The Only Tribrid

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Chapter 54

Jack and Lucifer had been taking extra protection measures around the kingdom in case someone other than the people we chose to know found out about our baby, we could not risk anything happening to our little miracle after all. We decided we would tell Serion and Payton when they drop the twins off for the weekend in 2 days, and that would be all until he is born.

Mya’s prediction for Claire to go into labour in 3 day was 100% correct, as her waters broke during our morning walk around the Kingdom, Thankfully Luca was walking with us as I was under strict orders by Lucifer that I wasn’t aloud to fight or lift anything heaver then 5 kilos since he found out I was pregnant. Luca rushed Claire to the birthing suite and the boy’s met us there. Claire refused to let my hand go so she made me stay with her during the whole labour, Jack was the only person that was meant to be in here but she made it very clear that I wasn’t aloud to leave until her baby was out. I couldn’t help but giggle at her little out bursts as she’s normally so good and peaceful.
After 3 hours Jack and Claire’s beautiful little girl was born, she looked exactly like her mum, but had Jack’s hair colour, and a massive amount of hair no wonder Claire always complained of heart burn. Lucifer and I both congratulated them and gave them alone time so they could spend time together and work out what they were going to name her since they still had not agreed on a name yet.
“You need to rest babe; you have already had a big day.” Lucifer says to me as we get up to our room.
“I know, I couldn’t leave her, she wouldn’t let me.” I say laughing
“Yeah, I heard her yell at the nurse.” He responds amused “Are you sure you want to have the twin this weekend?” he asked
“Of Cause I do babe!” I answered, giving him a look
“Okay babe, I was just making sure, I don’t want you to over do it.” He says
I smile at him “I apricate you and your thoughts a lot babe, but just because I am pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t do what I have been doing before I found out.” I say
“I know babe, I just worry about you.” He says
I hug him tightly then lay down on our bed to rest a little, Lucifer gets up “I have a few things to do, but it shouldn’t take any longer then an hour and a half I will come back then and wake you up okay?” he says I just nod and fall asleep almost instantly.
I wake to intense pressure in my stomach, I look and I can feel him, I can see my baby fighting inside of me, I couldn’t hep but smile at the thoughts that must be going through his little mind right now.
“I’m so grateful to be given you as a gift my little prince, mummy will protect you and guide you through everything, I promise.” I say out loud while rubbing my stomach, I felt him stop moving while I spoke but as soon as I finished I felt his touch where my hand was and I swear it was almost like electricity shot through to my hand, just as he did that Lucifer comes in through the door.
“My queen your awake? How are you feeling.” He says caringly coming and sitting beside me.
“I felt inside me, I could see him moving inside me Lucifer.” I tell him so excitedly, Lucifers face turns into a massive smile as he does that our little prince starts to move again so I grab Lucifers hand and place it on my stomach, his eyes go wide as he feels his strong movements.
“I spoke to him just before you came in and as soon as I finished I felt him touch where my hand was and for some reason I felt electricity run through my hand.” I admit Lucifer looks at me then at my stomach where he hasn’t moved his hand, he smiles
“Hello my little prince, it’s your daddy, I cant wait to watch you grow and teach you everything you will ever need to know.” Lucifer says while rubbing my stomach. As soon as he finished Lucifers eyes lit up like no tomorrow.
“I felt it! He heard me!” Lucifer yells excitedly which happened to be when Luca and Marcus were walking by our room so of cause they come barging in like mad men.
“Felt what! Is my nephew okay?” they both said Lucifer’s face was not a very happy look which they both realised.
“He’s fine guys, we have just been able to feel him.” I say reassuring them.
“Oh thank god! Is he still moving?” Luca asked
“Not right now but if you like you can talk to him and see if he responds.” I say Luca’s eyes lit up as he looks to his brother for permission, Lucifer couldn’t say no as he too wanted his brothers to have a special part in his sons life.
Luca comes up to the bed and sits beside me, he places his hand on my stomach “Hey there little buddy, this is your Uncle Luca, I’m going to be the best uncle you will ever have, I will always be by your side!” he says with so much passion, Lucifer looks at me with a smile hearing his brother care so much for his son means the world to him I can tell.
“Holy Shit! He just touched me! Actually, he electrocuted me!” Luca yells with excitement but confused look.
“He did that to us too, he’s letting you know that he can hear you and accepts you.” I say to him
“Oh thank god!” Luca says feeling reassure.
“Can I?” Marcus asked standing beside the door, I smile at him
“Of cause Marcus, you’re his family too.” I say which makes him smile.
“Hey champ! I’m your Uncle Marcus, your uncle Luca and I will both be fighting for the best uncle you’ll ever have, I promise I will always protect you and be here for you okay?” he says waiting for a response, it was almost as if he was toying with Marcus because he waited until Marcus went to move his hand while feeling defeated to respond.
Marcus’s face lit up with so much pride “ I felt it! He accepted me! But god he does send some electricity into you.” He says with smiling.
“Alright that’s enough now, my boys got to rest up.” Lucifer says getting protective.
“Oh look at him, already protecting his baby.” Luca jokes
“Come on lets get some food, and then head back to see Claire and Jack! Maybe they have finally decided on a name!” I say laughing
“Lets hope so!” Lucifer say
“I can’t wait to meet her!” Luca says excitedly
“I can’t wait for her to see our presents.” Marcus says to Luca and they both nod in agreement.
“What did you get her?” Lucifer asked
“Sorry but you’ll have to wait and see only us cool uncle’s will get the credit.” Luca and Marcus both say while running down the stairs away from there brothers harsh looks.

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