The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 52

It’s officially a week before Claire is due to give birth to her little girl, my nephew and niece are almost 5 month sold and have started to keep Serion and Payton on their toes, Luckily for them Lucifer and I have given them both a couple days off to help out since neither of the pups like to sleep of a night, Amelia is always attached to Lucifer like there is no tomorrow which I find super cute, Theodore is very independent but will always choose me when he wants something.
Lucifer and I have been going about out life as normal as possible as I have been trying not to get myself excited or expecting to be pregnant each month, but for the last month I haven’t been feeling the best, I can’t hear an extra heart beat or sense anything so I decided that today that Claire and I will go last minute shopping for supplies for her baby I would call into see Mya and get her to run some more tests for me just in case.
“Claire get up! Were going shopping.” I yell through the door; Lucifer laughs as he heads down to the office with jack.
“Why?! I don’t need anything, and I am too fat to fit anywhere!” She groans out as she lifts herself out of bed
“Last minute baby shopping come on! The more you walk and move she might decide to come now!” I yell back not waiting Lucifer to really know why.
“Fine! Make sure Luca or Marcus come so they can carry me if I need.” She yells just as both the boys walk past.
“I am not carrying anyone.” They both say
“Then I am not coming!” Claire yells
“Yes you are!” I yell back and look at the boys with a pleaded look.
“Please? You wont actually need to carry her it’s just in case something happens since Lucifer and Jack have some business today?” I say with my puppy dog eyes.
“Okay, fine! I need to get some presents any way.” Luca says at the same time as Marcus. I look at them boy shocked.
“Your both coming?” I asked
“Yay! Okay I will be down in 20 minutes.” I head Claire yell as she slams her bathroom door.
“Yeah, we don’t really have anything to do today so why not? Gets some shopping done at the same time.” Marcus says
“Who are you buying presents for?” I asked curious
“Well, we have to get Jack and Claire I baby present for her arrival, you’re having the twins for this weekend and you know how much they love new toys.” Marcus says
“Oh and a special birthday is happening soon.” Luca adds heading down to get food ready.
I look at Marcus with a questioning look “Special birthday?” I ask, he just shrugs his shoulders and heads down stairs too.
“You ready?” Claire says finally making her way down, it is quite funny watching her walk now that she has a massive belly in her way.
“Yeah we will meet you in the car.” The boys say as I wait for her.
“What else do I need? I swear I have everything already.” She says slightly confused
“I will explain more when we leave the kingdom.” I say and she looks at me but nods.
We make our way to the mall, where it a 2 minute walk to Mya’s surgery.
“Hey you boys go start your shopping I want Mya to give Claire a quick check over before we spend a few hours here.” I say before we made our way in side.
“Alright, call if you need anything!” they both say heading off, Claire is still looking at me with a questionable look, as we crossed the road to the surgery.
“Okay Spill!” Claire says
“Okay, I haven’t been feeling the best the last few weeks, I cant hear an extra heartbeat, or sense anything so I figured I needed to get Mya to run some tests just in case. I didn’t want Lucifer to know just in case it is nothing.” I say honestly
“Awh, okay lets gets these tests done, I got your back!” she says winking at me as we head in.
“Morning ladies, this is a surprise.” Mya says from behind her desk
“Morning Mya, I was kind of hoping you could run a test and check me over?” I say
“Of course Faith! I have the morning free, so lets get you back in the room.” She says leading us into a private room.
“So, what am I testing and what needs checking?” Mya asked
“Honestly I don’t know. I haven’t felt well for the last few weeks and I cant sense or hear a heartbeat so I don’t know what it is, I thought if you could run a few tests to maybe tell me what is happening?” I say honestly.
“Oh, certainly!” she says preparing my arm to draw out the blood.
“That should do it, if you give me 15 minutes, I should have some ideas for you.” Mya says cheerfully.
“Thank you!” I say as she heads out
“What if you are pregnant? Lucifer will kill me for being here instead of him.” Claire says worried.
“If I am, then it will be a surprise for him, along with myself.” I say, “Don’t stress about him, I can handle him.” I say winking at her which she just laughs
“Faith, what are your problems?” Mya came back and asked
“Well, my appetite has been a little more, I feel sick in the stomach most of the day, I am more tired then usual.” I start reeling off as she smiles at me brightly.
“Mya, what is it?” I asked
“Faith, Your Pregnant!” she tells me, Claire jumps for joy
“How! Why can’t I sense or hear it? I can for everyone else?” I asked
“Honestly right now my only answer is that your baby is blocking your senses, shall we do a scan to see how far along you are?” she asked
I just nod as I am in shock about the whole thing, she brings over her machine and gets me to lay on the bed and starts applying this cold gel and rubbing it in with the probe, Claire was glued to the screen in awe.
“Well Faith, that is your baby.” Mya says capturing the picture for me as she spins the screen for me to see, I just cry, happy tears, worried tears, scared tears.
“Babe, don’t cry. Your going to be a mummy! Congratulations!” Claire says trying to calm me down.
“By the measurements your 3-4 months, does that sound right to you?” she asked looking slightly confused.
“Honestly wouldn’t know, I have bleed every month. I know that I was only in my mother for 4 months that was also with the help of her trying to kill me, but I grew quicker then most.” I tell her
“That could explain his size, we will need to keep checking up every week just to get an idea of his growth, but everything looks good, he is happy and healthy.” She tells me taking more photos and documenting the details.
“He?” I say shocked
She nods at me with a smile “With his growth I have a full view of his sex.” She says
“Oh my! I am having a baby boy!” I cry out with happiness.
“oh we are shopping so much today!” Claire says also crying.
“while we are here Claire would you like a last-minute check of your baby?” Mya asked
“Oh would you!? I am so excited” Claire says
“Of course!” Mya says handing me the photo’s of the scans along with a heap of baby stuff I need to read.
“Thank you so much Mya!” I say as she starts Scanning Claire
“Your most welcome Faith, I have been waiting for this day for so long! I am so excited to monitor your progress.” She says with pride. “Here is you baby girl Claire! She looks like she is sleeping, but is slowly running out of room, I give probably 3 days.” She adds
“3 days! Oh, my I don’t think I am ready Mya.” Claire says worrying
“You will do fine Claire!” she says giving her the photo she took.
“Now Faith once a week checks for now okay! Congratulations again.” Mya says as we head out the door.

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