The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 53

“Faith, can you believe it! You’re going to be a mummy!” Claire says as we make our way into the store.
“I am honesty still shocked its happening! How am I going to tell Lucifer?” I asked her, which was the wrong time as both boys come in view.
“Tell Lucifer what?” Luca asked handing me an iced coffee as Marcus hands Claire a chocolate milk shake.
“Thanks guys!” she says eyeing off the milk shake like she has never had one in her life.
“Your welcome Claire, now what do you need to tell our brother Faith?” Marcus asked
“Well, I may have lied about taking Claire to get checked up, I was needing a check up and before anyone starts, I didn’t even know…” I say looking down.
“Didn’t know about what?” Marcus asked as Luca looks at me intensely as if he has realised what I am trying to say.
“Actually don’t worry about it Faith, You and Claire go do your shopping call me when your ready to go home.” Luca says with a reassuring smile, Marcus looks at him wired but heads off with him anyway.
“That was close, what do you think changed Luca’s mind?” Claire asked
“He knows.” Is all I say as we head into the store as I think of a really cute way to tell Lucifer, so he does not get mad that I did not tell him the real reason I wanted to come shopping.
“What are you thinking?” Claire asked as I contemplated some baby boys clothes.
“I was thinking I might pick my favourite baby outfit, place that and the scan Mya gave me into a box and give it to him when we get home.” I say completely unsure.
“Oh that sounds so cute, I have to video that! His expression would be amazing!” Claire says as we make our way to the check out.
“Okay that’s a fair deal.” I says slightly feeling better about everything.
“For someone who was going to just get one outfit you nearly brought the entire store of boy clothes.” Claire says laughing as she picks up her bags.
“I couldn’t decide, I got Luca and Marcus an outfit each too, even though I am certain Luca knows but they say #1 Uncle on them.” I explain as we start to head out to find the boys.
“Jack just messaged and asked when we would be heading home, because they have finished there stuff.” Claire tells me.
“Perfect timing I guess, tell them we are headed home now.” I said as I spot the boys
“You girls finished shopping?” Marcus says as he looks at all the bags.
“Yeah all done.” Claire says
“Jack is going to flip out seeing all of these bags, your babies room is chockers already.” He says as we head out, Luca just smiles at me and takes most of the bags I was carrying to the car for me.
“So, you going to fill us in now Faith?” Marcus asked as we were driving home.
“You will have to wait.” I say looking at Claire.
“if you say so.” He says pulling into the driveway.
Claire and I jump out and start grabbing the bags and Lucifer and Jack walk out.
“Claire! What did I say, she has that much stuff and she isn’t even here yet?” Jack says slightly annoyed.
“Shut up Jack.” I say as we make our way into the house.
Lucifer comes up and hugs me.
“I missed you.” He says smiling at me.
“I missed you too, can you boys go make Claire and I some food? We will be back down in 10.” I asked wanting to get the boxes ready for them
“Sure can princess.” He says kissing my forehead as Claire and I make our way to my room.
“Okay, Luca and Marcus’s will be easy, but I still can’t decided on Lucifers.” I say as she closed the door.
“Oh definitely this one! It is so cute and it even says #1 Daddy on it” Claire says picking it out of the bag.
“Perfect! Now to decide on which scan is better.” I says looking intensely at the scans I chose the first one because it has more meaning to me.
“Okay, I think were ready.” I says as we start heading to the door.
Luca cannot stop smiling at me when we walk down into the kitchen where they are all standing around talking, Lucifer looked at me curiously at the boxes I was holding.
“This one is for you.” I say handing it to Marcus. “Don’t open it yet.” I say as he went to.
“This is for you. Same things applies.” I say handing it to Luca.
I walk up to Lucifer and hand him his box, while looking nervous as hell. Claire is standing beside Jack with a massive smile on her face and with her phone ready to record.
“This one is for you. You can all now open them.” I say as they are all looking at me eager to open the boxes.
“Luca opened his first as his smile grew bigger then before, Marcus looked inside the box then back at me shocked and Lucifer slowly opened the box and grabbed the scan and studied as if he couldn’t believe what I was trying to tell him, he looked at me confused, happy, shocked, excited so many emotions were running through him it was a lot to take it.
“I’m going to be a dad?” he yelled excited, I nod my head
“When? How Far along are you? Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked as the questions kept coming.
“Mya ran a test this morning along with the scan, I only found out then, he is at the growth of a 3-4 month old but because of what I am he is growing faster then the normal rate, just like I did.” I explained nervous
“HE!” Luca, Marcus, jack and Lucifer all yell as if they paid no attention to the outfits, I looked at Claire “I guess the outfits really didn’t matter.” I say slightly sad
“Yes, were having a healthy, happy baby boy.” I say nervously standing in front of Lucifer, he drops the box and brings me into a tight hug.
“You have just made me the happiest man alive!” he says with pride.
“Congratulation! Keep him away from my daughter!” Jack says with a smirk
“No promises.” Lucifer winks at him
Luca comes up and hugs me tightly “Congratulations Faith, you deserve this and your going to make an amazing mum, and I will be the #1 Uncle not Marcus.” He says, I laugh but I believe that.
“I can’t wait to be an official Uncle! This is great news Faith! Congratulations!” Marcus says hugging me then Lucifer.
“Can we eat food now?” Claire says out of no where
I smile at her as the boys laugh “Yes!” I says sitting down to smash down some food.

Everyone went off to do there own things for the rest of the day, while Lucifer and I went up to the room and had a bit more of a talk.
“Wow.” Lucifer says looking at all the bags of baby clothes
“I tend to over shop when I am worried or nervous.” I admit
“I can tell.” He says smiling and bringing me over to the bed
“Why can’t I sense him?” Lucifer asked
“Honestly, I can’t either. Mya thinks he is blocking our senses, it could be a safety thing.” I explain
“That makes sense, I want to only tell a few people until he is born just in case, I guess he already understands his risks.” Lucifer says laughing “What made you go see Mya then?” he asked
“I hadn’t felt to good the last few weeks and I ruled pregnancy out because I was sure I would sense him or something considering I can tell with most after the conceived date. So, I was just going to get her to run some tests to see what it was. Turns out I was pregnant.” I explained
“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked
“I didn’t want you to stress or worry in case it was nothing.” I say honestly “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry baby, you have given me the best gift anyone could ask for. I’m going to be a dad.” Lucifer say kissing me passionately.

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