer who is now over joyed, I smile still not believing what is being said to me.
“I would love to do some more test on you Faith, just to check some more but I am pretty certain that is the issue.” She finished
“How long do you reckon my body needs?” I asked
“That’s hard to say, but my advice would be not to think to much into it, just go about your time like you normally would, these things happen at the most unexpected times, you could fall instantly or maybe a few months for now.” She explained
“I can deal with that.” I say happily
“I would love it if you would both allow me the honour of being your midwife, along with anything else you both may need.” She asked excitedly
I smile at her and look at Lucifer.
“We would both love to have you helping us along this journey.” Lucifer says proudly
“Thank you so much! Well I will go and run these extra test and leave you both, oh Lucifer I would suggest getting our Queen some new clothes so she can go home after I get these results back.” She says with a smirk
“Already on it doc.” He says laughing
“So my love, it wasn’t all bad after all.” Lucifer says bringing me into a big hug.
“Nope, I mean it makes sense to me now, Lucifer we can still be parents!” I say happily
“Yes we can my Queen, now remember what doc said, we can’t rush these things, it could take a few months so lets not get our hopes up straight away.” He says kissing my forehead.
“I know babe, I am just so relieved! After seeing you with Amelia, and how in love you was really go me.” I say
“That was an amazing experience Faith, but our own will top that I am sure. Now I better go get you some clothes off Luca in the hall so we can leave soon.” He says heading out the door.
Lucifer comes back and leads me to the bathroom so I can shower and change while we wait for the last lot of results.
“Sorry, it took a little longer then expected, but everything looks good, the bleeding should start to slow down in no time, if not be gone by tomorrow.” She says
“Thank god, thank you so much doc!” I say hugging her tightly
“Please call me Mya.” She says
“Thank you Mya. I guess we will be in touch.” I say getting off the bed and heading out the door where we apparently have an entire waiting room for us as Luca, Marcus, Jack, and Claire were all waiting patiently for us.
“Faith please tell me your okay!?” Claire comes running over to me
“I am fine, honestly guys.” I say as she hugs me tightly
“I am super hungry though anyone keen on some food!?” I say realising I am now starving
“Yes! I am too!” Claire says
“Your always hungry now babe.” Jack says to her as we all laugh
“That’s what happens when you have more then one person to feed.” She says proudly rubbing her slightly swollen tummy as she is currently nearly 4 months pregnant.
“Come on Claire, if these fools cant understand the need us women have for food, we will just go eat.” I say
“I don’t think so Faith, Mya said Home, not go out.” Lucifer says
“Mya said to go about life as we would, and you never know what might happen if we do.” I say winking at him, as everyone got confused “So food?” I say giving him my puppy dog eyes.
“Fine, we will get food, then its back home to rest!” he says
“Yay! Lets go.” I say heading out towards the car.
We were heading over to the nearest diner when Luca wanted to know more.
“So, can I know what happened?” he asked, Lucifer looked at me
“Yes, you can know that there is still a chance you might get a nephew or niece.” I say smiling, he looked at the both of us with a grin.
“Details?” he asked
“Basically when Faith, helped Payton conceive it was almost like she rented her womb out, her body is just regenerating its self, preparing her body which is why she was bleeding.” Lucifer said
“Wow, that’s pretty intense, did you know?” Luca asked
“Not a clue, I honestly never looked that much into the effects I just wanted to help and give them that gift for everything they had ever done for me.” I say honestly “I guess from now on I will look into my potions more often, which reminds me I have to sort one out to Claire.” I say remembering about her excessive whenever sickness.
“I am sure she can wait until your fully recovered babe.” Lucifer says
“Did you see the bags under her eyes, and how thin she looks?” I say
“Yeah.” Both of them say
“If I don’t give her something to help, the baby could die, if not herself.” I say honestly
“But it’s not like she isn’t eating, that girl doesn’t stop now.” Luca says
“Yes she is eating, but not enough is staying there, the baby is draining her so it can grow. You boys need to remember this is a Vampire baby it can grow on the blood the mother has in her system.” I explained to them, which they both stare at each other understanding what I am saying.
“I honestly wont take me that long babe, I have most of the stuff I will need already mixed together, just have to do some finishing touches.” I say
“Fine, we will finish it together when we get home, then we will rest for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Deal?” Lucifer said
“Deal!” I say as we pull up at the diner for some food.

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