The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 51

Claire, Jack and Marcus are already inside ordering their food when we walk in.
“Faith! I already orders for everyone!” Claire says
“How do you know what I want?” I asked
“Because your my best friend and you never change your favourites.” Claire says with a cheeky smirks.
“What about dessert?” I asked
“Triple Chocolate Chip cake with vanilla ice cream.” She says confidently
“Damn! You do know me!” I say shocked but also impressed, she smiles at me along with the rest of the boys admiring our friendship even if it hasn’t been that long.
The waitress came out with loads of food for our table, Claire ordered enough to feed an army, well for us, it was just right. She got me Eggs, Bacon, and toast with extra tomato sauce along with a bowl of beef ravioli which looks divine! The boys got their Classic beef burgers with the lot extra chips, and Claire decided to try what I am having.
“This is amazing!” I say finishing off my ravioli
“Damn Faith, you must have been hungry we haven’t even finished ours.” Marcus says with a hint of pride
“Well, we a girl tell you she’s hungry, it means she hungry!” I say smiling brightly.
“I don’t think all girls are like you and Claire.” Marcus says
“Are you saying we aren’t like other girls?” I asked with seriousness, but I was just pulling his leg.
“Yeah, what the hell do you mean Marcus?” Claire said joining in
“I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I am just saying you too are the only girls I have ever met that love their food this much, that’s all!” he says defensively
“Chill Marcus, were just messing with you!” I say laughing
“Thank god.” He says relieved
“So Faith, care to elaborate on why you was in hospital?” Jack asked
“Oh, well it’s nothing serious so know one needs to stress.” I says as I look at Lucifer
“You don’t have to tell us the details if you don’t want to, just know that if you need to talk were all here regardless.” Claire says giving Jack an evil look.
“No, its fine babe, basically when I made the potion for Payton, I apparently sort of rented out my womb when I gave her my blood to conceive. So now the twins are born my body was just regenerating its self to get back to normal.” I tell them
“Does this mean what I think it means?” Claire says excitedly
“If you mean that there may be a chance Lucifer and I could have a baby at some point. Then yes.” I say smiling
“OMG! YES! Our babies will be the best of friends!” Claire starts to ramble
“Babe, calm it down.” Jack says trying to calm Claire but fails.
“Any way we are not going to get our hopes up as Mya my doctor said that it could take months until my body is fully ready again.” I say which calmed her as she smiled
“That doesn’t mean you both can’t keep trying.” She says proudly.
As she says that a waitress comes over “Are you all ready for your dessert?” she asked
“Yes please!” I say excitedly as everyone else laughs
“I will bring it out for you now.” She says with a bright smile.
“Thank you!” I say looking at Lucifer
“First things first is I need to help you.” I say looking at Claire
“What do you mean help me?” she asked worried
“don’t you stress, I just need to finish off the potion for your sickness, that way both you and the baby stay healthy.” I reassure her
“You need your rest Faith I can hold out a little longer.” She says, I sake my head at her
“Babe, if I don’t fix you something soon, your baby will eat you alive” I say joking with her but with seriousness.
“I know I have lost a lot of weight, but I cant stop eating.” She says confused
“It’s only because of the sickness, your throwing up to much of the food the baby needs, so she or he is taking your blood as a back-up. Its honestly an easy fix, however this baby is going to be a big one that’s for sure.” I say, Claire and Jack both smile at me.
“Thank you for this, we really appreciate it.” They says
“What are friends for! I expect this little one to play a little nicer for now.” I say rubbing Claire’s belly which happens to kick at me.
“She really likes you Aunty Faith.” Claire says now rubbing her belly
I smile at her proudly “Aunty Faith… I like that a lot.” I say as we all get back to our eating.
We all headed home where Lucifer literally carried me up the stairs to our room and placed me on the bed.
“Now you can tell me what you need for this potion and I will bring it to you.” He says
“Well, I need my big spell book.” I say as he gone and back in a flash
“What else.” He asked
“The herb tray, mixing bowl, sea water, and a healing objects blood.” I say as he looks at me cautiously with the last part but goes and gets what I asked for.
“Herb tray, mixing bowl and Sea water, this is Jacks blood which can heal.” She says handing me everything, I smile at him
“Thank you, now you can sit while I prepare it.” I says pouring everything into the mixing bowl and chanting my spell, after 15 minutes of chanting the same line over and over again mixing the ingredients my potion is complete as it starts to smoke up with red. I pour it into a little jar I had in my herb tray and hand it to Lucifer.
“Two drops before bed, Two drops of a morning. No more. No less. Understood? She cannot and I repeat can not take any more then two drops.” I say to Lucifer as he nods his understanding and takes it to Jack and Claire, he comes back and takes everything off the bed and gets me a top of his and a new pair of undies, and heads into the bathroom.
“Okay, the bath is running you go relax in there for 20 minutes and I will fix up a movies and some snacks okay.” Lucifer tells me as he carries me into the bathroom and walks out.
I do as he says and to my surprise it felt amazing the water was a perfect temperature and the candles he had lit were so relaxing, the bleeding had stopped before we left the diner which was a relief, I finished up and got myself dressed into the clothes Lucifer had picked out for me and headed out to the room, where Lucifer was sitting there waiting with a movie ready to go and snacks everywhere on the bed.
“I feel like this is the first time we watched a movie together.” I say remembering our first time.
“What do you mean? We’re not watching Divergent it’s called insurgent babe.” Lucifer says with a cheeky grin
“Yeah, that’s also the second movie from the series, so the same thing along with this extensive amount of snacks.” I say gesturing to the food all over the bed.
“From memory you actually ate most of it.” He says laughing
“True.” I say jumping onto the bed “Thank you for taking care of me.” I add.
“Anything for my Queen.” He says kissing my forehead. “Now get comfy we have 2 days of relaxing remember.” He says smirking at me as he turns the movie on.
We both settle down and watch the entire movie before falling fast asleep after the long day we both had.

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